The Top Attractions of Egypt; One Must Visit At Least Once

Egypt is a fascinating place. It is a mix of various cultures harmoniously coexisting with each other since centuries. It is a fine blend of ancient and modern. For those who love to travel and get to know the world, a visit to Egypt is obligatory. Here are a few destinations that should be on the top of the list of places to visit in Egypt.

Giza Pyramids

Cairo and daily excursions to visit attractions of Egypt

The capital presents a variegated skyline dotted with mosques when you fly in but the surface has a different looks as you will find when you explore the lanes full of shops selling a host of goods like spices, perfumes, jewellery and lots more. It is best to get on to a one day excursion with a local travel agent to discover its wealth of attractions like the Al Azhar Mosque, the Sultan Hassan Mosque, the Museum, the Citadel and the bazaars before proceeding in a bus to the Giza Pyramids to look the Sphinx in the face and return for the day. One can similarly choose Aswan excursion, Luxor excursion, Hurghada excursion and Sharm-el-Sheik excursion as a way to take in the top attractive places to visit in Egypt. If time is of the essence then this could be a good way to explore Egypt’s top attractions.

Aswan excursion

Nile tour

A better way to get to know the top attractions of Egypt is to embark on a Nile cruise that starts from Cairo and takes guests on an Arabian Nights voyage on the Nile to the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Museum housing the mask of Tutankhamen and then onwards to Luxor. Luxor and its Karnak temples are just magnificent.

Karnak temple

If the sights are striking such as Thebes, city of the dead, then the sail on the Nile is j enchanting during which you get to know people and life on the banks of this great river. The 4 nights cruise arranged by one of the best travel agents of Egypt takes visitors to the heart of Egypt and bares its soul in a voyage f discovery that includes Edfu and its temple to Horus. The boat sails on and arrives at Aswan, a charming destination where visitors admire the awe-inspiring temple to Rameses at Abu Simbel. the tour could end and visitors could return by air to Cairo or explore locations not so well known like Minya in the Nile valley, Asyut and Sohag where you will find the temple of Abydos.

Egypt Nile Tours

There is plenty more to see and do in Egypt such as a visit to Alexandria with a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, the St Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments and then a drive through the White Desert to admire the surrealist landscape dotted with mountains of white chalk.

the white desert

Egypt is fascinating and it is a place one would want to visit over and over again. Joining conducted tours is one of the best ways to take in all attractions of this beautiful country.


Top 6 Astounding Attraction Places Of Egypt

Egypt is a country known for being an ancient civilization and for hosting some of the most famous monuments in the history of humankind, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the ancient temples of Luxor, whose origins go back to thousands of years ago. Although most tourists concentrate their trip on the monuments located along the Nile River, the tourist possibilities in Egypt include many other attractions.

Join us on this journey and travel with us to Egypt Tourist Attractions in this country!

Giza Necropolis

Giza NecropolisEvery year most of the tourist lover attracts by Egypt’s atmosphere and pyramids are the prominent ones among them. The necropolis of Giza is located in the vicinity of southwest of Cairo; this is perhaps one of the most famous and oldest places in Egypt and the world. The pyramids, together with the Sphinx at the base of the Giza plateau, are practically part of the iconic image of Egypt. These were built during the command of three generations of pharaohs (Keops, Kefren, and Micerinos). These monuments come together with a series of smaller structures such as driveways, queen pyramids, and temples.

Luxor Karnak Temple and Valley of Kings

Karnak Temple The Temple of Karnak is the largest temple in Egypt and remains continues today and is still being rebuilt. The enclosure where it is located measures 2,400 meters of perimeter and is surrounded by an adobe wall of 8 meters of thickness.

The Valley of the Kings is located near Luxor and is the place where for 500 years between the XV and X centuries BC, tombs were built for privileged kings and nobles of the New Kingdom. The Valley of the Kings is made of 56 tombs and chambers of different sizes.

Abu Simbel

Abu SimbelAlso known as the Temple of Ramses II, it was built during the rule of Ramses II. It is considered one of the most famous temples in all Egypt, and together with the temple of Nefertari is part of the Abu Simbel complex. It is located exactly 300 kilometers from the city of Aswan, southern Egypt.

Islamic Cairo

Islamic CairoCairo, the capital of Egypt, is the largest and populous city in the country. It houses important monuments, such as the famous Pyramid of Giza, built with 2 million blocks of limestone. The Sphinx, located just in front of the Great Pyramid is also recommended to visit the Citadel of Saladin, a large stone fortress from which it is possible to appreciate magnificent views of the city.


AswanAswan, in southern Egypt, is a city that is located in the first Nile waterfall, is more than anything known as the starting point to visit the temple of Abu Simbel. Aswan has several resorts to visit, such as Elephantine Island, the Isle of Kalabsha and Nubian Museum.

 Egypt Museum

Egypt MuseumThe Egyptian Museum of Cairo, commonly known as the Egyptian Museum is located in Cairo and is in charge of guarding the largest collection of objects belonging to the time of ancient Egypt. In his possession it has more than 136 thousand objects classified in the different times gives the Egyptian history. This is considered one of the great tourist attractions of the nation and this is demonstrated by the more than two million tourists who visit the museum annually.


How will you Enjoy and Spend your Time Egypt Nile cruise Tour?

Travelling experience is one of the best things to do as it provides you with the option of exploring a new place. Egypt is one of the most travelled countries all over the world as tourists come to this ancient civilization to know more about the history behind it and to traverse the unexplored area.  There are so many monuments and sights in Egypt that one cannot just stop asking more of it. Read along to more about it.Nile CruisesGoing for a luxury Nile Cruise is an excellent way to enjoy the monuments and the ruins. Egypt is a large desert country and the civilization of the country is centered across the River. For having the best experience of Egypt there cannot be any better way than going for a holiday on a Nile River Cruise. The River is not only the source of water and the longest river in the country but it is almost one of the most luxurious rivers of the world.

One can enjoy luxury Egypt Nile cruises tour and see the beauty of Egypt in an aesthetic manner. There are some of the fantastic sights that can be enjoyed through the river.  Here are some of the tips that will help a person who is going to visit Egypt:Nile River CruiseLook for a good operator: There are various tour operators that provide packages for Egypt. With the help of the internet and assessing the reviews one can easily find a good and reliable tour operator. A reliable tour operator will certainly be the best choice for a great trip.

Booking and discounts: There are tour operators that provide early booking discounts and there cannot be any better option than choosing a pre-booking option as it not only helps one in getting discounts but he can also make sure that there are no last minute hassles.Nile cruiseChoosing the right package: Finding the right Nile Cruises package can make it possible that how the entire trip will shape up and this is the reason why one should consider booking the package that will let him explore the various parts of the country and the cruise packages should also be chosen carefully.

Things to carry: While packing it is necessary to put all kinds of clothes that will be required on the trip. Other accessories such as sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen are some of the things that one cannot just miss to take along.  All the things of necessity should be there so that one doesn’t have to run one thing or the other.Nile ToursThese are some of the things that are necessary to consider by a person who is planning to travel to Egypt. Ask Aladdin is one of the best companies that offer affordable and attractive tour packages. They have all the packages that will help him to explore the country and beautiful sights it has. You can get in touch with them today to know more about the packages.

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Top Ten Best Destination of Egypt

Despite a complicated geopolitical context that has made tourists escape in recent years, Egypt remains as exceptional destination for a beautiful trip. With rates more attractive than ever and fewer tourists, this is perhaps the best time to plan a stay in the land of pyramids and pharaohs. Zoom on 10 things to do and see on Egypt tourist attractions!

1. Contemplate the majestic pyramid of Giza

Pyramid of GizaThe Pyramid of Kheops or Great Pyramid of Giza is the most famous and largest of the pyramids of Egypt and is incidentally one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is estimated that its volume reaches 2.340.000 m3!

2. Admiring the beauty of the Giza sphinx

Giza sphinxThe Giza Sphinx is the ancient statue that stands in front of the great pyramids of the Giza plateau, upstream of the Nile Delta, in Lower Egypt (close to the pyramid of Khufu). It is one of the unavoidable and well-known monuments of Egypt and it contains riddles still unresolved. The adventure of Egypt is endless.

3. Discover the temple of Karnak

The temple of KarnakThe history of ancient Egypt is dominated in large part by its rather peculiar religion. The religious complex of Karnak includes a vast set of ruins of temples, chapels, pylons, and other ancient buildings.

4. Browse the Valley of the Kings

Valley of the KingsThe Valley of the Kings is the largest royal tomb in Egypt making it one of the largest Egyptian tourist sites. Located on the western bank of the Nile, this valley is home to several royal tombs where many Pharaohs of the New Kingdom (from 1500 to 1070 BC) are buried.

5. Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Egyptian Museum in CairoThe Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the largest museums entirely devoted to Egyptian Antiquity. Nearly 120,000 antiquities are exhibited, including mummies found in the 19th century. During a visit to the capital, the visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is inevitable.

6. Diving in Egypt by the Red Sea

The Red Sea EgyptEgypt is undoubtedly one of the best diving areas in the world. Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed diver, a diving trip to Egypt is essential: a visibility often perfect, a specific blue, rich and varied reefs, myriads of fish, yellow, red, orange, Pelagic and sumptuous wrecks.

7. Climb Mount Sinai in the footsteps of Moses

Sinai of EgyptThe Mount Sinai also called Jebel Musa or for “Mountain of Moses“, is in the Sinai and culminates at 2285 meters altitude. This mountain is one of the highest in Egypt but is especially famous in the biblical tradition for being the place where Moses first met God in the burning bush and received the Ten Commandments.

8. Embark on a cruise on the Nile

Nile cruiseMaking a cruise on the Nile is one of the great classics of a trip to Egypt and a good way to relax while traveling to discover the wonders of this country. Embark for example from Aswan to Luxor aboard an old steamboat and make short nautical excursions in a felucca to visit the monuments and isolated islands of world renown.

9. Going on camel trek in the white desert

The white desertGo on a multi-day hike with camels and a guide to discover the magic of the White Desert, one of the most beautiful in the Eastern Sahara.

10. On the most beautiful pages of Egypt towards Hurghada

HurghadaThe seaside town of Hurghada is an important tourist city of Egypt and one of the most popular tourist spots along the Red Sea. Forty kilometers away from Hurghada, the island of Tobia is a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts traveling to Egypt.


Tours to Egypt Gives a New Experience in your Life

A tour to Egypt is like a dream come true for many. Some have the love for history while others have the craze to explore the historical wonders of the ancient world. The country is a miracle in itself, right from the land to the building, geography to history, and culture to religion. When you plan to take a trip to Egypt, you should be ready to experience a new life, a new vision, a new culture and a new experience.


Here are some facts about the country:


Just like the rest of the world, more than 90% of the population is settled in less than 4% of the land. The land is barren and deserted with some exceptions like oases here and there in the desert area. The Nile flows river is located in the North from the foothills of the Africa cutting in the Sudan area to till the spills in the Mediterranean. Geographically, the Nile River divides the country into two unequal segments that are the Eastern area and the Western desert.


Being a deserted area, the climate of Egypt is best described as Hot, Dry or Sunny. Basically, on your tours to Egypt, you will face two different seasons. One is warm that stays from May to October and the other is the cooler season that stays from November to until April. The temperature varies as per the seasons and you can experience extreme heat as well as winters due to the desert area.


Culture and Environment

Not to mention that the beautiful country of Egypt enjoys a rich culture of kings, queens and several Pharoahs. The Cleopatra, Shakespeare imaginary world, Anthony and almost all the interesting historical figures have evolved from this soil. Blessed and flourished with a history worth reading and visiting, Egyptians have long been counted amongst the most loyal saviours to their rulers. The pyramids are a live example of their dedication and love for their kings.


If you see the demographics and start reading about the country, you can imagine easily that you are going to get lot of joy on your tours to Egypt. Not only the Pyramids, but the cities, the desert, the rides, the temples and the ruins, everything appears interesting and magnanimous. A virtual force will attract you towards it.

The simplicity of people and their lifestyle will teach you how they have well preserved their ancient culture. For the people of Egypt, their religion is not just about following but it is a way of life for them. They speak their native language and the best spirit can be seen during the month of Ramazan. The art, culture, books and entertainment industry of Egypt is equally interesting. A milestone in the Arab countries, Egypt should be a top notched destination to anyone who wants to escape from the fakeness of modern cities. Come and splurge into the naturally deserted retreat of Kingdom with Egyptian tours.


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Egypt Tour Guide – How to Be Safe While Travelling With Family

No country is safe to visit unless you hold important information about it. Egypt is one of the most beautiful places to get embark on adding wonderful memories. If you are contemplating or have packed your beg to explore the beauty of this country then you must go through the mentioned below information. Here, we are going to unearth many important points that you must keep in your mind while visiting.

Cairo Travel

How an Experienced Egypt Tour Guide Helps You

Many people have a misconception about Egypt that is not a safe country or one has to go through many problems if a step in this beautiful country. Actually, you need to hire the experienced and best Egypt tour guide to get showered with the accurate information.

Generally, it is a safe country and quite friendly. It knows how to treat the people stepped in to explore its beauty. People are quite lovely and will help if you need. Egypt is a Muslim country and visitors also need to bear some important things in the mind.

Avoid wearing the short or revealing clothing.

Do not go for hugging or kissing with your partner in public place.

Before leaving the hotel, do not forget to not down the address.

Before entering at any religious or important place, you need to pay attention to your clothing. Women must wear clothes that cover them from top to toe. It also makes the visitors respectable in front of the countryman.


Many people are confused if it is safe to drink tap water or not. It is recommended that it is safe but you must avoid it if your stomach gets upset drinking chlorinated water. You must drink bottled mineral water to stay safe.

If you are visit alone then you must wear covered clothes. It helps to stay away from the unwanted attention.

Do not forget to have sunscreen cream since the scorching sun may leave your skin tan.

Do not walk down at the street that does not seem very busy. This rule is same in every large street anywhere in the world and the same you need to follow in Egypt.


If you think that Egypt is not good for female visitors then you are a bit wrong. Being a woman, you just need to follow some points nothing else. Egypt people are very friendly and know how to respect the visitors coming from outside.

What Shopaholic Must Not Avoid –



You are in Egypt but do not know what you must not forget to buy. We are here to tell you that you should not skip buying brass wear, mosaic lamps, mirrors, cotton shirts, leatherwear etc. These things are famous all around the world for their quality.

If you have been looking for the best Egypt travel experts then you have landed at the right place. We have been serving the best service for a long time and a legion of customers trust us when it comes to visiting Egypt. We become your true companion to make your journey memorable even if you are coming to Egypt the first time.

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General Travel Tips

The Top Five Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Egypt

Admiring the sun go down is a tantalizing experience for anyone. It’s soothing and serene environment can give you time to soak up and reflect up the attractiveness of your ambiances, which you will be watching-literally- in a fresh light. And when you visit Egypt, you will soon explore how the sunset transmutes it- giving its scenery the unmatched magnificence. So, make your excursion to Egypt extra unusual by watching the amazing sunset in beautiful locations.

Read on to know about 5 best places to watch the sunset in Egypt:

Pyramids of Giza

  1. The Great Pyramids

Nothing can beat the beauty of Egyptian pyramids of Giza and it gets doubled at the time of Sunset. If you want to explore Egypt tourist places, arrive the Giza pyramids late afternoon and stay there till Sunset to catch the striking glimpse of nature. Don’t forget to bring your DSLR as you will definitely want some photos to capture this rare scene of natural splendor. Avoid watching it behind the lens as the most spectacular sights can only be explored by watching the sun behind the pyramids. Rooftop in Giza is another ideal site to watch the Sunset gaze of the landscape.

  1. Al AzharPark, Cairo

Al Azhar Park is one of the most peaceful places of the country from where you can watch the panoramic view of Sunset. During Egypt tourist places, watch the Sun go down from the pinnacle of this lovely park- it is just a short drive away from Cairo residences.

Spend your sunny day in the cafes and enjoy relaxing evenings in the parks. And, adore the beauty of dusk at Sunset of Africa’s 2nd biggest city.

  1. Mokattam Cliff, Cairo

If you are a nature lover then prefer Mokattam cliff to catch the beautiful moments of the dusky evening.  From this cliff, you can overlook the entire Cairo with pixelled views. Cairo appears best at night. Although, Mokattam cliff is not among tourist destinations but, you can enjoy a complete day picnic with your family as the refreshment vendors are present there.


  1. From the Nile River

Explore the beauty of Egypt from the most iconic natural wonders. Being the longest river in the World, the Nile runs through the whole Egypt. It is also known as the backbone of Egypt.

Get your boat down in Nile River and relish the Sunset views in a unique way.

Stanley Bridge

  1. Stanley Bridge, Alexandria

Although, it is not among the most romantic destinations in Egypt, still, one should not miss visiting this place. Stanley Bridge is a place where you can freeze a lot of memories to take up with you. Stand on the bridge and enjoy the unobstructed view of going down the Sun in the Mediterranean Sea. Drive over the bridge and appreciate the magnificent view of Sunset- don’t let obstruct anything between the horizon and you.

Guys don’t forget to visit these 5 beautiful places to watch the Sunset in Egypt. I Hope! It helped you.

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Get the Best Egypt Travel Packages in this Christmas and New Year Holidays

Egypt is one of the most stunning destinations in the world that offers glimpse of mesmerizing beauty of nature, monuments and pyramids. There are ample of things to watch in Egypt and its beauty attracts millions of visitors annually. However, there are multiple complications that make it really important for every visitor to hire Egypt Travel Packages. It is not the fact that country is unsafe that forced us to advise the visitors to hire travel packages. It’s the luxurious facilities and amenities that can be easily accessed by hiring tourism packages with a sole cause for advising us like that. By hiring these services, you can travel to the most mysterious and ancient place of Egypt in the most secured way.

Egypt luxor

If you are planning to spend your Christmas mornings in Egypt under the crystal lit sky in Morocco’s desert, then don’t forget to consider many kinds of Egypt travel packages. These packages can give you striking experience of Christmas and New Year travelling in the most exotic way. From sandy shores to bright Sunshine, you will experience everything here at this Xmas and New Year Eve. You will get extra offers and amenities from these offered tours along with festive itineraries.


There are ample of reputed tour operators working in Egypt who offer many kinds of Egypt Travel Packages to the visitors. Travellers pick the best set as per their need, choice and budget for a comfortable and fulfilled trip. The travel journey of these packages should be carefully planned. It is important to keep various factors in mind for an enjoyable stay in the best possible manner. Deluxe arrangements regarding accommodation, food, sightseeing and travelling should be made for the visitors. Apart from these, preparations for adventurous activities should be arranged. With these packages, knowledgeable guides are provided toguests who help to explore the mysterious sites of the Egypt.


The best part about these Eve packages is that- special importance is given to every facet of the journey. Proper resting is provided after travelling long distances for enhanced joy and complete comfort during the vacations. A majority of tour operators offer deluxe convenience of shopping to the invitees.


Not only this, you will also get to know about interesting and glorious past of Egypt. These stunning characteristics tempt a substantial number of travellers to the country from different corners of the world. Earlier, a major portion of Egypt was inaccessible to the foreigners. There were fewer facilities present at the strategic locations of the country. The absence of basic facilities makes the journey painful for travellers. However, things are changing at a fast pace and both the Egypt administration and government are emphasizing on the tourism sector.

The Egyptian government is creating a huge number of tourist spots. Even the basic arrangements have improved a lot. All these advancements have made travelling and visiting the city so luxurious, comfortable and pleasant for the travellers. All you need is to pick the best Egypt package for your New Year Eve. Enjoy your holidays!


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