5 Egypt Travel Tips for the Egyptian Traveler for this winter

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Egypt Travel Tips for winter

If you are planning a winter trip to the land of pyramids and Pharaohs, it would be good if you flip through these five Egypt travel tips:

  1. Carry light woolen: Egypt is a desert country and can get very hot during the summer. So, winter is actually the best time to make an Egypt trip. But despite its hot climate, the winter out here can be fairly cold and one can experience occasional bouts of severe cold as well. It is advisable that you carry light woolen especially for the early and latter part of the day when temperatures may drop suddenly.
  2. Skip AC rooms and save money: Winter will not give you much discomfort even if you opt for a non-AC room. Even if the winter is very mild, the temperature is unlikely to get unbearable barring the noon and the afternoon hours when you will be out sightseeing in any way. So, budget-conscious travelers may save on their hotel bills by choosing to stay in non-AC rooms.
  3. Avoid tap water: Even though the locals drink from the tap water, it is better for tourists to stick to mineral water. Travelers may be more sensitive to bacteria than the locals. Plus, during winter, your immunity system may not be at its best.
  4. Avoid ice in cold drinks: If you have pledged to avoid tap water, then you must also avoid ice in your drinks. It is likely that the ice has been prepared by the cold drink seller using tap water.

Sharm El-Sheikh is warmer: One of the more practical Egypt travel tips would be that you can easily plan a Sharm el-sheikh holiday. This city is warmer than in Cairo and Luxor. Diving in the seas here won’t be discomforting.