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Private Tomb of - Sheikh Abd el-Qurna (TT57)

Who was Khaemhat?

Khaemhat or Mahu was a Royal Scribe and the "Overseer of the Granaries of Upper and Lower Egypt". He served during the reign of Amenhotep. The only thing known about his family is that he was married to Tivi.

Location of tomb TT 57

The Theban Tomb number TT 57 is dedicated to a local saint and lies in the Sheikh Abd el Qurna area of Necropolis on West Bank of Thebes in Egypt just opposite to Luxor. The place is among the most visited cemetery in this area. This is the burial place of an ancient Egyptian official, Khaemhat.

The hardships TT 57 faced

The tomb TT 57 and its discoverers faced many hardships and it’s said that Lloyd an Egyptologist was killed shortly after the tomb’s discovery due to accidental discharge of his gun. The tomb also faced fire and other damages during early exploration. The tomb today does not have any colors remaining but the reliefs depicted a wonderful display of art in motion and a full of life picture.

The tomb TT 57

Located in Abd el Qurna necropolis, it’s among one of the many tombs clustered in the west end of cemetery. The tomb probably belongs to reign of Amenhotep III. Khaemhat tomb is the only private tombs amongst the four tombs from this era which has been decorated by reliefs and is the only one that dates back to the year 30 of Amenhotep III’s rule. The tomb depicts a complicated variation of the usual T-shaped private tombs. The entrance is little different and the room it leads to is filled with rare agricultural scenes.

Uniqueness of TT 57

Tomb TT 57 of Khaemhat is popular for the exceptional relief quality and for the historical significance that can be seen in the many texts and scenes which describe about the king Sed’s festival. Many agricultural scenes decorating the tomb are associated with main function of Khaemhat which included agricultural produce control and its safe storage and distribution. The market scene is also an unusual representation seen in the tombs of the New Kingdom. Even though similarities in representations can be noted, but still the peculiarities in Khaemhat tomb are many which make this unique and can help Egyptologists in learning more about the ecommerce in the ancient Egyptian era.

Tombs TT 57 of the Nobles

Khaemhat’s tomb who was the superintendent of the Granaries was made during an era when Egypt’s art was in its peak which is why the tomb depicts an impressive relief.

The bottom line

There were some items found near the tomb TT 57 which included a wood and stone shawabtis, a bronze spear head, a shawabti box and a Ptah-Sokar-Osiris figure. Also, three rock steles were found in the tomb, one was Khaemhat and the other two depicted names of Pedamen and Khonsuiuefankh.

The Khaemhat tomb is now open to the public which can be visited from 6 am till 4 pm during the winter season and the ticket to this can be easily bought at the ticket office which gives entry into the other tombs as well, which are tombs of Ramose and Userhet.

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