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Egypt and Jordan Tour Packages

Egypt and Jordan Tour Packages

Egypt & Jordon Packages 

In these packages we give you the chance to see all of Egypt and much of Jordan which incorporates a visit to the famous site of Petra in Jordan, One of the "New Seven Wonders of the World, but please do not think you only get to go there, You will also visit Madaba, Mt. Nebo and Kerak and the dead sea as well. That makes both of these 2 programs a little bit special.

Egypt & Jordan Tours below provide you the sky touching scenario of the best luxury travel services which enhances your experience through all these amazing places of culture and history.

We offer you 5-star luxury accommodations with full guiding services on these trips and all domestic flights in addition to a direct flight from Egypt to Jordan.

Egypt and Petra

Price:  $ 3960 USD Per Person. Egypt and  Petra...

All Egypt & some of Jordon

All of Egypt & Most of Jordon Price: $4560 USD Per...

Egypt Revealed + Petra

Price: $3760 USD per. person in a double room. 14 Days/13...

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