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With Ask Aladdin, The Middle East Travel Experts. Here is everything you need to know for a successful and safe trip to Egypt and the Middle East.

Get a full refund with no questions asked. Spread the cost of your trip over Monthly Payments instead.

There’s never been a better time to take that trip you’ve always dreamed of!
Welcome to AskAladdin, your one-stop travel resource for the Egypt travel and Middle East, where you'll find all kinds of travel information and travel tips you need to have a safe and successful trip.
AskAladdin has the answers to every question compiled from questions people regularly ask and complaints travelers have experienced when traveling to the Middle East and North Africa.

AskAladin has everything anyone planning a trip could wish for.
We advise visitors on everything from visa information to health tips, and we also have our very own Genie on hand to answer all your questions, so you don't have to wait days for a reply! So if you're planning to have fun on a trip then you've come to the right place.

The Middle East Travel Experts


Ask Aladdin is the Middle East's leading travel company. We specialize in arranging tours and custom packages for tourists to explore Egypt and the Middle East.

 You can find here our elite-style packages & fully guided tours that AskAladdin offers; you can call or request through our tourist information page.

Learn about our destination it will help you greatly to have lots of fun and learn so much.

About Us

A Truly Special Travel Adventure


Traveling with Ask Aladdin can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Travel Experts, Expertts trip planning best trip booking to Egypt and UAE, Jordan, Oman, Turkey, and the rest of the Middle East.

  2. Convenience: Ask Aladdin provides a one-stop platform for booking travel arrangements, from flights to hotels and activities.

  3. Ask Aladdin Travel Experts to provide the best Travel Advise for Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Oman and Morocco, and Turkey. 

  4. We meet every budget. We provide Egypt Travel Information and a full range of packages for tourists to choose from.

  5. High Value: Ask Aladdin has access to a wide range of travel deals and discounts and can help you find the best options for your budget.

  6. Customization: We're the Middle East Travel Experts. We'll help you plan your trip with insider knowledge and a full range of packages to choose from.

  7. Peace of Mind: Whether you're in the States or Australia, We are your go-to for travel info on Egypt, and the Middle East. No matter where you live, we are the leaders of Egyptian travel information and have a full range of packages for tourists to choose from. 

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