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“The world is yours to explore “exciting words which inspire you to get ready for your next trip to find such stunning places around the world that you have ever seen before. 

Just clear your mind, heart, and soul and hand your luggage for the upcoming journey to the most magnificent destination in charming Morocco land, let’s explore them jointly.

Where to go in Morocco?

Intriguing destinations in Morocco will be exciting for you while visiting them according to its beautiful scenery which divers, the unique traditional Moroccan spots, and the enticing sites for many tourists. 


1. OUZOUD Waterfalls 


A very remarkable touristic destination in Morocco that attracts many travelers from around the world. The falls are very high, about 110 meters, it is the second tallest waterfall in all of Africa. 

It is a wonderful natural site to visit in Morocco which is safe and enjoyable at the same time. Besides that, many rousing activities will be super funny such as swimming in warming pools at the bottom of the falls, especially in the summer, or taking a small boat ride into the river to experience it realistically.

Although these activities are wonderful, the presence of the Barbary Monkeys is the most exciting thing to see at Ouzoud Waterfalls. Where the Monkeys play in the trees and hang out all around the river and the cascades in such a stunning scene look like heaven. 

Surely there are restaurants near the waterfalls to enjoy with your lunch meal which aren’t costly.

It’s a safe place to visit, easy to reach, and has lovely scenery to snap pretty amazing pictures as a memento, try exploring it soon.

2. Souk of Marrakech

Souk of Marrakech-ask-aladdin

Those who like hitchhiking and shopping, especially in exotic marketplaces, shove off into Souk of Marrakech directly. It is the largest Souk in Morocco to shop in and also a well-known marketplace globally.

It looks like a maze of shadowy alleys full of many sellers diffusing in every passage and corner of the Souk. So, if you are a big lover of antiques, pottery, silk kaftans, or even spices, that’s where you have to go instantly. 

3. the Atlas Mountains


The Atlas Mountains are located near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco. Its height reaches 4.167 meters, so it will be an unforgettable trip with friends as well as a wonderful hiking day.

There is a lot to see among these incredible mountains such as colored rocks and amazing waterfalls. Just set a date between April and October, which is the best time to travel to Morocco, to relish your trip.




A unique attraction for many travelers who are adorable with historical and ancient places.    

When you visit SID IFNI in your upcoming journey, you will see the white and blue houses decorated in contrasting scenes. All the houses overlook the sea wonderfully.

It is also a suitable destination to visit at all seasons of the year according to its location, near Morocco Sahara, which makes it diverse between warmness and coolness during the whole year.


5. Chefchaouen, the colorful land in Morocco


“The blue pearl of Morocco” has many fabulous blue alleyways and buildings located around the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco like a colorful art painting. Every alley is painted with a blue brush nicely which entices many tourists to visit to take lovely shots out there. 

Just, live your journey and book your next trip to Morocco to explore it with yourself to be one of your best memories evermore.

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