Egypt Tourist Attractions spots – Discover the best place on mother earth

Egypt, the land of Pharaohs, is generally known for its antique civilization and a few of the world’s most famous monuments. Take a look at the 10 best Egypt Tourist Attractions for the passionate travelers.

1. Mosque of Ibn Tulun

This was built between 876 and 879 AD, the place of worship of Ibn Tulun is said to be one of the oldest mosques in Cairo.

 2. Dahab

Dahab is situated on the Gulf of Aqaba, close to the southern tip of Sinai. Earlier an isolated coastal village; now Dahab has turned its face during into an alternative resort.

3. Siwa Oasis

This is located in the Libyan Desert; Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt’s isolated settlements, with 23,000 people, mainly the people are ethnic Berbers.

4. Egyptian deposit

This is actually a home of at least 120,000 things of ancient Egyptian antiques and is said to be one of the best attractions in Cairo.

5. Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel twin temples are an associate degree archaeological place which comprises of 2 huge rocks cut into temples in southern Egypt the on western bank of Lake Nasser.

 6. Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is close to Luxor and is a valley which was constructed for the kings and the nobles for at least 500 years.

7. River Nile River Cruise

If you want to visit the upper part of Egypt then cruising river Nile is the best option for you.

8. Red sea Reef

The Red sea, off the coast of Egypt, is one in every of the foremost stunning places within the world to travel diving.

9. Karnak

Though this is badly ruined, few sites are still there in Egypt which is adding up the beauty of Egypt more than Karnak.

10. Giza graveyard

The Pyramids of Giza is situated in the southwestern suburbs of Cairo is the main attraction in Egypt.

It’s time to explore these Egypt Tourist Attractions and savor the flavor of this ancient civilization.