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  • Cairo



    The captial of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, the name means "the victorious city". As the region's principal commercial, administrative, and tourist centre.
  • Alexandria



    Egypt's second largest city (3.5 million people), its largest seaport and the country's window onto the Mediterranean Sea. No city in Egypt has history as rich as that of Alexandria which witnessed so many historic events and legends!
  • Luxor



    Luxor hosts one third of the whole monuments and antiquities of the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourism spots in Egypt and maybe in the whole world.
  • Aswan



    Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt and the biggest in Upper Egypt. Aswan was the ancient Egyptians' gateway to Africa. Today Aswan is major stop for may Nile cruise ships depart from Luxor to Aswan everyday.
  • Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm is the the jewel of Egyptian tourism industry now. The city offer some of the finest places for diving and snorkeling in the world, it offers great value for money if compared with many diving spots in the world.
  • Hurhgada



    Hurghada today is a world centre for sea sports such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing. The unique offshore underwater gardens are justifiably famous amongst divers

Private Tomb of - Deir el Medina Necropolis (TT1)

Tomb of Sennedjem

Sennedjem who lived during the reign of Seti I and when Ramesses II began ruling was an ancient Egyptian official of the 19th dynasty. Tomb of Sennedjem is known as TT1 and he also had the title of Servant in the Place of Truth to his name. The tomb TT1 is located at Deir El Medina in the Theban necropolis on the west bank of river Nile. The tomb is the burial place of not just Sennedjem, but his family members as well, as over 20 burials were found inside the tomb.

The discovery

Tomb of Sennedjem was found intact in the year 1986 by Egyptologists. The 20 mummies found are believed to be members of the tomb owners. The rich funerary equipments and the coffins found have now been moved to museums in Cairo and other places. The entrance to the tomb is a steep staircase which is followed by a small entrance chamber which initially had a wooden decorated door that was later on moved to the Cairo museum. Like most private tombs here, the tomb of Sennedjem was decorated with paintings which although simple but depict remarkable colors and interesting views.

Decorations inside the tomb

Simply executed paintings form the main element of decoration inside the tomb of Sennedjem. The tomb begins with a steep staircase leading into the entrance chamber. This is followed by a short passage that ends into the burial chamber which is vaulted. The walls of the entrance way and passage has many paintings and scenes of Sennedjem worshipping the many deities and also show his family members in a number of different scenes. The decoration in the burial chamber is on a yellow ochre background and is extremely well-preserved.

Walls also have text taken from the Book of the Dead. One scene that is believed to be the most popular picture from tomb TT1 is the scene in which a detail about the expected afterlife of the dead and his wife in the Field of laru is depicted.

Even the ceiling of the tomb of Sennedjem is brightly painted; the ceilings have scenes and texts of the deceased worshipping the different gods and goddesses. The whole tomb TT1 portrays in a very lively and colorful way, traditional funerary scenes from ‘The Book of the Dead’ and illustrates beautifully the journey of Sennedjem to the Netherworld and his life afterwards.

Findings from the tomb

The burial goods that were found inside the tomb of Sennedjem include shabtis, canopic boxes and pieces of furniture in different sizes. The findings were mostly sold and some important among these were sent to the museums in Cairo, New York and Berlin.

When to visit

Tomb TT1 of Sennedjem in the Deir El Medina at Theban Necropolis is open from 6 am in the morning till 4 pm in the evening during the winter months. Tickets can be bought at the main ticket office at the west bank. The combined ticket cost for three tombs including TT1 is EGP 30.

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