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Egypt Family Tours

Egypt Family Tours

If you want to book a trip for your family to tour Egypt, then you have come to the right place!
When anyone thinks of a tour package they tend to think of a large crowd of tourists being swiftly bussed around from site to site, with perhaps an obnoxious loudmouth being the center of attention for the whole tour! family.

Our private family Egypt tours are designed to show that we understand that children (and adults!) need a mix of included activities and downtime for relaxation during tours while they're on vacation.

Now think of just your family along with the guide, no one else to bother you, just those who will serve you and your family, and of course, your children will be able to hear what the guide says and even will be given the chance to ask all the questions they want.

The Luxury air-conditioned Mini Van that will be transporting you will be only for you. No unpleasant stranger squeezing next to you or some foreigner teaching the kids the wrong words in their language!egypt family tour
Yes, when touring with your family, you don't need to worry about picking up maps, figuring out directions or determining which attraction to visit first.                                
So day-by-day itineraries are crafted with all ages in mind. On a Private and escorted Family tour, all of your sightseeing arrangements are made in advance, so there's no chance that anything will be left out, or that you will miss anything.

All of our Egypt family packages are private, which allows you to have the freedom to do as you want and truly enjoy your trip. There is no charge for children under 2 years of age at the end of the package (All free of Charge). As for the children from 2 years to 12 years of age, they will enjoy a price reduction of 50% of our Egypt trip package costs.


Egypt Splendor

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04 Nights Nile Cruise

$ 650 USD per. person in a double room. 1 nights in ...

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Egypt Magic

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