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  • Cairo



    The captial of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, the name means "the victorious city". As the region's principal commercial, administrative, and tourist centre.
  • Alexandria



    Egypt's second largest city (3.5 million people), its largest seaport and the country's window onto the Mediterranean Sea. No city in Egypt has history as rich as that of Alexandria which witnessed so many historic events and legends!
  • Luxor



    Luxor hosts one third of the whole monuments and antiquities of the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourism spots in Egypt and maybe in the whole world.
  • Aswan



    Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt and the biggest in Upper Egypt. Aswan was the ancient Egyptians' gateway to Africa. Today Aswan is major stop for may Nile cruise ships depart from Luxor to Aswan everyday.
  • Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm is the the jewel of Egyptian tourism industry now. The city offer some of the finest places for diving and snorkeling in the world, it offers great value for money if compared with many diving spots in the world.
  • Hurhgada



    Hurghada today is a world centre for sea sports such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing. The unique offshore underwater gardens are justifiably famous amongst divers

How To get To Egypt!

When entering Egypt:


In order to enter Egypt, a passport which is valid for six months at least, from visa issue date by Australians, British, Canadians, EU residents and USA travelers is mandatory. Nationals of these countries can get a tourist visa on arrival, which is valid for three months. Also, visas can be obtained from Egyptian consulates located in different countries. For business visa applications, a request from the company stating the reason for visit is required. Travel visa on arrival can be obtained from the following airports in Egypt: Cairo, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, and the port at Alexandria.

Travelling to Egypt by Air


Egypt is well-connected to many places by well-served international airlines which have regular and direct flights from across the globe. British Airways, Air France and KLM along with low cost carrier easyJet are among regular airlines. The international airports in Egypt are located at Alexandria, Luxor, Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa, Aswan and Alam.

National airline in Egypt is Egypt Air (MS), the network of this airline is busy and the major places it links Egypt to are New York in U.S., Bangkok in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Mumbai in India. Direct flights from Cairo are available to and fro for Africa, Morocco, Nairobi and Johannesburg. The domestic network of EgyptAir is well connected to all the major towns and cities in Egypt. Spring and autumn depict the peak and most expensive flying seasons in Egypt, while July to August are the cheapest time of the year to fly.

The major international airports in Egypt are

  • Cairo International Airport, Airport Code- CAI
  • Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, SSH
  • Hurghada International Airport, HRG
  • Luxor International Airport, LXR

In addition to international flights, there are charter flights to Aswan, Luxor and Cairo.

Travelling to Egypt by Train / Rail


The rail links to northwest neighbors internationally are not available. The railheads at Wadi Halfa and Aswan in Sudan are connected by a boat across Lake Nasser.

Travelling to Egypt by Road

Egypt, bordered by Libya in the west, Sudan in the south and Israel and Gaza strip in the west and Mediterranean Sea in the north is not easily accessible by road. Also, the bureaucracy at the border can prevent entry of cars and coaches.

When travelling from Middle East there are two major land crossings, from Israel to Sinai located in Egypt, which are at Taba on the Gulf of Aqaba and Rafah on North Sinai Coast. A bus from Tel Aviv to Cairo is also available on all days, expect Saturdays.

When travelling from Libya by road there are regular buses available between Alexandria and Cairo and Tripoli or Benghazi.

Travelling to Egypt by Water


No ferry routes connecting Egypt with mainland Europe are currently available. However, daily ferries from Nuweiba and Taba located in Sinai Peninsula and Aqaba in Jordan are functional. Also, intermittent ferry service from Wadi Halfa in Sudan to High Dam in Egypt is available. Also, car ferry service via the Suez Canal from Jeddah to Suez is there. Many cruise ships also stop at Egypt as part of African itineraries and are available at Port Said and Alexandria mainly.

When traveling to Egypt by sea from Cyprus and Greece there are ferries available from Limassol in Cyprus and Rhodes in Greece to Alexandria, only during the summer season.

When traveling to Egypt by sea from Jordan, there are many speedboats and ferries running, here the main crossing points are Nuweiba in Sinai and Aqaba in Jordan.

When traveling to Egypt by sea from Turkey, Lebanon and Syria ferries from Antalya in Turkey, Beirut in Lebanon and Lattakia in Syria to Alexandria are easily available.

When traveling to Egypt by sea from Saudi Arabia direct ferries from Jeddah to Egypt taking 36 hours are available. During Hajj these ferries seem very over-crowded, thus making an advance booking during this time is recommended.

Note: Ferry times are not fixed all year round and are subject to change based on the season, time of the year and weather, so it’s best to check in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Best time to visit Egypt


The time from November to March when the temperature and weather remains pleasant is the best time to visit Egypt. At nights it does not get chilling or uncomfortable. But, for those planning to do water activities the water might seem little cold during this time. Winter in Egypt is the peak season for tourism when hotels and other rates might go on the upper side, but for an ideal Egypt trip this is the best season.

During summers the weather in Egypt remains hot and dry, where temperatures can reach up to 50 ºC at some places, thus a winter travel plan must always be on the cards.

Tours to Egypt


Organized tours to Egypt are available in a gamut from the many travel companies operating here. Tours like guided group tours to Nile cruises, overland safaris and dive trips can be chosen based on the traveler’s preferences. A group travel is often recommended where security part is completely covered and where participating even in the off-road activities seem safer. When planning an Egypt tour, its best to shop around as a large difference in price and inclusions is available, which you must finalize only after thorough research and bargaining.

A final word on Egypt travel


Travel to Egypt can help you in looking forward to exciting activities, an adventurous holiday, spectacular sights and hours of relaxation on this sunniest coastline of the planet. Egypt, a historical treasure houses iconic pyramids which date back the origin to ancient era, bustling medieval markets that are full of vibrant colors and endless desert dotted with oases of palm trees. On the other hand are modern coastal holiday resorts, busy city life and more combining the best of both worlds. When in Egypt you can indulge in the best diving experience ever. In short, Egypt is a living museum and a land of endless attractions packing an experience that one cannot avail elsewhere on globe.

Contacts Addresses (Major foreign airlines in Egypt)

Contacts of Egypt Air offices all over the World

Branches in Algiers Telephone (213)
ALGIERS Egypt Air Booking Office:
8.Rue Didouche Niourad
Tel:  641431-612421
Fax: 614814
Airport Office Tel:  902224
Branches in Argentina Telephone (54)
Messrs Aerolineas .Argentina 
Egypt Air G.S.A.
Pasee colon 185
Tel: 30-2071
Branches in Australia Telephone (61)
Egypt Air Administration
Sales Office Suite 160/130
pitt St. Fax : (612)9232-2664
Sydney. NSW2000
Tel: (612)9232-6677
Tel: (612) 9231192
Tel: 9231-1992
Airport Office:
Suite 1053 level 3 Terminal C
Tel: (612)931-35119
Fax: (612)9693-2772
Branches in Austria Telephone (43)
Egypt Air Management Office:
Opernring 1010 Wien
Tel: 7136855
Tel: 114655 MSVIE
Egypt Air Sales & Reservation
Opernring 3-5 1010 WIEN
Tel:  5874532(3 lines)
Fax: 5874532
TIx:  114655 MSVIE
Airport office:  Tel: 70072063
Branches in Bahrain Telephone (973)
Management Office:
Al Khalifa Rd.
Bab Al Bahrain P.O. Box 45
Sales Office
Tel:   223899-209236
Fax : 246093
TIx :   8215BN
Tel:   209236, 223920
Fax : 210166
Airport office: Tel: 231248
TIx:  8215BN
Branches in Belgium Telephone (0032)
Management and Sales office 
Bd Emile Jacqmain 4/6 
l000 Brussels 
Tel:  2176177-2191614
Fax: 2193681
TIx:  64456
Ostend Tel: 059517400
CARGO Office
AERO Ground Services
Tel: 059517389
Tel: 059517993
Airport office Tel:  7532270
Fax : 7254268
Nieuwpoortsteenweg 887 HANGER No 02 Fax: 059517399, 059517401
Branches in Cote D'Ivoire Telephone (22)
Egypt Air Sales Office: Avenue Genera De Gaulie Immeuble El-nasr
01Bp3892 ABIDJAN 01
Tel : 325713/19-328120
Fax: 226869
Branches in Cyprus Telephone (357)
Egypt Air General Sales Agents
Messrs. Mantovani Travel
Services : 2E.Agapinors Str.
P.O. Box  1127Larnaca.
Tel : 763777/ 766678
Fax: 761606
Tel:  04/665640
TIx:  2413 Manto
Fax: 04/652321
Airport office Tel:  (04-643150)
Tel:  (04-6l3151)
Branches in Denmark Telephone (45)
Management and Sales Office
Jernbanegade 7 Sales:
1608 Copenhagen V
Tel:  33l23888(dircct)
Tel.  33329040.
Tel:  33329060.
Fax: 33931706
Tlx:  31346
Airport Office: Tel:  32323287
Fax: 31500931
Branches in Ethiopia Telephone (251)
AYOSHASL' Building
Sales Reservation
Tel:  550587(NINGR)
Tel: 121120/122565/121697

Airport Port  Tel:614913
Branches in Eritrea Telephone (29)
Sales Office
Bohte Mesceren. Htl. P.o. Box 4468
Tel:  1202984
Tel :127492 - 127034
Fax: 127473
Airport Office Tel: 181040
Branches In France Telephone (33)
Management Office:
Egypt Air Sales Office:
1,Bis Rue Auber-75009 Paris
Tel:  44948500
Fax: 42606965
Tel : 44948520
Fax. 42666965
Airport Office: Tel : 49757466/6768
Fax: 49757463
Cargo Office: Tel:  49753970/12
Fax: 49754038
Branches in Germany Telephone (49)
BFRI.IN SXF(030) :
Management and Sales Office:
Kurfurstendam 206: 10719 Berlin
Tel:  8852674-8823319
Fax :8852675
Tlx:  8587951
Airport Office: Tel: 60915340
Fax : 60915342
Management and Town Office:
Schadowstrasse 78,40212 Dusseldorf:
Tel: 3559580
Tel :  35595814(direct)
Fax:  1649213
Tlx:  8587951
Airport Office: Tel:  4216340
Fax: 4180858
Tlx:  8588531.
Sales Office: FRANKFURT (069)
Management Office:
Am Hauptbahnhof 12,60329 Frankfurt
Airport Office:
MUNICH (089)
Management and Egypt Air:
Sales Office:
Schwanthaler Strasse 17
80336 Menahen
Airport Office:
Tel:  273003
Fax : 237737
Tlx:    4170663
Tel:   235509
Tel:   69037331-27521
Fax:  694842
Tlx.   416018
Tel:   54588215 (direct)
545820 (6 lines)
Tel:  97591460/ 61
Fax: 5503516
Tlx:  5270947
Branches in Ghana Telephone (233)
ACCRA (021)
Egypt Air Office:
Ring Road-Danquah Circle (Sales): Airport Office:
Tel:  Mngr: 27/557960
Tel:  776586/ 773537/ 38
Fax : 77826
Tel:  760363
Branches in Greece Telephone (30)
26 VouliagmenisAv11743 N Kosmos 
PTA Department 
Group Res. 
Sales Department.
Account Dept. 
Counter . 
Tel: 92128245
Tel: 9212818
Tel: 92l2820
Tel: 9212822
Tel. 9212823
Tel. 9212830
Tel: 9212821
Branches in Hong Kong Telephone (852)
Sales Office : G.S.A Messrs Daniel & Co.
1512/3Melboume Plaza 
33 Queen's Road Center Hong Kong
Tel: 216381
Branches in Hungary Telephone (36)
Sales Office :
Tel: 2672484-2664300
Branches in India Telephone (91)
Management and Sales Offices Oriental House
7,j.Tata Rd. Churchgate Bombay 400020
Airport Office: G.S.A:Messrs A.K.International Travel
43 New Marine Lines Bombay 400020.
Tel:  2046122 (Mangt) 
Tel :  2041866
Tel:   2824088 - 2833798
Fax. 2876140
Tel: 8366700 Ext.3512
Dir. 8326089 
Fax: 2876140
Tel:  2046122/2041866
Tel:  2824088
New Delhi(11)
G.S.A:Sphinx Travel 
GF-01 Ansal,Bhawn,Kasturba 
Gandhi Marg,New Delhi 11001
Tel:  3315159-3315160
Fax: 91-11-3712777
Branches in Indonesia Telephone (62)
G.S.A Office
Hotel Sohid
Shopping ArcadeJalan Jenderal Sudirman
Tel:  5742471/2/4
Fax. 5742474
Branches in Ireland Telephone (353)
Sales Office:
Messrs.Aer Lingus. Teoronta
Egypt Air General Sales Agents
Dublin Airport.
Airport office
Tel: 370011
Branches in Italy Telephone (39)
MILAN (02)
Sales Offices:
Via Larga 26
20122 Milan
Airport Office:
ROME (06)
Nianagement Office:
Via Binnolati, 7690186 Rome
Sales Offices:
Via Barberini, 10500187 Rome
Airport Office:
Via Silvio Sqaventa, 24 Rome 
Airport Office:

Cargo Office:
Via Silvio Sqaventa, 24 Rome
Airport Office:

Tel: 7561009/7561114
Fax: 72021802

Tel: Dir.4744093/4826686
Tel: 4881070

Tel: 4814955-4881070
Tel: 6011497-60124163
Branches in Japan Telephone (81)
OSAKA (06)
Sales Offices:
Room 618 Ninshi-Hanshin 
Bldg., 2-3 24, Umeda 
Kita-Ku, Osaka 530
KIX Airport Office:
South Airline Bldg 
Sennhu Kuko. Naka 
Tajirleho Sennam  Gun. Osaka549
Tel:  341-1575/6
Fax : 341-8520 Tel:   03-3405-7051
Fax : 32150610
TOKYO (03)
Management and Sales Offices:
Palace Bldg.
 1-1, Marunouchi
Chiyoda-Ku,.Tokyo 100 Airport Office:
M-5060 No. 2 Passenger
Terminal Bldge.-New Tokyo Int'LA/P
Narita City-Chiba 282
Tel:  32114524
Tel:  3215452123
Fax:  3215-0610
Branches in Jordan Telephone (962)
AMMAN (06)
Sales offices
King Hussein St.
P.O.Box : 818 AMMAN
Zaatarah Co.
Al Qudos St. Beerah
Tel: 46360114639119
Tel :  4630011/4654001
Fax :  4655011
Tlx: 21889
Tel: 29986948
Fax.  22986950
Branches in Kenya Telephone (254)
Management and Sales Offices: : 44953 Nairobi
Hilton Hotel, Sity Hall Way
Tel:  226821:2:3.227887
Tel:  227683:2136296
Airport Office Tel:  822498
Fax :213198
Branches in South Korea Telephone (82)
SEOUL (02)
G.S.A. Office:
Saehong AirTravel Co. Ltd., Room 600. Paiknam Bldg.(President Htl)
188-3,Ulehiro-IG A,Jong-Ku Seoul. Korea
Tel. Res.: (774-358l)
Sales: (7743411)
Cargo: (774-3181)
Fax : 5012166
Branches in Kuwait Telephone (956)
Administration and Sales Office:
Al Sour Tower-Sour St.,
P.O.Box : 20340 Safat 13064
Sales department &Travel Agency :
Ticketing & Reservation Office:
Tel:  2425311/2425292/3
Fax: 24262(8)
Tel:  2401725/2425306
Tel:  2439575:2439578/2460950
Tel:  2439576.-2439620/2460956/7
Tel.  2425302/2439408/2421603/05
Airport Office: Tel:  4739528
Branches in Lebanon Telephone (96)
Riadh EL Solh Office: 
District Manager: 
Finance Manager: 

Tel:  981809
Fax: 987592
Tel:  980165/6
Fax : 989679
Sales Office :
Tel: 980164
Tel: 980465/ 980329
Tel: 960004
Fax: 341656
Gefinor Office:
District Manager 
Tel: 341655/360003
Tel: 741402/3
Branches in Libya Telephone (0218)
Sales Offices: 
Alexandria Bldge.Ben. P.O. Box : 9299.
Sales Offices: 
1st September St.. 
Emaret Tarek P.O. Box:4764.
Tel:  9099876/9095500
Tel:  432178
Tel:  3335781-82.83
Fax: 3332806
Branches in Malaysia Telephone (60)
General Sales Agent
Pelancungan Etonic Sdn. Bhd. 
No.12 ialan IMBI Kudid Lumpur
Management Office
Egyptair Sales Office
333. Orchard Road 
03-02/03 Mandarin Hotel 
Airport Office: 
Changi Airport room No.35 49
Tel:  245667-245857/245676/2456873
tktg&res:7380006(3 lines)
Tel : 7387830 (MNGR)
Fax:  7381816
Tel:  5429496/5429520
Fax: 5429521
Branches in Malta Telephone (356)
Management and Sales Office:
42 B Floor Regent HOUSE
Bisazza St.. Sliema - Malta
Tel:  322256/7
Fax: 322264
Branches In Morocco Telephone (212)
Sales Office:
Tours 11 AlHahous
6 eme Etage Avenue
Des F.A.R.
Airport Office:
Tel: & Fax: 538545>
Branches in Netherlands Telephone (31)
Management and Sales Offices
Singel 540 1017 AZ Amsterdam
Airport Office:
Tel:  6256661
Fax :  6381639
Tel:  315564-309225
Fax:  315477
Branches in Nigeria Telephone (234)
KANO (064)
Sales Office:
14C Murtala Mohained Way
lnvestment House
P.O.Box 136

Airport Office: LAGOS (01)
Sales Office:
22B Idowu Taylor St..
U.B.A. Plc House Victoria Island
Airport Office:
Tel:  630759-630760
Fax: 643191
Tel:  3011 Ext. 57
Tel:  2613329/2620097
Tel:  619233
Fax: 2624407
Tel:  4970339 Ext. 5219
Branches in Oman Telephone (968)
Administration and Sales Office:
Bin Main Blding/Ruwi/C.B.D.Area 
Opposite To Muscat Securities Market 
P.O.Box 1719 Ruwi/Codi 112 
Airport Office: 
Room 1031 
Tel. 630759-630760
Fax: 643191
Tel: 75008l/794113
Fax: 789074
Tel: 519526/519634
Fax: 510125
Branches in Pakistan Telephone (92)
KARACHI (021) 
Sales Office: 
Avari Tower
Fatima Jinnah Rd. 
Airport Office:
Tel:  5678066
Tel:  5561135/5660997
Tel: Mngr:  5689605
Fax :  5688790
Tel:  45791277
Fax:  5866035
Sales Office:
Hillview Arcade No.5 Davis Rd
Tel:  6371921/20-6306793
Fax:  6306732
Branches in Palestine Telephone (972)
GAZA (07)
Sales Office 
Zaatarah and Co. P.O.Box. 496

Tel:  821530-821383
Fax: 821872
Branches In Philippines Telephone (63)
Sales Office:
Ground Floor.Windsor Tower Bldg..
163 Legaspi Str., makati, Metro Manilal-Philippines
Tel: Reservation. 8158476/7/8/9
Sales: 8156190 Acc. 8166414
Mngr.  8154751
Fax:  8183454
Airport Office  Tel:  8310661-8710000
Tel:  8312961- (direct)
Fax: 8321009
G.S.A of Egypt air. Office:
Aero Asia Inc.
windsor Tower-Village
Makati - Metro
Tel:  8158476/5512719
Tel:  8154751
Fax :  8183454
Branches in Poland Telephone (48)
WARSAW (022)
Egypt Air General Sales Agents:
Messrs. LOT Poloskie Line Lotniczo
Pollot 17. Crojeeka Str.
Tel: 22032118
Branches in Portugal Telephone (351)
Turisticas (E)
Representacoese. Lda
AV.Duque de loul 97.1S Andrir
1050 LISBOA 
Tel:  3157567/68
Fax:  3433017/3433090
Branches in Qatar Telephone (97)
Egypt Air Office-:
Trans orient Travel and Tourism 
Bldg. Airport Rd. P.O. Box 363 Doha
Tel:  663492
Tel:  458458/663492
Fax: 449500
Airport Office: Tel:  622456
Fax:  621527
EgyptAir Office:
G.S.A Trans Orient Travel and Tourism left:
Airport Rd., P.O. Box 93 Doha
Tel:  458458/458301/2/3/4
Fax: 432698
Branches in Russia Telephone (7)
MOSCOW (095)
Sales Office:
Krasnopresnenskaia. Nab 12 Off  902B
Tel:  9670621
Fax:  9670622
Egypt Air G.S.A:
Messrs Aeroflot Soviet Airlines
37, Leningradsky Prospekt
Tel:  125167/ 1557522
Airport:  Tel:  5782187/ 5782327
Fax. 5784685
Branches in Saudi Arabia Telephone (966)
Sales Office: 
Nile Travel P.O.BOX: 563
El MALEK Saud st..Abha
Zahrat Al Zarka Trvl&Tourism 
Al Zolfan HTL.,Bldg P.O.Box 16 
Tel:  2260001
Fax: 22613003
Tel:  7271109
Fax: 7253930
BISHA (07)
G.S.A. Office:
Messrs. Intemational
Trdvel & Tour Operator(ITTO)
Mohamed Abdullah
Khabit Bldg
King Faisl St. (MAIN ST)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: 6222947
G.S.A. Office:
Attar Travel Co.
Buraidh Alkbobeb St.
Beside Saudi Fransi Bank
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Sales Offices:
Gulf Centre Bldg.Corniche Sr. Al Khobar 
K.S.A..P.O.Box: 510
Airport Office: 
Fax : 8985454
Tel:  8640637/8651770
Samara Travel 
Al Mutalaa Sr.. Bahaswuan Bldg 
Gizan P.O. Box : 389 Gizan
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel:  3220412
Fax: 3170576
HAIL. (07)
G.S.A. Office:
Univerval travel
Kin Faisl St.
Tel: 5333442
Fax: 53308374
Sales Office:
El Gamal Bldg. El Madina Rd.
King Kbalid St..
Al Baghdadiah El Sharkia.District
Airport Office:
Tel:  6449007/1515/1313
Fax: 6439022/6441133
Tel : 6853446/6853055/6 
Fax: 6853115
Sales Office:
Zakzouk Building
Behind Agalad Hsptl.Aguiad El Sad St.
Tel:  5741237/5741269
Tel:  5749013/5745009
Fax : 5741237
MEDlNA (04)
Sales Office:
Al Hasshem Bldg. Bab El Sharnv Medina 
Tel: 8250072/8268992
Tel: 8263420
Fax : 8268224
Management and Sales Office
Abanoma left, Steen Str. Malaz
Airport Office:
Tel:   4783855/4004/2229 
Tel:   4763820/ 4793925 
Fax : 4785858
Tel:    22022622:2207377
Tel:    2203131
Fax :  2203399
TABUK (07) A.C.E Travel 
Madinah Road Al faisllah
Tel:  4282611/4240732 
Fax: 4240500
TAIF (02)
Zahrat Alzarqa Travel& Tourism
P.O. Box: 902 - Alsalaman St,
G.S.A. Office:
Samara Travel & Services Co.,
Ata Ullab Al Qaidi Bldg.
King Abdul Azis St.,Yanbu Albahar - 
Kingdomof Saudi Arabia.
Tel:  736156617335134
Fax: 7366002
Tel:  3691553 
Fax: 3212025
Branches in South Africa Telephone (27)
Managensent and Sales Office:
Johannesburg (011)
2nd Floor Hutton Court
Jan Smuts Ave. Hydr Park
P.O. Box: 55349
Northlands 2116
Johannesburg S.A.
International Airport
Tel:  8804126/7/8/9
Fax: 8804360
Tel:  3902203-3902311 
Fax: 3902204
Sales Office:
Adderley Str., 01 str., fCort wrights.corner
House Cape Town
P.O. Box: 7054 Roggebaai  8012 Cape town
Airport Office:
Tel:  46I8056/ 7/ 819
Fax: 4618007
Tel:  936-425 Fax: 940-2725
DURBAN (031)
Suite 409 
4th Flour Musgrave left. 
Musgrave Road Berbea
Tel:  2029227/8
Fax: 216706
Branches in Spain Telephone (34)
Sales Office:
Reservation and Ticketing
Bruch 2l -1-4 08010 Barcelona
Airport Office:
Management Office:
Edificio Espana
Group 3
Planta 8 of 7 Gran Via 88 28012 Madrid
Sales Office:
Reservation & Tickets
Alcala 21 28014 Madrid
Tel:  3017312/3027354 
Fax: 3017190
Tel:  4781174
Fax: 3708184
Tel:  5411787/94/2159
Fax: 5474632
Tel:  5224490
Tel:  5213406-5226051
Fax: 5226616
TIx:   431I6MDM5

Tel:  3055583-3058242
Fax: 3936952
Branches In Sudan Telephone (249)
Sales Office:
Abou Eta New Bldg.
El Guumhuria St.. P.O.Box 1372
Tel:  4771222 ( Mngr)
Tel:  777853 (Direct), 780064
Tel:  7710)2
Fax :777853
Branches in Sweden Telephone (46)
Egypt Air General Sales Agent 
Miser Travel tset 
9, Strandagen 11456
Tel:  6636555
Fax : 6653237
Branches In Switzerland Telephone (41)
GENEVA (022)
Management Office:
22, Rue de Cendrier 
Geneva 1201  Sales Office: 
2. Rue de herne
Geneva 1201 
Tel:   7317151/2
Fax:  738115

Tel: 7313936/37
Tel: 7313985
Tel: 7178274
Zurich 8001
Sales Office: 
37, Pelikanstrasse Zurich 8001 
Airport Office:
Tel:  2178201
Tel:  221215923:4
Tel:  2178200
Fax:  2121633154
Tlx:  812151
Tel:  8143074
Fax:  8164247
Branches in Syria Telephone (963)
Sales Office:
Hijaz Sq.
P.O. Box 3175
Airport Office:
Tel:   2223992 (Mngr)
Tel:   2240164/224843
Fax : 2223992
Tel:   5434309
G.S.A. Office:
Byb1os Tourism and Travel Agency.
Costaki Homsi St..
P.O.Box 5956 AIlepo Syria
Tel:   247793
TIx:  331975 Byblos sy
HOMS (31)
Egypt air G.S.A. Office:
Universal Tourisrn & Travel
Ibn Khaldoun St., 
P.O.Box 57-Homs
Tel:  222517/231666
Fax: 441255
Branches in Taiwan Telephone (868)
Egypt Air General Sales Agent: 
Messrs. Taiwan Orchid Express Ltd. 
Chung An East. Road 
Tel:  5682121
Fax: 5682822
Tlx:  11640 Tiorchid Taipei
Branches in Tanzania Telephone (255)
Sales Office: 
Mata.salmat Bldg. 
Somora Avn. P.O.Box 1350
Airport Office
Tel:  113333
Tel:  112344 DM
Fax :112344
Branches In Thailand Telephone (66)
Sales Office:
3rd Hr. C.P. Tower
313 Shorn Rd.
Bangkok 10500
Airport Office:
Mngt :2310505-8 (Shoes)
Tel:    23105042310508
Fax:   2310503
Tel:    5237334 : 5352348:9
Fax :  5353570
Tel:    2339097 '9
Fax 2538813
Egypt Air G.S.A. Office:
Far East Tours Co. Ltd.
Pattaya Place Htl.
No.225 Pattaya Beach
Tel: 44046-44107
Branches in Tunisia Telephone (216)
Management Office:
Sales Office:
49, Avenue Habib Bourguiba1000 Tunis
Airport Office:
Tel: 341182.' 341183 341184
Tel: 339410 (NIngri
Tel: 341182/3:4
Tel: 7500189 ext. 3485
Branches in Turkey Telephone (90)
Osoman Bey
General Manager
Account Dep 
Tel:  2311561
Fax: 2478326
Tel:  2342678
Tel:  2311 126/27.2305782
Fax: 2249312
Tel:  (21)22482988
Fax: (21)22478326
Tel:  (21126633301
Fax: (21)26630812
Branches in Uganda Telephone (256)
Management and Sales Office
Metropole House,Kampala.
P.O. Box: 7207
Airport Office:
Tel:  236910
Tel:  233960:241276
Fax: 236567
Fax: 320698
Branches in Ukraine Telephone (38)
Sales Office: 
Kiev-Ukraine Airport
Tel:  2282343 - 2285003
Fax: 2289789/2282343
Tel: 296521
Branches in U.A.Emirates Telephone (971)
Sales Office
Estiqlat st.
Fed El Mazroui Bldge.
Mezz 2224
Airport Office:
Tel: Mngr: 662420
Sales : 344777 - 317660
Fax: 347775
Tel: 757096323116
Sales Office
Sheikh Abdullah Bldg. Al Menaa St., 
P.O. Box 4048 
Airport Office: 
Tel:  352163-352164 - 356391
Fax: 373343
Tel:  581151
DUBAI (4) 
Sales Office 
El Dana Bldg. 
Maktoum St.. 
Fax:273300 P.O. Box 12919
Airport Office 
Tel : 247055 ( 4 lines)
Tel:  289444 (Mngr)
Tel:  248555 ( 6 lines Reservation)
Tel:  2066830 
Fax: 244255
EL AINI (03)
Sales Office
Travel & Service
P.O. Box : 80705
Airport Office:
Tel:  660600
Fax: 658212
Tel: 855282
Sales Office:
P.O. Box : 438
Saada Bldg. El Sheikh 
Mohamed Ibn Salem Al Kasimy 
Tel:  335000
Fax. 335005
Branches in United Kingdom Telephone (44)
Sales Office:
The Rotunda 9th Floor
150 New St..
Birmingham B2 4PA

Tel:  64312498522 
Fax: 6334078
Tel:  0181 7591520
Fax: 0181! 5647421
TIx:  2832

LONDON (171)
Management Office:
296 Regent St., 
London W1 R RPH
Sales Office:
29/31 Picadilly London W IV OPT
Tel:   5805477 
Fax: 6374328
Tel:  7342343 -7342395/43
Fax: 2871728
TIx:   21154
Sales Office: 
Gregs Bldg. 
1 Booth St. Manchester
(M2 4DU)
Airport : 
Tel:   8342552/0270/0l6l
Tel:   4347263.8343499
Fax:  8323481
Tel:   4892668/ 4898996
Branches In U.S.A Telephone (1)
CANADA (416)
151 Bloor St..
Toronto. Ontario
M5s 1SR
Tel: 9603203
Tel: 9600307
Tel: 9600009/ 960241/ 9600372
P.O. Box: 660
Elmhurst. Illinois
Sales: 9602441
Fax:  9601436
Egypt Air Office:
9841 Airport Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90045
Tel:  2l53900/2153941
Fax :2159574
Tel:  6708496
Los Angeles  International Airport
Los Angeles California 902045
Station Manager
Lost & Found
Tel:  670-8496
Fax: 670-8495
Tel:  670-8496
Fax: 670-8495
NEW YORK (212)
720 Fifth Avenue
New York 10019
Ticket Office: 
Reservations Toll Free 
Executive Office 
Sales Department 
Financial Department
Procurement Department
Tel:  247-4880
Fax: 664-1075
Tel:  315-0900
Fax: 315-0967
Tel:  (800)334-6787
Tel:  5815600
Fax: 586-6599
Tel:  586-2678
Fax: 586-6599
Tel:  956-6039
Fax: 586-6599
Tel:  956-5999
Fax: 586-6599.
International Airport (718)
lnternational Air Terminal Building 52
Jamaica. New York 11430
Station Manager
Lost & Found
Tel:  995-2239
Fax : 244-8721
159-Roskaawoy Blvd.
Jamaica New York 11434
Tel:  995-2509
Fax: 244-7621
1255 Post St..
San Francisco C A 94109
Tel:  656-8627 
Fax: 112-6982
Branches in Yemen Republic Telephone (967)
ADEN (02)
Sales office:
Al. HARTY Travel Agency
Al - Molla Road Aden
P.O.Box: 5170
Tel :  928-17001826
Fax : 928-5701
SANAA (01)
Sales Office: 
Zotriry St.. Al Komim Bldg.  Sanaa
P.O. Box : 967
Airport Office:
Tel:  273452/275061
Fax :   275062
Tel: 344l88
Branches in Zaire Telephone (243)
EgyptAir G.S.A:
Messrs. Air Zaire
Aeroport De N'Djili
B.P. 10120 Kinshasa
Branches in Zimbabwe Telephone (236)
Sales Office
Constrution House
110 Leopold Takawira St..
P.O. Box: 2640
Tel:  728867/68/69/60
Fax : 795380
Tel:  575111

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