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  • Cairo



    The captial of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, the name means "the victorious city". As the region's principal commercial, administrative, and tourist centre.
  • Alexandria



    Egypt's second largest city (3.5 million people), its largest seaport and the country's window onto the Mediterranean Sea. No city in Egypt has history as rich as that of Alexandria which witnessed so many historic events and legends!
  • Luxor



    Luxor hosts one third of the whole monuments and antiquities of the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourism spots in Egypt and maybe in the whole world.
  • Aswan



    Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt and the biggest in Upper Egypt. Aswan was the ancient Egyptians' gateway to Africa. Today Aswan is major stop for may Nile cruise ships depart from Luxor to Aswan everyday.
  • Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm is the the jewel of Egyptian tourism industry now. The city offer some of the finest places for diving and snorkeling in the world, it offers great value for money if compared with many diving spots in the world.
  • Hurhgada



    Hurghada today is a world centre for sea sports such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing. The unique offshore underwater gardens are justifiably famous amongst divers

City of Bilqas, Egypt

Belqas or Bilqas is located in the El Dakahila governorate in Egypt, which is situated at the north—western corner. The governorate is spread in an area of 4600 square km and it’s made up of many villages and towns. The city’s major economic resources are derived from agriculture and from the natural gas and food industries situated here. Belqas is a home to a number of sightseeing attractions which are appealing to tourists and Christians in Egypt, an example is the Coptic orthodox Monastery of Saint Dermiana. The monastery is said to be constructed in the 4th century and has five churches and a mausoleum for the priests and the bishops. The anniversary of Saint Dermiana’s birthday is celebrated here every year in the month of May.

Tourist attractions at Belqas

Belqas, a metropolis in Egypt, is a place that has something in its arsenal for every traveler. There are many attractions and sightseeing places located here and are a haven for history and culture lovers. At Belqas the many museums offer a cultural treat and have a number of art galleries displaying artistic excellence of both national and international artists. Also in the city are many swanky restaurants, colorful markets and monuments which have together helped Belqas in developing to the place which it has now become.

Economy of Belqas

The major part of the town’s economy comes from the famous resort of Gamasa located here. Another is the natural gas fields in the Abu Mady region contributing to the economy. The agriculture here is also extensively done and industries of rice, sugar and plastic manufacturing are also located. The economy of Belqas also partially depends on the car restoration and maintenance facilities where vehicles from famous manufacturers like Peugot and Mercedes Benz are restored to factory standards.

Location of Belqas

Located near the city of Mansoura and near the town of Gamasa, Belqas lies in the governorates of Kafr el-Sheikh and Dakahlia and is situated at the center of Garaida, Sherbin, Talkha and Gamasa.

Places of tourists interest in Belqas

Many ancient villas and palaces where once the merchants and princes resided can be seen at Belqas.

Coptic Orthodox Monastery of Saint Dermiana

A major attraction here is the Coptic Orthodox Monastery of Saint Dermiana. Every day at this monastery and all other Coptic churches over the globe, there are prayers held day by day about reunion of the Christian churches and in Egypt specially prayers for Nile, its president, crops, government, army and above all the people is held. Also, prayers for world peace and human race wellbeing are held.

Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque

Although a controversial topic, but most Egyptians believe that Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque is the first mosque ever made in Egypt and most tourists coming to Egypt visit this place to get a glimpse into history and culture. The mosque is named on the Arab army leader and originally the mosque was constructed from mud bricks with roofs made out of palms trees wood supported on palms. The mosque that is visible today has been a result of many restoration and renovation processes. The oldest existing section today is of the 9th century which almost doubled in size after restoration. Some more sections of the Mosque were constructed during 1980s when the former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, was leading the country. The mosque touts to be one of the greatest Islamic monuments in Egypt which sees a large number of tourists coming here from all parts across the globe.

Gamasa Summer Resort

Located near Belqas in the El Dakahila Governorate near the Mediterranean Sea, Gamasa Summer Resort spans an area of about 25 km and enjoys distinct popularity due to its strategic placement between Cairo and Alexandria and because of its intricately carved buildings. The resort has many villas, apartments, bungalows offering world-class comfort and amenities to tourists at a very reasonable price. The resort is an ideal place in Egypt to enjoy the natural beauty, tranquility, and amazing weather while swimming in the calm and crystal clear water for complete relaxation.

A final word

Belqas in Egypt is an ideal destination to enjoy culture, history and while getting relaxed to the top.