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Egypt Media City



Egypt has always been a place where civilizations met and the country has had a rich golden history with the many Pharaohs, Greeks and Romans leaving their imprints. The country can also be described as an open museum with monuments dating back from the  ancient past and a key role to play in the Arab world. The Egyptian entertainment industry is no different. The Egyptian movie industry was launched around a hundred years ago in Cairo and has helped the country develop films loved all over the world. Due to its involvement in media, Egypt also has a media production hub known as Egypt media city located in Giza. It is a major institution that helps filmmakers and artists develop and enhance their work. 


Referred as Egypt Media Production City or EMPC, the mini-city is full of state of the art technology and latest equipment. Its production house has the most advanced outdoor shooting facility and the most skilled team of people in the country. The media city also contains IAMS or the International Academy for Media Sciences. EMPC is also a public company listed on the Egyptian Exchange since 1999. The EMPChas been open since January of 1997 and encourages film talent at every level.  


What Is In The EMPC?


  • There are 14 highly technological studios making up the studio complex
  • The open-air shooting area is very wide and equipped with many options for cinematography and for tourists to view
  • The theatre hall seats 2,500 people and also doubles as an auditorium for festival and conferences
  • In summer there is a large open-air theatre and a grand theater that can accommodate 1,500 viewers
  • The services complex has processing facilities for film as well as color correction, editing (montage), final sound recording, dubbing and final version printing.
  • There is a hotel in the area which contains 250 rooms, in addition to all other amenities, offering a high-quality, 4-star hotel service.
  • Training center contains all facilities necessary to train 3,000 persons per year
  • The Staff Club provides social and sporting activities to the project staff as well as staff members of the Radio and Television Union.


The State Of Egyptian Cinema Today


EMPC or Egypt media city is a very vast and advanced production house. Check out its website at www.empc.com.eg/en/ to find out more.

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