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Characters of Egypt Festival




Characters of Egypt is a festival held in Egypt which aims at connecting the different tribes together. This started when the elders of some tribes sat together one evening near Marsa Alam to discuss the issues that the many tribes and communities were facing. The most common of all issues was the lack of judicial law. As communities being close, so it became really difficult to judge any case fairly. This led the elderly to come to a decision, wherein a new system was adopted. Under this new system, an impartial judge sent from one tribe to another to solve the cases and ensure a free and fair justice for everyone.

Characters of Egypt thus became as the biggest cultural festival of the country which aimed at fulfilling this one decided aim. The event is organized on a large scale and invites tribes from all over Egypt, The Nile Valley, Sinai Peninsula and more. It’s held annually and aims to help the diverse tribes get connected while exposing them the respective and unique culture of each other. Also, the local and foreign tourists get to learn about the music, dance, poetry, sports, education and attend tribal meetings which give them an insight into these tribes of Egypt.

Egypt is a home to 45 tribes who live nomadic life here with approximately 300,000 people. Every tribe in Egypt is unique and signifies a diversified range in terms of customs, language, a way of life and more. Every tribe has a contact person who helps in gathering groups of people participating in development, sports, law and culture. The experience is truly an amazing one to help anyone get close to the culture. The event is held once every year for three days.

The event is founded and managed by Fustat Wadi El Gemal, who manages the eco-lodge, the venue where Characters of Egypt is organized every year. There are many volunteers who help in making the event a success. It was Gemal who decided along with a group of people of putting the initiative together of travelling around Egypt for eight months, meeting the different tribes and convincing them to participate in this event aimed at connecting them together. The festival aimed at making people of different tribes understand that they are all at the same level and share common worries and grievances, which can be resolved or at least lessened only by coming together. The festival helps in grouping together the different characters that Egypt veils as a diverse land and a country housing many tribes together.

The festival envisions creating a common platform by which the different tribal and ethnic groups possess and meet and enjoy together in a festive and communal atmosphere. This event is like a rare chance of linking diverse cultures and inculcating values of understanding, mutual respect, equality and tolerance for one another.
The festival’s objective is to create awareness about the cultural differences that are present between the many groups residing in Egypt. This diversity is celebrated and understood by the display of indigenous practices, cuisines, beliefs, music, sports, arts, clothes, tradition and communication. There are many exhibitions held during the festival to showcase this diversity in a detailed way for tourists too that come to attend this festival from far off places.


Characters of Egypt tries to take proactive steps and measures which can help in the betterment of the economic situation of the inhabitants of the many tribes by launching a campaign commonly that will help in promoting tourism and awareness about the many issues and worries that all tribes here share in a common way.

The three day festival of the Characters of Egypt gives visitors the chance to attend a cultural feast that’s difficult to witness elsewhere. There are many sports events which are held in a friendly mood but a competitive spirit in mind. Also, there are musical events where tribes perform on their traditional music using traditional instruments. In addition to this there are sessions on water conservation, green tourism, storytelling, poetry, and open tribe meetings.
Overall the event offers an amazing mix of culture and tradition and is for any person seeking to experience an insight into the Egyptian culture, but with a different perspective.

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