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Ancient Egypt Gods

Famous Egyptian Gods


Gods in ancient Egypt were worshipped a lot and they had many gods each associated with some specific element or quality.

Below are  30 of the most famous gods of Egypt in no particular order

Famous Egyptian Gods

  • Amun who was the King of the Egyptian gods was the greatest of the sun gods. Depictions of Amun represent him as a man with a hawk’s head with a bull’s tail hanging from his tunic.
  • God of death, Anubis is represented as either a man with a jackal’s head or as a jackal. He presided over funerals and guided the souls of the dead He also oversaw the ceremony where the gods weighed a human heart.
  • Aten, the sun god had no human shape and was illustrated as a sun disc having hands at the end of each ray.
  • Atum who is considered the oldest of the creation gods seems to have existed before anything else.
  • Bast represented the cat goddess who is represented either as a woman having a cat head or as a cat, people in ancient Egypt mummified cats in her honor.
  • Bes, the patron of art, childbirth and music was a war god. People placed Bes’ image above their headrests to ward off evil spirits.
  • Geb - God of the Earth represented the fertility of the earth.
  • Happy, god of the Nile was considered to have created everything.
  • Hathor, the cow goddess was also a mother goddess who was represented as a cow or a woman with a cow’s head or horns.
  • Horus - The Egyptian Falcon God, was among the five Osisrains god was a man with a hawk’s head.
  • Isis - The Goddess of Fertility was also the goddess of magic and a healing goddess.
  • Khepri was a self-created a god and was the rising sun.
  • Khnum, a creator-god and the god of fertility.
  • Ma'at - The Goddess of Truth and Justice personified moral and physical law.
  • Nephthys the personification of darkness, death, and decay was one of the Osirian gods.
  • The nun was the celestial waters who had no temples dedicated to him.
  • Nut - Goddess of the Sky was personified as the sky and she was the consort of Geb and also considered the mother of the Osirian gods.
  • Osiris - God of the Underworld was the god of the dead and resurrection.
  • Ptah was the god of artists and artisans and a craft-god.
  • Ra was a sun god and myths claimed that he created everything.
  • Ra Horakhty was a composite of the gods Horus and Ra.
  • Sekhmet was a lion goddess, the goddess of war and battle.
  • Seshat was the goddess of libraries and literature and the Egyptians associated her with Thoth.
  • Seth - God of Chaos was the god of darkness and evil and was one of the Osirian gods.
  • Shu was the god of air.
  • Sobek - The Crocodile God of Strength.
  • Tawaret was the hippopotamus goddess and the patroness of motherhood and childbirth.
  • Tefnut was the goddess of moisture and the consort of Shu.
  • Thoth was a moon god and the patron of the arts, hieroglyphics, science, speech, and wisdom.

Gods of Egypt

Ancient Egypt Gods

Gods in ancient Egypt were worshipped a lot and they...

Amun - King Of The Gods

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Geb - The God Of The Earth

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Anubis - The God Of Death

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Hathor - The Cow Goddess

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Horus - The Egyptian Falcon God

The Egyptian falcon god, god Horus is among the most famous gods...

Ihy - The God Of Music

The Egyptian god of music, Ihy is said to have played a minor role in...

Isis - The Goddess Of Fertility

The goddess of fertility, Isis was also known as the goddess of...

Ma'at - The God Of Justice

Ma’at often referred as a goddess is more commonly considered...

Seth - The God Of Chaos

Seth, the god of Chaos, was known to represent everything that...

Nut - The Sky Goddess

Nut, the sky goddess is known by a legend that her body created a...

Ra - The Sun God

The Sun God in ancient Egypt was primarily known as Ra, he was often...

Nefertum, God of Perfume

Nefertum was the “god of perfume” who was...

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