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Fuwwah, a small town with huge benefits!

 It was named after one of Prophet Jacob’s grandsons. It is planted on the Rasheed branch as one of the Kafr El-Sheikh towns. Being on the shore of the Mediterranean and the western branch of the Nile, helped Fuwwah to gain such importance. It was a bridge that connects the Crusaders’ rage to Egypt and versa verse! Fuwwah also -as the western entrance- protected Egypt through plenty of years! Even Its chimneys guided the ships coming across the Nile. Let’s explore the hidden town together and let it teach us a few things!

Fuwwah loves strangers!

 That’s why there is no wonder that its fields have the amplest mud that has ever existed! They plant lettuce, rice, wheat, and other unique crops. So, they can cook many marvelous receipts not likely to be found anywhere else! Try some traditional food like Koshari, papers of meat, and Mahshi made specially to leave you wanting more and more! You’re more than welcomed in Fuwwah as People actually love strangers! They have the accommodating that leaves your stomach fully charged and your heart fully warm!

Fuwwah is a fighter!

Fuwwah’s people care for every tiny piece they inherited. Because of them, Fuwwah earned the third Islamic sanctuary after Cairo and Rasheed for having one-of-kind Islamic monuments! As we walk through history, we discovered that they are right! Caring for little details is the reason why Fuwwah earned its place in the Islamic world! Let us acquaint a funny story proves how keen they are. There were two niches made of camouflaged glass. They were so precious that they put them in the custody of a mosque Imam for 5000 Milim! which is equal to half a cent!

As we go deep down Fuwwah’s legacy, we find the determination representing itself in the mosque of Nasr-Allah! Badr El-Din Hassan Ibn Nasr-Allah was the only non-mamluk person who wrote his name among Mamluks in a very tough era!

Fuwwah doesn’t only have agriculture and Historical importance, it also has an industrial value. They go fishing in Fuwwah, plant, export, and above all, they make it hard to find Kaleems! When you go there, don’t forget to pick one up!

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