Ways on Keeping Your Trip Interesting and Safe

Any ardent traveler will always have Egypt on the top of his wish list. The colossal pyramids casting long shadows on the sand, towering Pharaonic temples and the fabulous wealth of the pharaohs, the inscrutable sphinx holding timeless secrets close to its heart, an ancient civilization that seems to be larger than life, all this and more gives Egypt a slightly unsettling feeling that draws you like a magnet to its brooding mysteries.

Pyramids of Giza | Ways on Keeping Your Trip Interesting and Safe
Pyramids of Giza | Ways on Keeping Your Trip Interesting and Safe

Before you travel look up the websites that will give you some Egyptian tourist information and Guidelines. However, we have also compiled a list of some dos and don’ts that will keep your trip interesting and safe.

The following list pretty much covers most of the Egyptian tourist information and Guidelines you need to know. So get your tickets and get set to go!

Keep lots of handy change- tips are expected and welcome!

Remember most of the areas are deserts so keep yourself well hydrated. Carry bottles of water whenever you step out. Try to avoid the midday sun, go for early morning or late afternoon tours.

Egypt Nile Cruises | Ways on Keeping Your Trip Interesting and Safe
Egypt Nile Cruises | Ways on Keeping Your Trip Interesting and Safe

Don’t hand over any valuables like cameras to complete strangers, you will regret it!

Carry a small pocket flashlight and a small mirror when visiting sites. Most pyramids and temples use reflected natural light using mirrors. Obey “No flash photography” signages.

 Do not drink or brush your teeth with tap water and use only boiled or bottled water.

Dress conservatively, skirts, shorts, sleeveless tops are fine but nothing too short or too revealing, please! If you are going to the pyramids and temples there will be crawling in tunnels, climbing of ladders so ladies jeans/pants are recommended. Comfortable, closed walking shoes are a must.

Be considerate of local sensibilities and do not indulge in public kissing and caressing.

For the first time visitor, group excursions are recommended as they are less hassle and more comprehensive. Going on your own in a taxi, whose driver will no doubt volunteer to be your guide as well, can be a complete rip – off and you will get half-baked information about the sites you visit. But in case you absolutely detest the idea of being “herded like a flock of sheep” in quick succession from one point to another then get your hotel to arrange for transport and guides.

Being part of a group will also keep you from getting accosted by souvenir sellers. Practice saying a firm and polite “la shu-kran” — “no thank you”, otherwise you may just end up buying a papyrus made of a banana leaf! The stuff to look out for are genuine Papyrus, Alabaster/granite, gold, and Egyptian cotton.

Alexandria | Ways on Keeping Your Trip Interesting and Safe
Alexandria | Ways on Keeping Your Trip Interesting and Safe

 In case you feel someone is being pushy or plain fishy then let the Tourist Police know, they are everywhere and are helpful.

Get your entry visa at Egypt airport as it is often cheaper and exchange your $, £, or Euro at the same time as the conversion rate is better.  By the way- keep your own currency out of sight while bargaining for shopping, you will get better deals if you show that you only have a few local currencies!

Now just chill out and enjoy the trip. The attitude of the people can be summed up by the Egyptian proverb “a small house can lodge a thousand friends”. And believe me the warm-hearted and kind people of this country will win you over!

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