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Discover the most Attractive Places to visit in Egypt

When talking about Egypt, of course, your mind conjures up pictures of prominent temples, iconic monuments, and the Great Pyramids. But, have you ever witnessed the glitz and glamour of the modern country, contrasting the usual image? – Check out the best 3 places to visit in Egypt in 2021 and breathe air in new places. Interested? – Keep scrolling!

Enjoy the Best Winter Experience at Winter Wonderland, Zed Park

Best 3 Places to visit in Egypt in 2021

Want to live a spectacular night in 2021? – Revel in the magic of Winter Wonderland at Zed Park and lose yourself in its sumptuous treats. Zed park has taken the terms “fancy and joy” to the next level, wowing the crowds with a fantasy land. Filled with fun at every corner, prepare to be stunned by a one-of-a-kind experience, and live a world of wonders. Vast, bright, and fascinating!
As soon as you arrive, you will be transferred to a whole new world; maybe a Disney movie. Carnival games, international shows, thrilling rides, food stalls, ice rink, charming atmosphere, and glamorous performances?! – Yes, Zed Park offers them all and more! And, we thought this kind of cheer and fun existed only in movies. No more! This winter festival is going to steal your heart from the very first moment. Scream at the top of your lungs and let loose your shrieks of excitement! Are you ready?!

Winter Wonderland, Zed Park

Looking for absolute entertainment? Get ready for an action-packed day and live the ultimate festive experience at Zed Park. Can you feel the adrenaline rush into your veins by the second? Laugh carelessly when you fly high into the sky with a gravity-defying swing and gaze at the breathtaking, panoramic view from the 50-meter Ferris Wheel, Zed Eye.
Are you a thrill-seeker? – Test your limits with the heart-pumping fairground rides and try to score at the arcade and skill games. Challenge your friends at the racing cars and have fun ice skating with your kids. If you enjoy the striking speed, satisfy your adventurous spirit, and go-karting. As the fun and thrill don’t end at the pulsating rides, the exquisite shows and dazzling lightings will leave your mind boggled. Getting hungry after all these activities? – There is a wide range of delicious food and beverage stalls to choose from, including Butcher’s Burger. The park graces its visitors with the mouthwatering delights of Cinnabon and Cold Stone. Also, the sweet, warm embrace of a cup of coffee from Qahwa or Brown Nose Coffee will leave you with the biggest smile on your face.

Winter Wonderland, Zed Park Tickets

Zed Park ticket is your passport to your own Alice in Wonderland fairytale. The entry ticket to the winter festival in Zed Park will cost you EPG 50 and you can book online or at the door. And, you have to book the “Zed Park” or “Family” ticket to enjoy a variety of rides, games, and more.

Walk of Cairo

Best 3 Places to visit in Egypt in 2021

An exhilarating experience is waiting for you at the Walk of Cairo, leaving you with memories of a lifetime. The Walk of Cairo is one of the most Instagrammable and best places to visit in Egypt nowadays. Stroll up and down the open-air walkways and stop to snap a photo with the 8-meter gorilla statue. Of course, you came across this photo over and over during the past days, right?! – Now, you know!
Craving a juicy burger or a hearty cheesecake? – The Walk of Cairo includes a diverse collection of cafés and fine dining restaurants to feed your hunger. If you want to try different cuisines, Walk of Cairo is the ideal choice for you! Lebanese, Egyptian, or American? – All there!
Unleash your inner child and soar high in the sky with the Fly Trampoline, the biggest outdoor trampoline in Egypt. Play, play, play! Pass by the exotic parrot sanctuary, attend music events at the Rig Park, and marvel at the perplexing illusion pool. A fashion enthusiast? – Stop by the Edition, discover a new level of creativity, and attend fashion and art exhibitions.

Trick your mind at the Museum of Illusions

Best 3 Places to visit in Egypt in 2021

Are you a fan of games and puzzles? - Join the intriguing world of illusions and indulge yourself in a brand new mind-tricking tour at the Museum of Illusions! Confusing, deceiving, and exciting! If you’re looking for a spectacular change, the Museum of Illusions is one of the ravishing places to visit in Egypt. With mirrors, lights, and confusing positions, the Museum of Illusions showcases something you haven’t seen before. Make sure to bring your camera and get ready to experience the impossible. And, always look closer!

Entertaining Activities at the Museum of Illusions in Egypt

Best 3 Places to visit in Egypt in 2021

Try to maintain your balance at the spinning Vertex Tunnel and entertain your mind with optical illusions with a collection of Holograms and Hollow Face Illusions. Prepare to be dazzled! Take infinite photos of every pose in the Infinity Room, and try not to go crazy at the Infinity Tunnel. Jump into the colorful world of Kaleidoscope and snap photos of the intricate, jolly patterns. Also, the Beuchet Chair illusion and Tricky Stick will trick your eyes, stirring your curiosity. Frustrating, yet fun! Yes, these are the “frustrating-kind-of things” that we need in our lives right now! Ha!
Interested in meeting your doppelgänger? – What about meeting five at the same time?! The Clone Table brings you all together! Say hi and don’t forget to document this extraordinary gathering. If you’ve ever imagined someone’s head in front of you on a tray, the Head on the Platter offers this kind of revenge.

Location and Ticket Price of "Museum of Illusions in Egypt"

The Museum of Illusions is located at the Walk of Cairo in Sheikh Zayed as a part of this interesting project. It operates every day from 10 am until 10 pm. Just make sure to arrive before 9 pm. An adult ticket costs 200 EGP and a child ticket costs 175 EGP while a family ticket costs 650 EGP. 

Live the Magic!

Sprinkle some pixie dust on your usual routine and have a break from the hassle of work and daily life. Bored of the usual outings and up for a bit of change? - And, if you’re just skeptical about where to go, we’ve picked three unique places to visit in Egypt in 2021. Say cheers to a new year and another chance to explore yourself and the world!

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