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Egypt: Great Historic Places in Egypt

When it comes to exploring the historical world of beauty, the first place that strikes in our mind is Egypt, where ancient civilization is still living in the pre-historic monuments. The Giza pyramids are located outside Cairo; these are considered as one of the most beautiful creations in the world. The Nile River, also known as the Death River has the tombs of Pharaohs situated on the West Bank. The history of Pyramids is as old as 2650 BC old. The construction of the first Pyramid was started during the 3rd dynasty of the Old Kingdom. This was built to save the body of King Djoser who died in 2650 BC. From then on, the construction of pyramids has become normal. The great Giza pyramids were built for the fourth dynasty kings.
Apart from pyramids, there are many more historical places in Egypt that are famous globally. One can know about Egypt Tourist Attractions from any online tourism website. Let’s see the great enigmatic places in Egypt:

1. Ibn Tulun Mosque


This beautiful mosque Ibn Tulun was built in 879 AD. It is one of the oldest mosques situated in Cairo. The gorgeously carved mosque has four minarets that contain a helical outer staircase similar to the Samarra minaret. One can see the splendor of the Ibn Tulun mosque in the movie James Bond whose some portions are filmed in this mosque. Know about Egypt Tourist Attraction from online websites.

2. Siwa Oasis


This isolated settlement is located in the Libyan Desert that once accommodated 23,000 people, mostly cultural Berbers. Siwa Oasis is a traditional trade route that has natural palm trees and springs. These trees gave shade to travelers and provide relief from Desert’s heat. But with time, the collapse of the Roman Empire had taken place that resulted in the decline of Siwa. At the present time, tourism has become a vital source of income.

3. Egyptian Museum

This old museum is stuffed with more than 12,000 Egyptian antiquities and it is one of the top attractions of Cairo. The museum is divided into 2 floors; on the ground floor, one can see the huge collection of papyrus and coins of the Egyptian times while, on the first floor, one can explore the artifacts of the times of the Valley of the Kings. You can also see the Royal Mummy rooms that contain 27 royal mummies of the Paranoiac time.

4. Valley of the Kings


This enigmatic place reveals the story of kings carved on the walls of tombs. It is located near Luxor that contains 120 chambers and 63 stunning tombs. The royal tombs are embellished with Egyptian mythology that tells the funerary rituals of Egypt.

5. Karnak


It is a pre-historic religious site built in the combination of generations. Karnak contains three main temples that are spread in an area of 2.5 km. The Hypostyle hall of Karnak has 134 columns and 16 rows that make it a wonderful site to visit.
One can explore the historical beauty of Egypt in these places and know about the civilization, culture, and history of Egyptian times.

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