The Fascinating Valley of Whales (Wadi Al Hitan) in the Fayoum Oasis

Fascinating Valley of Whales (Wadi Al Hitan)
Fascinating Valley of Whales (Wadi Al Hitan)

If you thought that you have seen most of the stunning attractions in the world, you got to travel to Egypt and check out this so-called Valley of Whales. Situated about 150 km to the south of Egypt’s capital Cairo, this valley is a part of the Fayoum Oasis. Also known as Wadi Al Hitan, the valley is more popularly known as the Valley of Whales since skeletons and fossils of this giant mammal can be seen at this place.

It is a huge area of pure desert, but it can be really fascinating the way gargantuan skeletons of dead whales are strewn around here and there. Besides, the site of fossilized rocks (which were once whales) can be both terrifying and stimulating. This oasis has rightly been lent the heritage status by UNESCO and is a protective land. Efforts are made to make sure that things remain pristine. Humans are not permitted to alter the things in any way. So, the animals which roam about the place (chiefly the desert animals like Egyptian Deer and Red Fox) are not killed or harmed in any way. The sand dunes shift places with the wind, sometimes shielding a skull or two and sometimes revealing a new dead bone.

Apart from whales, the place is also infested with fossils and skeletons of other sea animals like sharks. One may muse whether this desert was once a sea, probably some thousands of years back. At the same time, the scientific community feels that these pre-historic animals make for a great study for observing the cycle of evolution. Probably, they were land animals once. But to brood over all that, you will need to travel to Egypt and get to this intriguing place.

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