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Faqus or Faqous is a town in Ash Sharqiyah Governorate in Egypt, also known as the El Sharqiya Governorate. Faqous has a fascinating history and was used by Napoleon as a rest stop for his troops after defeating Maluk. The city extends over an area of 486 square kilometers and is made up of a large number of additional small towns and villages. It is situated in an important agricultural area comprised of both Bedouin and former inhabitants. The textile and food industries are the major sources of income for the city, with other economic activities including poultry farming, land reclamation, and other natural-resource-related enterprises. Near Faqous the most popular tourist attractions include Tal el-Dab'a, Qantier, and Omm Egrim. The population of the city is not very large and consists of 62,821 inhabitants as per the last calculated figures.

In the surrounding area, well-known places and towns include Fakus, Faqus, Faqus al Balad, and Faqus El Balad. The major cities which lie closest to the city of Faqous are Ismailia, El Mahalla el Kubra, Port Said, and Tanta.

Major Attractions Near Faqous

Faqous is situated about 40 km north of Belbeis, an important religious site. Many historians believe Belbeis or Faqous was the birthplace of Moses, and hence Belbeis is mentioned as an important location in many religious and historical records of Egypt. During the Roman period while Christianity was spreading in Egypt, Belbeis became a significant center for the Coptic Christian religion. Situated along the route taken by the Holy Family through Egypt, the city came to host a number of Christian Bishoprics. Belbeis is also mentioned in many historical records and several diaries of famous travelers throughout history who visited Egypt. For instance, Ibn Hawqal, the Arabian writer, chemist, and geographer wrote of Belbeis in his "Book of Roads and Kingdoms."  Another popular place located near Faqous is Kafr Elhoubi village which is named after the Elhoubi family. 

Major Airports Near Faqous

Because of its close proximity to many of Egypt's airports, the city of Faqous is not difficult to reach. The closest airport is the Cairo International Airport, which lies 77 km from Faqous. Other airports close to Faqous are the Alexandria airport, an airport at Borg El Arab, an airport at Taba, and the airports at Ovda and Sde Dov in Israel. 

Tourism in Faqous

The panorama of Faqous with its tall buildings is appealing to stroll through and pleasant to the eye. The city is a treat for travelers, displaying a perfect combination of modernity and tradition while showcasing a rich cultural past. The tourist district in Faqous is steeped in history and replete with museums and monuments. There are also many accommodation options available in Faqous, to fit any travel budget. Other amenities are also easily found, such as car rental services, travel assistance, and more. 

Popular cities near Faqous

There are numerous famous and major cities located near the city of Faqous, including Cairo, Egypt (56.71 miles), Manyal Shihah, Egypt (63.74 miles), Al Jizah, Egypt (61.13 miles), Port Said, Egypt (46.3 miles), Suez, Egypt (67.87 miles), Al Mahallah al Kubra, Egypt (41.42 miles), Al Mansurah, Egypt (32.77, miles), Tanda, Egypt (47.72 miles), Zagazig, Egypt (20.38 miles), Ismailia, Egypt (29.31 miles), Halwan, Egypt (68.36 miles), Damanhur, Egypt (81.95 miles), Banha, Egypt (41.57 miles). Exploring the fascinating city of Faqous can be a simple addition to visits to any of the above-mentioned cities.

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