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Explore Egypt
Explore Egypt

Egypt is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is scenic, mysterious, and rich in historic significance. Egypt is famous for its pyramids, vast golden deserts, and crystal clean sparkling River Nile. The Nile gives a striking contrast to the unending deserts of Egypt, there are many other beautiful places in Egypt e.g. Luxor a temple complex, Sharm Al-Shaikh a sandy beach, Cairo an old Egyptian City and many more. Egypt is very vast, it is practically impossible for a tourist to cover the whole country without a guide. The best way to explore Egypt is through Ask-Aladdin.com.

Ask-aladdin.com is a travel company that guides tourists around the world in different countries, but it specializes in Egypt tours. It is the chief travel company in organizing Egypt tours throughout the world. The basic job of Ask-aladdin.com is to provide custom packages, do prearrangements and transport booking, give travel consultations and if needed they also arrange for your lodging and food. The basic task of Ask-aladdin.com is to provide its customer with a complete service on tours. They intend to provide a comfortable, enjoyable, safe, and informative journey to the tourists. The guides in Ask-aladdin.com are not like local guides we find in historic monuments who exaggerate about the place, gives in the wrong information and makes fool of the tourists, In fact, the guides here in Ask-aladdin.com are experts in their fields they have all the information about the history and geography of Egypt, they make an interesting companion to the tourists.

Ask-aladdin.com has various tour packages for different types of customers; the tour budget also varies from customers to customers and their duration of stay. The company is very transparent and clear about their services hence all their travel plans, packages, flight details, hotels, bus timetables, train timetables, cruise information and etc. The prices for the tour packages are also very reasonable.

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