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Feel the Positive vibes with our recommendations of Egypt best, fun things to do in 2021

When you think of Egypt, the Great Pyramids immediately pop into your head, right?! – But, there is much more to Egypt than prominent monuments, historical landmarks, and significant past. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try activities that don’t feel mainstream!  Get a pen and paper because there are plenty of fascinating things you can indulge in on your new bucket list. While there are many new activities to try, we’ve come up with what we thought the Egypt best fun things to try in 2021.

Escape the world and go for Virtual reality with Fully Immersive VR in Egypt

Egypt Best Fun Places to visit in 2021: Top Recommendations

Do you want to find the Red Jewel of Jumanji? How will you react in a haunted building? Can you survive a zombie apocalypse?  Shhhhh, someone is coming. Run!
Don’t you just get bored with watching movies and series? – Instead, why don’t you travel beyond reality and interact with a virtual world? Step out of your real life, experience immersive virtual reality, and beat your rivals in a non-physical world. Let’s enter the void! The immersive virtual reality takes you on a thrilling adventure to new dimensions, different worlds, and maybe, immortal horrors. Who knows?! Fun, exciting, and astonishing with some action!
Are you easily scared? – Let’s find out! Stumble into untouched paths, remake your own world, become an Elven Assassin, and fight the spells of Lord Voldemort. You won’t be able to tell the difference between reality and the omniverse. Will you dare travel into the unknown?! 

Best Immersive VR Centers in Egypt

Egypt Best Fun Places to visit in 2021: Top Recommendations

Choose from a wide collection of games, experience the impossible, and get ready for a high dosage of adrenaline and exhilaration. Here is a list of the best immersive VR centers in Egypt that you should try at least once.

  • ImmersiveVR
  • The Virtual Room Egypt
  • Genesis VR
  • Oculus Egypt VR

Take your adventure to another level with Snow Skating in Egypt

Egypt Best Fun Places to visit in 2021: Top Recommendations

Is winter your favorite season? Do you love snow? Cold Flakes, snowman, giant snowballs, chilly breeze, winter vibes, and sparkling white everywhere! – Yes, can you feel the magic in the air?! – I know I do!
If you want to try something extraordinary in Egypt, Snow Skating will be a unique choice. I don’t know about you, but frolicking in a pile of snow feels amazing. Unleash the child inside of you, enjoy the cold breeze against your face, and spend an exciting day with no equal! Bring your friends or family, throw snow at each other, and laugh your hearts out when you fall into the snow.

Best place for Snow Skating in Egypt

It is unlikely to see any snow or glacier in Egypt, but there is always an alternative. Ski Egypt offers the largest and most spectacular ice skating city in Egypt and the entire of Africa. Put on your snow boots, try the thrilling bumpy ride, and lose yourself in the different snow rides. Land by the Arctic Ocean, don’t miss the train ride across the snow park, and take photos at the snow cavern. At -2 degrees, Satisfy your adventurous side and slide along the 170-meter-long Snow Rocket. And, consider yourself lucky if you run into one of the penguins! Your heart is beating already?! What about your adrenaline fix?!
That’s not it; Egypt never fails to surprise us, providing many other skating spots that suit every taste and budget. You don’t need to travel abroad. Now, you can see snow and skate anytime! Here is a list of the best Snow Skating places in Egypt:

  • Skate Max in Cityscape Mall (6th of October City)
  • Genena Mall Ice Skating (Nasr City)
  • Family Land (Maadi)
  • Ski Egypt, Mall of Egypt (6th of October City)
  • Ice Skating Soho Square (Sharm El-Sheikh City)
  • Snow City, City Stars Mall (Heliopolis)

Snow Park

Ski Egypt offers a wide scope of winter activities in the largest indoor snow park, stretching for more than 7,500 square meters. Wondering what adrenaline-laced adventure you need to add to your wish list in Ski Egypt? – Keep scrolling! 

  • Polar Express Train
  • Kids Rides
  • Snow Rocket
  • Zorb ball
  • Snowboard lessons
  • Tubings
  • Bobsled Ride
  • Tundra Towers
  • March of Penguins

Kayaking in the Nile

Egypt Best Fun Places to visit in 2021: Top Recommendations

What else lies on top of your bucket list in Egypt? Oh, kayaking! – It’s time you tick this box; don’t you think?! Let’s go!
Looking for a rush? Want to spend some time by yourself? Have an exotic and active adventure when you paddle across Egypt’s serene Nile River. Leave the buzzing world behind and have a soothing ride in the middle of the water, with the cold air grazing your face. Set off an epic kayaking week, come face to face with breathtaking nature, and feast your eyes with the charming scenery ahead of you. Kayaking is a killer activity that releases your inner Jack Sparrow and gives an iconic mix of nature and adventure. Ready to conquer the Nile River?!
Have you tried paddling before? – Immerse yourself in a wet kayaking adventure that you’ll never forget! Yes, there is nothing dry about it and shouldn’t be! So, where should you try this activity in Egypt?

  • Nile Kayak Club
  • Zamalek Kayak
  • EgyRow Kayak & Canoe Academy

Paint & Sip

Egypt Best Fun Places to visit in 2021: Top Recommendations

Do you want to plan a fun-filled day out of the ordinary?!
Participate with a large group of artists in a professional painting class, enjoying a vibrant environment and lots of beverages. Actually, it is a new experience, where you get to be creative, meet new people, and unwind. And, you don’t need to be a professional as the instructors will help you start. Want to create an artwork of an ethereal aesthetic? - You will learn how to mix paint colors, use brush strokes, and customize a specific painting as you wish. You don’t need to bring anything with you. The place will provide everything until you create your own masterpiece. Enjoy some snacks and sparkling cocktails, unlock your creativity, and paint away! Both unique and relaxing, can you ask for more?!