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  • Cairo



    The captial of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, the name means "the victorious city". As the region's principal commercial, administrative, and tourist centre.
  • Alexandria



    Egypt's second largest city (3.5 million people), its largest seaport and the country's window onto the Mediterranean Sea. No city in Egypt has history as rich as that of Alexandria which witnessed so many historic events and legends!
  • Luxor



    Luxor hosts one third of the whole monuments and antiquities of the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourism spots in Egypt and maybe in the whole world.
  • Aswan



    Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt and the biggest in Upper Egypt. Aswan was the ancient Egyptians' gateway to Africa. Today Aswan is major stop for may Nile cruise ships depart from Luxor to Aswan everyday.
  • Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm is the the jewel of Egyptian tourism industry now. The city offer some of the finest places for diving and snorkeling in the world, it offers great value for money if compared with many diving spots in the world.
  • Hurhgada



    Hurghada today is a world centre for sea sports such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing. The unique offshore underwater gardens are justifiably famous amongst divers

The City of Nuweiba

The small developing town of Nuweiba is located 465 kilometers away from the Suez; it is suited in a special position between the two cities of Dahab to the South and 85 kilometers away from Taba to the North.

Nuweiba is also positioned just opposite to the Jordanian port of Aqaba the reason that made Nuweiba an important Egyptian port in the Gulf of Al Aqaba. This is the reason why the city has a significant commercial importance as it is one of the most important Egyptian gateways to the Arab world and Asia.

Near the Nuweiba Port, you can buy a lot of products that are duty-free. The common port area is full of shops and supermarkets, where one may find a good bargain for products and goods that are not available in Nuweiba Town.

The word Nuweiba means the springing water in old Arabic and the town held that name because of the many water wells that are spread all over its land. The name of the town was also taken from the castle of Nuweiba built by the Egyptians in 1893 as a police guarding point for this area of South Sinai. The castle contained fresh water well within its walls and a number of stone huts where the families of the policemen used to live. This castle is now located in the area called Nuweiba El Trabeen.

The history of the town goes back to when it was used as a resting and a meeting point for pilgrimage trips from Africa to Mecca and back.


Nuweiba has an area that is around 5097 kilometers where a lot of touristic attractions were built such as hotels, restaurants, and diving centers which made the town an important touristic destination that is much cheaper than other resorts in Sinai like Sharm El Sheikh or Taba.

The town is also different than any other city in Sinai because of the Bedioun dwellings that are still living in the city giving it a unique atmosphere because of the special habits and lives of the Sinai Bediouns. The lifestyle which a huge number of Egyptians and tourists love to enjoy their time in.

The major activities for tourists and Egyptians in Nuweiba are diving, snorkeling, going in safari trips, or chilling out on the beautiful beaches.

It doesn't make a difference if you are a professional diver or a beginner because you will find the diving spot that suits you in Nuweiba. The city is also famous for its exceptional coral reefs that you can never find anywhere else around the world. Individual and group divers can enjoy their favorite sport with four equipped diving centers in Nuweiba.

Rent a four by four car or ride a camel and go explore the secrets of the desert in Nuweiba. You can go visit the many near by water wells and drink healthy fresh mineral water. You can enjoy wonderful Yuga sessions in the heart of the mountains in a surrounding that you would never ever forger.

A lot touristic offices in Nuweiba organize overnight trips, escorted by a guide, where you can enjoy the desert and its matchless atmosphere in the morning and then enjoy belly dancing, oriental show, and Bedouin food and grill at night.

Although, Nuweiba was not so famous among tourists, like Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, the city definitely has a glamorous future with a lot of new hotels and diving centers opening on the city.

The town has another importance for the residence of the governorate of South Sinai as it hosts all the courts of the governorate.

Most important touristic sites in Nuweiba and around it

Pharos Island

It is located 60 kilometers to the North of Nuweiba and 7 kilometers to the South of Taba and it is famous for two reasons. The first reason is its distinctive location overseeing the Gulf of Al Aqaba from all its direction viewing the lands of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Taba in Egypt.

The second reason why this island is particularly important is the Fort of Saladin that he built on this island in 1170 AD which is considered an architectural germ and it was used to defend Egypt against the crusaders. The fort contains great untouched outer and inner walls and a number of control towers. The island also has a small port for boats to take tourists to and from the island.

The protected area of Nabq

Located approximately middle way between Nuweiba and Taba, the protected area of Nabq is famous for its wild life which is full of animals, rare rodents and reptiles, and a lot of immigrating birds that take mangrove trees as their nests. One day trips to this protected area can be organized by many touristic offices.

The protected area of Abu Galum

This protected area is located between Taba and Nuweiba and it has a special topography and an integrated environmental system that contains a combination of desert, mountain, and valley environments. This is besides a beautiful setting that is full of rare colored fish and coral reefs.

The area hosts a huge selection of animals, birds, and rare plants that are not found anywhere else but Abu Galum. There are also amazing diving spots especially for professionals with some diving locations that are more than 100 meters deep.

One day trips from Nuweiba can also be organized to the cities Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, and Taba. You can go for a one day trip to Saint Catharine to visit the famous ancient monastery and some of the other monuments located around it like Serabit El Khadem

Nuweiba Hotels

The Swisscare Nuweiba Resort Hotel lies on a beautiful, private sandy beach between the majestic remarkable mountains of Sinai and the sparkling clear seas of the Gulf of Aqaba. With only 48 suites, five restaurants and bars, an amazing swimming pool, the spacious beach and rock gardens, this simple and unpretentious little resort hotel has been designed specifically for guests seeking clean and comfortable accommodation, excellent food and service, and an astoundingly beautiful, peaceful and most relaxing environment.

Habiba Village A nicely set up village on the beach, in walking distance to the town center.

Regina Nuweiba Is located in the center of Nuweiba at the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba 3 Km from the harbor, 65 Km from Taba airport facing a panoramic view of the sea and the beautiful Mountains.

Coral Hilton Nuweiba A spacious quiet hotel set on a beautiful beach on the Red Sea overlooking the mountains of Sinai & Saudi Arabia in the distance. The Resort is ideally situated to visit the interior of the Sinai or combine a trip to Jordan.

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