Famous Tourist Places to See in Egypt


Egypt is an interesting country to go on vacations and is a place to enjoy best accommodations of  the world. People from different corners of the world come to see this beautiful country, enjoy Egypt family holidays and stay there for deluxe amenities and amazing sightseeing. There are ample of holiday resorts, hotels and villas that offer self-catering vacation homes in Egypt. This North African country shares the border with Sudan, Israel and Gaza strip. It also touches two seas: The Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt is also known as the world of Pyramids and has many other striking places to visit. It is a perfect place for everyone as the country is a blend of romance, modern and traditional architecture, adventures, art and mysteries.  Below is a list of five best places of Egypt that one should not miss during the vacations:

  • ??????????????????????The beginning of Egypt tours start with best Egypt tourist places; the Great Sphinx and the great Pyramids come at the top position. Millions of tourists came to Egypt to mesmerize the beauty of these masterpieces. These great edifices are constructed with gigantic structures of half human and half lion. Enjoy watching these places at night with the multimedia shows that tells about the history of the great Sphinx and pyramids.
  • The best tourist places include Hurghada; this Egyptian city is situated on the shore of Red Sea and is one of the most popular destinations of the world. Hurghada is well known for night life as it has several bars and night clubs. So, get ready to enjoy the Egyptian music and entertaining Arabic dance in the Hurghada city. One can also enjoy adventurous sports there like camel ride and desert safari.

The travellers can also enjoy aquatic sports by visiting submerged garden offshore. Bring the glass bottom with you to enjoy watching different species of corals and fishes.

  • The longest river in the world, Nile River is another major tourist attraction of Egypt. Nile luxor nelkecruises are the best way to explore the beauty of this river. Sit on the shore and enjoy listening to the hustle bustle of water waves.
  • Have a glimpse at the ancient civilization, Egypt’s history and rich culture in Luxor. Luxor is a magnificent city famous for historical edifices and traditions. The colourful bazaars, the Valley of Kings and 2500 preserved belongings of Kings and Queens of all the time.
  • The Egypt tour package is incomplete if you missed Siwa Oasis. The land of dates and olives, Siwa Oasis is one of the most beautiful cities of Egypt. Its culture is completely different from other cities that make it unique and attractive.

If you also want to enjoy Egypt tours, then start your search from internet and book a nice package for next vacations. You can book your package from a renowned travel site like Ask Aladdin. Make sure about your budget and choices; compare the prices and services before booking the Egypt tour package. Enjoy your holidays!

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