Some of the culturally and traditionally rich Alexandrian province

cultural and traditional of Alexandria
cultural and traditional of Alexandria

was a city created by the great emperor Alexander when he visited Egypt. Alexandria has a history entirely different from the other provinces of Egypt hence providing a complete stature of public attraction. This city is based along with the Mediterranean coast around 179 kilometers north of the Egyptian province of Cairo. This is the second-largest city of Egypt after Cairo and has attracted thousands of visitors every year.

Though, it seems to be an effective part of Egypt one needs to have a complete guideline about reaching this culturally rich Egyptian city. Alexandria has the accessibility in several of the ways which include:

There are several tour operators who have functioned effectively in providing the complete guidelines for exploring this city at its best. The Alex travel guide can provide you the dos and don’ts about Alexandria with an opportunity to explore it with joy and ecstasy. There are some of the most traveled places all along with the Alexandrian province. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Montazah Gardens
  • The Library of Alexandria
  • Pompeii’s Pillar
  • The National Museum of Alexandria
  • The Roman Amphitheatre
  • The Catacombs
  • Wadi El Natron
  • Rosetta
  • El Alamine

Egypt has always the reputation to seem incomplete with just one visit. Similarly, you can never have the complete taste of Alexandria with just a single visit. It has a history completely different from the other provinces of Egypt. Alexandria holds culture and tradition that is cherished and relished for years.

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