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Siwa National Park 


Siwa is one of the most remote oases in Egypt and one of the most fascinating. The fact that it is 60 feet below sea level makes it even more attractive for desert daydreamers. The oasis was first mentioned in 331 BC during a visit of Alexandria the Great, who consulted the Oracle of Amun there. The oasis is located just 50 km from the border of Libya and is full of olive and palm trees. Crystal-clear springs are scattered throughout this oasis, a heavenly break from the harsh heat.

The Rich Natural Wealth Of Siwa


The oasis is covered with several lakes and roughly thousands of springs, but the saltwater supports very little agriculture, and crops that can be grown here are dates, olives, and a few vegetables. Siwa Oasis is home to some endangered species of animals, including the Slender-horned Gazelle, Gazella leftovers, and Fennec Fox, Vulpes zerda. Also, the place is a natural habitat for the Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, one of the most threatened cats in the world. Typical birds which can be found here include the Turtle Dove and Streptopelia.

A Famous Tourist Destination


The Siwa Oasis is a famous tourist destination. Two privately owned, world-class eco-lodges in the oasis have also been built to promote eco-tourism in Egypt. The oasis has a pleasant climate, which gets chilled in winter and hot in the summer, while the spring sees a moderate temperature.

Unique Traditions In Siwa

Siwa's geographical location and inaccessibility have helped create a unique society separate from mainstream Egyptian culture. People here are very traditional; girls are still likely to marry by age 14. Siwa was considered independent a few hundred years ago. For hundreds of years, the oasis had a connection to Qara, Qattara, and Kerdassa, and the occasionally determined pilgrim seeking the famous Oracle of Amun came here. Local traditions and Siwi, the Berber language, still dominate the protectorate.

How To Get To Siwa Oasis

Getting to the Siwa Oasis is relatively easy nowadays. Many international flights can bring you to Cairo, where you can find many tours organized by tour operators that go to Siwa. You can also choose to travel to the location by bus or a service taxi. Reaching Siwa from Alexandria is also easy, with a direct bus and a connecting one through Mersa Matrouh.
Siwa Oasis is famous for its dates and olives and is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt. An interesting fact about this place is that every October, there is a three-day festival during which Siwans must settle all of their past year's disputes and celebrate their life together.

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