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Green Travel Eco-Lodges

Today, human beings are becoming more aware of their activities' effect on Earth and its ecosystem. Many are becoming passionate about a "Green Revolution" to help Mother Nature and protect the beauty and health of nature. Green travel or ecotourism is an increasingly popular option among environmentally aware individuals. It ensures that all activities undertaken on such a tour will not negatively affect nature or harm the environment.

Green Travel In Egypt


Green travel in Egypt is an up-and-coming market that is growing fast. The government has helped in this effort and has tried to conserve the different ecosystems of the country and established protectorates. Eco lodges surfaced in the desert oases and along the Red Sea coast. One famous eco-lodge here is Basta, which was constructed with all-natural materials and where waste generated is used either as fertilizer or in construction. Many other eco-lodges are located along the Red Sea coastline to help tourists enjoy a green travel experience without feeling guilty about the impact on nature.
Eco lodges in desert oases in Egypt are beautiful places to spend a holiday; staying here will ensure an environment-friendly holiday while helping the locals have a good source of employment.

What Is An Eco-Lodge?


Any hotel, guest house, or accommodation that adheres to eco-tourism can be categorized as an eco-lodge. Green eco-lodges needn't be simplistic but must comply entirely with the go-green concept. These can be anything from huts and tented camps to luxurious spas and hotels. To succeed as an eco-lodge, lodging must be environmentally friendly and have a net positive impact on the environment. It should be an employment alternative for local people and the community and benefit them in more ways. The lodge should create environmental and cultural awareness and be powered by alternative sources like solar energy. The water should be conserved and used eco-friendly, and waste should be disposed of to form compost, fertilizer, or other helpful stuff rather than just waste. Meals served here should be organic, and it's even better if they are grown by the lodge itself or a nearby farm. 

Some Eco-Lodge Options In Egypt

Egypt is home to many eco-lodges, even though eco-tourism is still growing. Many new properties are now being constructed to cater to people looking to travel green. Most green lodges are in the Sinai Peninsula, but some also exist near the Siwa Oasis and the Red Sea Coast area.
Here are some options:

  • Basata Eco Lodge in Sinai was the first eco-lodge in the country.
  • Al Karm in Sinai is an eco-lodge with eight rooms and a maximum capacity of 40 guests at one time. The lodge uses only solar power, and no electricity is consumed for heating water for guests.
  • Bedouin Valley Eco Lodge in Marsa Alam offers options to stay in a chalet or a bungalow.
  • Um Tobdoba eco-lodge in Marsa Alam is ideal for undertaking the many water activities
  • El Hamra eco-lodge in the Nile Delta is known for its rich history and ancient traditions
  • Taziry in Siwa is another eco-lodge.
  • Adhere Amella in the Siwa region has no electricity and is lit by beeswax candles and stars all night
  • Desert Rose eco-lodge in Bahariya Oasis has no air conditioning and uses traditional techniques to ensure cooling for guest rooms.

Eco-Friendly Diving And River Travel

In addition to staying at eco-lodges, travelers can go diving and snorkeling with an eco-friendly dive club. In these clubs, special care is taken to avoid any harm to the reefs while diving, and divers offer tips for reef preservation and caring for other natural wonders in the area. Another thing that travelers can do to enjoy responsible and green traveling is to travel the Nile on a felucca rather than on large cruises. Feluccas are sailboats that run without motors and offer a calm, relaxed alternative to large cruises. Some feluccas offer electric options that run on solar power. This is much better for the environment.

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