Tours to Egypt Gives a New Experience in your Life

A tour to Egypt is like a dream come true for many. Some have the love for history while others have the craze to explore the historical wonders of the ancient world. The country is a miracle in itself, right from the land to the building, geography to history, and culture to religion. When you plan to take a trip to Egypt, you should be ready to experience a new life, a new vision, a new culture and a new experience.


Here are some facts about the country:


Just like the rest of the world, more than 90% of the population is settled in less than 4% of the land. The land is barren and deserted with some exceptions like oases here and there in the desert area. The Nile flows river is located in the North from the foothills of the Africa cutting in the Sudan area to till the spills in the Mediterranean. Geographically, the Nile River divides the country into two unequal segments that are the Eastern area and the Western desert.


Being a deserted area, the climate of Egypt is best described as Hot, Dry or Sunny. Basically, on your tours to Egypt, you will face two different seasons. One is warm that stays from May to October and the other is the cooler season that stays from November to until April. The temperature varies as per the seasons and you can experience extreme heat as well as winters due to the desert area.


Culture and Environment

Not to mention that the beautiful country of Egypt enjoys a rich culture of kings, queens and several Pharoahs. The Cleopatra, Shakespeare imaginary world, Anthony and almost all the interesting historical figures have evolved from this soil. Blessed and flourished with a history worth reading and visiting, Egyptians have long been counted amongst the most loyal saviours to their rulers. The pyramids are a live example of their dedication and love for their kings.


If you see the demographics and start reading about the country, you can imagine easily that you are going to get lot of joy on your tours to Egypt. Not only the Pyramids, but the cities, the desert, the rides, the temples and the ruins, everything appears interesting and magnanimous. A virtual force will attract you towards it.

The simplicity of people and their lifestyle will teach you how they have well preserved their ancient culture. For the people of Egypt, their religion is not just about following but it is a way of life for them. They speak their native language and the best spirit can be seen during the month of Ramazan. The art, culture, books and entertainment industry of Egypt is equally interesting. A milestone in the Arab countries, Egypt should be a top notched destination to anyone who wants to escape from the fakeness of modern cities. Come and splurge into the naturally deserted retreat of Kingdom with Egyptian tours.


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Egypt Tour Guide – How to Be Safe While Travelling With Family

No country is safe to visit unless you hold important information about it. Egypt is one of the most beautiful places to get embark on adding wonderful memories. If you are contemplating or have packed your beg to explore the beauty of this country then you must go through the mentioned below information. Here, we are going to unearth many important points that you must keep in your mind while visiting.

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How an Experienced Egypt Tour Guide Helps You

Many people have a misconception about Egypt that is not a safe country or one has to go through many problems if a step in this beautiful country. Actually, you need to hire the experienced and best Egypt tour guide to get showered with the accurate information.

Generally, it is a safe country and quite friendly. It knows how to treat the people stepped in to explore its beauty. People are quite lovely and will help if you need. Egypt is a Muslim country and visitors also need to bear some important things in the mind.

Avoid wearing the short or revealing clothing.

Do not go for hugging or kissing with your partner in public place.

Before leaving the hotel, do not forget to not down the address.

Before entering at any religious or important place, you need to pay attention to your clothing. Women must wear clothes that cover them from top to toe. It also makes the visitors respectable in front of the countryman.


Many people are confused if it is safe to drink tap water or not. It is recommended that it is safe but you must avoid it if your stomach gets upset drinking chlorinated water. You must drink bottled mineral water to stay safe.

If you are visit alone then you must wear covered clothes. It helps to stay away from the unwanted attention.

Do not forget to have sunscreen cream since the scorching sun may leave your skin tan.

Do not walk down at the street that does not seem very busy. This rule is same in every large street anywhere in the world and the same you need to follow in Egypt.


If you think that Egypt is not good for female visitors then you are a bit wrong. Being a woman, you just need to follow some points nothing else. Egypt people are very friendly and know how to respect the visitors coming from outside.

What Shopaholic Must Not Avoid –



You are in Egypt but do not know what you must not forget to buy. We are here to tell you that you should not skip buying brass wear, mosaic lamps, mirrors, cotton shirts, leatherwear etc. These things are famous all around the world for their quality.

If you have been looking for the best Egypt travel experts then you have landed at the right place. We have been serving the best service for a long time and a legion of customers trust us when it comes to visiting Egypt. We become your true companion to make your journey memorable even if you are coming to Egypt the first time.

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General Travel Tips

The Top Five Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Egypt

Admiring the sun go down is a tantalizing experience for anyone. It’s soothing and serene environment can give you time to soak up and reflect up the attractiveness of your ambiances, which you will be watching-literally- in a fresh light. And when you visit Egypt, you will soon explore how the sunset transmutes it- giving its scenery the unmatched magnificence. So, make your excursion to Egypt extra unusual by watching the amazing sunset in beautiful locations.

Read on to know about 5 best places to watch the sunset in Egypt:

Pyramids of Giza

  1. The Great Pyramids

Nothing can beat the beauty of Egyptian pyramids of Giza and it gets doubled at the time of Sunset. If you want to explore Egypt tourist places, arrive the Giza pyramids late afternoon and stay there till Sunset to catch the striking glimpse of nature. Don’t forget to bring your DSLR as you will definitely want some photos to capture this rare scene of natural splendor. Avoid watching it behind the lens as the most spectacular sights can only be explored by watching the sun behind the pyramids. Rooftop in Giza is another ideal site to watch the Sunset gaze of the landscape.

  1. Al AzharPark, Cairo

Al Azhar Park is one of the most peaceful places of the country from where you can watch the panoramic view of Sunset. During Egypt tourist places, watch the Sun go down from the pinnacle of this lovely park- it is just a short drive away from Cairo residences.

Spend your sunny day in the cafes and enjoy relaxing evenings in the parks. And, adore the beauty of dusk at Sunset of Africa’s 2nd biggest city.

  1. Mokattam Cliff, Cairo

If you are a nature lover then prefer Mokattam cliff to catch the beautiful moments of the dusky evening.  From this cliff, you can overlook the entire Cairo with pixelled views. Cairo appears best at night. Although, Mokattam cliff is not among tourist destinations but, you can enjoy a complete day picnic with your family as the refreshment vendors are present there.


  1. From the Nile River

Explore the beauty of Egypt from the most iconic natural wonders. Being the longest river in the World, the Nile runs through the whole Egypt. It is also known as the backbone of Egypt.

Get your boat down in Nile River and relish the Sunset views in a unique way.

Stanley Bridge

  1. Stanley Bridge, Alexandria

Although, it is not among the most romantic destinations in Egypt, still, one should not miss visiting this place. Stanley Bridge is a place where you can freeze a lot of memories to take up with you. Stand on the bridge and enjoy the unobstructed view of going down the Sun in the Mediterranean Sea. Drive over the bridge and appreciate the magnificent view of Sunset- don’t let obstruct anything between the horizon and you.

Guys don’t forget to visit these 5 beautiful places to watch the Sunset in Egypt. I Hope! It helped you.

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Get the Best Egypt Travel Packages in this Christmas and New Year Holidays

Egypt is one of the most stunning destinations in the world that offers glimpse of mesmerizing beauty of nature, monuments and pyramids. There are ample of things to watch in Egypt and its beauty attracts millions of visitors annually. However, there are multiple complications that make it really important for every visitor to hire Egypt Travel Packages. It is not the fact that country is unsafe that forced us to advise the visitors to hire travel packages. It’s the luxurious facilities and amenities that can be easily accessed by hiring tourism packages with a sole cause for advising us like that. By hiring these services, you can travel to the most mysterious and ancient place of Egypt in the most secured way.

Egypt luxor

If you are planning to spend your Christmas mornings in Egypt under the crystal lit sky in Morocco’s desert, then don’t forget to consider many kinds of Egypt travel packages. These packages can give you striking experience of Christmas and New Year travelling in the most exotic way. From sandy shores to bright Sunshine, you will experience everything here at this Xmas and New Year Eve. You will get extra offers and amenities from these offered tours along with festive itineraries.


There are ample of reputed tour operators working in Egypt who offer many kinds of Egypt Travel Packages to the visitors. Travellers pick the best set as per their need, choice and budget for a comfortable and fulfilled trip. The travel journey of these packages should be carefully planned. It is important to keep various factors in mind for an enjoyable stay in the best possible manner. Deluxe arrangements regarding accommodation, food, sightseeing and travelling should be made for the visitors. Apart from these, preparations for adventurous activities should be arranged. With these packages, knowledgeable guides are provided toguests who help to explore the mysterious sites of the Egypt.


The best part about these Eve packages is that- special importance is given to every facet of the journey. Proper resting is provided after travelling long distances for enhanced joy and complete comfort during the vacations. A majority of tour operators offer deluxe convenience of shopping to the invitees.


Not only this, you will also get to know about interesting and glorious past of Egypt. These stunning characteristics tempt a substantial number of travellers to the country from different corners of the world. Earlier, a major portion of Egypt was inaccessible to the foreigners. There were fewer facilities present at the strategic locations of the country. The absence of basic facilities makes the journey painful for travellers. However, things are changing at a fast pace and both the Egypt administration and government are emphasizing on the tourism sector.

The Egyptian government is creating a huge number of tourist spots. Even the basic arrangements have improved a lot. All these advancements have made travelling and visiting the city so luxurious, comfortable and pleasant for the travellers. All you need is to pick the best Egypt package for your New Year Eve. Enjoy your holidays!


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How to Get Egypt Travel Advices that can help During Stay in Egypt?

If your next destination is Egypt and you do not have much information about this place, as it is new for you, then you must go through the whole article to accumulate the required information. When it comes to visiting the new place, it is considered essential to have some basic knowledge about it.

egypt pyramids

In this context, we are going to serve you a kind of awesome Egypt travel advice to increase your knowledge. Let’s check it out.

  • As the name of this country indicates, it is a Muslim country and the people are very conscious about their religions. Being a visitor, you need to pay respect their faith. You are not allowed to kiss your partner, wearing revealing clothing etc., as it will not leave a good impact on others. It is one of the best and awesome Egypt travel advice to serve the people coming Egypt to have a great experience.
  • Do not drink there the tap water, as it would not be good for your health. However, you can use that to wash or taking a shower. You must carry bottled water with yourself to do not confront this situation.Visit in Egypt
  • The great thing is that the crime rate is very low in Egypt. There are many towns and cities, that are safe and you are allowed to even explore the place into the night. However, you must carry your hotel number and address while stepping out and there is a chance to get late.
  • You must pick up a local SIM card for your mobile as soon as you step in Egypt. It is necessary, as it makes possible to make calls to your hotel and guide within no time. Therefore, you need to keep this point in your mind while staying in Egypt.
  • You must accumulate knowledge about the price of general things otherwise; you may the more than it costs.
  • You may carry some currency to avoid an unpleasant situation. You may have to pay to driver etc.
  • Apart from it, it is advised to say no to raw food. You need to be a bit careful while eating salad or drink fresh juice. It may lead to “mummy tummy”. 

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If you have made up your mind to explore the beautiful place called Egypt, then do not forget to hire us, as we will not let you down. There is a great team having enormous knowledge in this field to guide you at every step to make your journey memorable for throughout the life.

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Whether you are coming with your family, friends, individual or colleagues, you need to have knowledge about the place you decided to explore in order to stay away from all sorts of inconvenience during the visit. We are recognised travel gateway to serve you all sorts of Egypt information and travel tips that will ensure a safe journey to Egypt. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to pack your bag and get embarked on the memorable journey.

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Spend Your Vacation in Egypt with the Best Tour Operator

There is not only one, but a plethora of reasons to lure the visitors towards Egypt. Whether it is people, sightseeing, fashion, culture or atmosphere, everything is just outstanding and makes this place quite different from others. The one who comes here get fall in love with this place and never wish to go back within a short span of time. After stepping in this place, you explore a number of amazing things that force you to extend the trip. Saying would not be wrong that this place is pretty much beautiful and loaded with cultural gems. The spectacularly beautiful country will not you feel bored at any rate.

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The Most Prominent Reasons to Explore Egypt

It is blessed with the amazing pyramids of Giza. There would be many of you read about this in the books but now the time has come to see them in real. Saying would not be wrong that journey becomes wonderful if you give a thumb up to Egypt tour operator by Ask Aladdin. At this platform, you will find various Egypt tour packages like 7 days Holiday, 10-14 days holidays, 14-20 days holidays and much more. As per your need and requirements, you may choose the right one. Apart from it, you also need to hire and experienced guide. They hold the immense knowledge to guide you at every step. They will explore the history of the place and many other essential things in a great manner. Having an experienced


If you are foodaholics and crazy about delicious cuisines then there is a great YES to Egypt. Needless to say that Egyptian food will make you fall in love with it. Whether it is Kofta, Dolma, Shawarma or Mashshi homam, everything is just outstanding and enough to bring water in your mouth. In this context, choosing Egypt Tour Operator would be right as it serves you various kind of services and helps you to make your journey memorable.

Why Should You Hire

  • We serve you all sorts of guidance regarding journey. Whether you wish to know about the best time, places, sightseeing, culture, tradition, transport or flight, we tell you everything in a discreet manner.
  • There is a great team to bring you out of the confusion and guide you in a lovely manner. We never delay and try our best to get back to you within a short span of time.
  • Not only this, we also serve you different types of travel tips to you like a hotel, shopping, health, entertainment etc.


In short, it can be said that choosing us is a right decision to make as we have emerged as the one stop solution when it comes about exploring Egypt. Here, you can ask everything to our experts having a wide knowledge regarding this field. To make your journey unforgettable travel planner will help you. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to add more colour to your life. You must not slip the good opportunity as it is all about your trip to this lovely country which has always been an attraction among the tourists.

Nile Tours – Perfect Choice for the Egypt Travellers

Egypts have long been one of most mysterious and magnanimous placed to visit all around the world. Whether we talk about the geography, history or culture of this place, one cannot stop themselves from fantasizing the beauty of this place and wishing to be there at least once in their lifetime. While you can see the country through its roughly build roads or by air but if something is more royal and natural then this then it has to be through the boat! We believe that you might already have heard researched, googled and wondered a lot about the river Nile. The Nile river cruises are a USP of this area and are sure shot hands down best way to see this beautiful and Ancient land. Whether you board a ship for your tour or a boat that sails up the Nile, you will realize why man people had refused to see Egypt through other ways.


In terms of convenience and beauty, none of the other ways can beat Nile Cruise by Ask Aladdin. With other tours, you might be prompted to stop every night at different hotels, out of which some will vary in quality, size or ambiance. On road trips, you will be packing and unpacking every day and night and even during the tour rimes. With a Nile Cruise, you can easily travel with your hotel, without getting out and exploring the beauty without disturbance. One of the best part being on Nile Cruise is that they are highly flexible. If you wish to see everything about its cities and their offering, you can explore it to your heart’s content else spend your entire day on board the ship while watching some quality performances and shows.


There will be accommodations for all size and budget of groups. Cruise are usually combined with a large number of families and other people and thus, you will keep yourself entertained throughout. There are plenty of budget services offering Nile Cruises round the year. If you travel by boat, you will see another side of this city. See why the ancient Pharaohs surveyed the country in such manner or else, you can plan a short trip from Luxor to Aswan. If you wish, you can take up a 7 days tour to Nile river Cruise that covers almost all parts of Egyptian Tourist attractions and definitely, you will find plenty of elements as per your taste. In terms of sightseeing, Egyptian countryside is definitely one of the best ways to travel.


If you fall amongst those who are less interested in history and more into a luxurious living, even then these Cruises are one for you. You need not go far for entertainment purpose as the cruises make it their own responsibility that the guests are never sinking in dull moments. Magicians, movies and Belly dancers are some of the entertainment points. Rest is left for exploring and worth visiting.

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Egypt Tours Fun and Enjoyable

pyramids of Giza

No one wishes to confront unpleasant situations during visit Egypt. If you have made up your mind to choose this city to explore this time then it sounds great. In order to make your trip memorable throughout the life, some of the best tips and tricks have been mentioned to add more fun to your vacation.

Nile Dahabiya

  • Do Not Trust Others Easily – Since you find someone having an attractive personality and impressive way of talking, it does not mean you should allow yourself to trust him/her. Always keep your eye closed and do not go forward trusting anyone easily, it may lead to unpleasant experience and ruin your excitement to explore this country. No need to think a lot, but you just needs to be a bit careful to have exciting tours to Egypt.
  • Egypt Tour Guide – This is another point to keep in mind in order to make your tour memorable. In order to go along with exciting tours to Egypt, a guide can help a lot as you will get accurate information about the particular place, monument and sightseeing. This place is jam-packed with a number of things right from fashion, foods, drink, culture and sightseeing etc., and when you get in-depth information, it makes you feel something special.
  • Wear Comfortable Footwear – To make your visit full of fun, you also need to pay attention towards your footwear. It should not be in a way so you feel uncomfortable during your visit. Choose the one pair goes along with your size and loaded with quality based cushion pads to make your feet good and relaxed.
  • Keep Your Hand Sanitizer In Your Bag – You would enjoy when you remain to stay fit and healthy. In order to stay away from germ and bacteria, you must keep a hand sanitizer in your bag and whenever to go for eating just wash your hand with that.
  • Haggling Skills – Though many of you love bargaining in your city, you must not leave it to follow when to step in Egypt. It helps a lot to make your visit full of fun and excitement. If you are going to buy something, then you need to use your skill of negotiating and haggling. Whether you go for buying a water bottle or going for hiring a taxi, haggling skills will help you a lot.
  • Toilet Paper – If you do not wish to experience an unpleasant experience, then you must carry a toilet paper with yourself. There are many restrooms in Egypt have not loaded with Toilet paper and may lead towards a sticky situation for you. Having your own toilet paper will not let you confront this kind of situation.
  • Travel Insurance – No one wishes to go through the unpleasant experience during a visit. When it comes to a trip to Egypt, one should make sure that he/she has the small investment towards his/her health. You may contact to an ideal travel agency to purchase a reputable, flexible and affordable policy in order to make your tour tension-free. It allows you to enjoy the tour.