Why should you visit to Hanging Church?

Famously called the Hanging Church, El Muallaqa, a frequented Egyptian tourists’ spot, is Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church. It is one of the oldest Egyptian churches whose history has been touted to be as old as 3 AD. Located in Cairo, the hanging church is the most famous Coptic chuck in the capital due to its rich history, cultural significance, and magnificent architecture. The first Basilican style church of Egypt has been mentioned in patriarch Joseph I (831–49) biography. It was Pope Abraham who oversaw most of the construction of the church and extensive restoration of the sacred building was performed during 2011. Some objects that didn’t have any religious or historical value to the church can be found at the Coptic Museum.

One of the most fantastic historical attractions in Egypt, the Hanging Church is also the site of numerous reports of Apparitions of Mary. The sacred church is also called the Suspended Church due to its location as it is built over the Babylon Fortress which was the Roman fortress in the old Cairo. Several early travelers also called it the staircase church because of the twenty nine steps that you have to climb to cover the passage. Erstwhile, there used to be a roman tower under the church however, since those times (centuries ago), the land surface has gone above by almost six meters that led to reduced appearance of the tower.


Counted among most fantastic historical attractions in Egypt, the Hanging Church receives visitors from distinct parts of the world. Not only it is a major religious spot, but the church is also a significant tourism, architectural and historical site. It is reminiscent of the roman era and stands as a grand gateway to the mystical world that existed centuries back. Dedicated to the great Virgin Mary, the church is also known by a differnet name, Sitt Mariam (St. Mary’s Church).

Magnificent Hanging Church

The Entrance to the Church is through a well adorned gate on the Shar’a Mari Girgis Street and the stellar gate looks incredibly beautiful from even faraway. On entrance, the church has an open courtyard with several mosaics and finally, you have to climb the 29 steps that have numerous geometric patterns, and decorative carvings designs. Majestically built, this church is famous among people of all religions due to its spectacular marble pulpit, 110 icons and grand murals. The roof (made out of timber) recalls graphical depiction of Noah’s Ark.

Whether you are intrigued by religious monuments or not, the Hanging church will not fail to impress you. It is much more than a religious symbol and is actually one of Egypt’s oldest sites and its attachment to the roman fortress makes it even more of a ‘must visit’ site in Egypt. So, when travelling to Egypt, be sure to include a stroll to the suspended church in your itinerary along with excursions to the laidback Dahab and relaxing Abu Simbel, educating visits to Luxor and Aswan Temples.

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