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Restaurants of Egypt


Egypt the land of ancient monuments, rich history, and diverse culture is famous for the great food served here with love. The food in Egypt shows an amalgamation and glimpse of every civilization that played an influence in shaping the history of this country. It’s even said that the Egyptian table serves dishes in numbers that are unbelievable to be found elsewhere with influences from so many cultures, all served at once.



Egypt is a home to a number of restaurants which can give locals as well as tourists overwhelming choices in terms of cuisines, taste, variety, price, ambiance and much more. The bigger towns here like Cairo and Alexandria has more restaurants when compared to the smaller towns which have limited options. Egyptian food is worth savoring which can be found served here at many restaurants. People can choose to dine out at restaurants that serve the food they like and can easily fit in the budget. From five star, splendid meal menus to basic restaurants, all can be found in Egypt with ease.


Street food in Egypt is served in a large variety and is often delicious to savor. The Egyptian street food is popular for many dishes served here, but three that are particularly popular include Koshary, Foul, and Tamiya. Options available for vegetarians too are great, but just double-check before consuming as anything that is beef-free is considered vegetarian in Egypt. Other snacks served as street foods include sandwiches in different variants, chicken soup, roast corn, sweet potatoes and more, served during the winters.


Egypt is a home to many restaurants that are scattered all over the country, just a few that share great popularity among locals and tourists include;


  • Akher Sa’a, Located in downtown Cairo, this place is known to serve the best Tamiyah and Fuul sandwiches in the town spiced up with distinct sauces and extras. The price list is very affordable and the food is fresh and well-cooked.
  • Citadel View Restaurant in Cairo is an eating joint that offers a fabulous view and the food served here displays French influence and one can enjoy typical Egyptian-style grilled meat fests. On weekends there is special meal buffet served.
  • Andrea’s Chicken and Fish Restaurant near the Giza Pyramid serves the best-grilled chicken and mezze in town. The restaurant offers outdoors eating in the garden and there are special attractions for kids.
  • Moghul Rooms, near the Giza Pyramids, is an expensive place to dine, but it’s all worth the luxurious interiors the place boasts. You can find here authentic Indian food in an environment that’s sophisticated yet calm.


Leaving aside the history, antiquities and the adventure, Egypt can be visited for its food alone. Restaurants in Egypt are many and diverse, authentic, atmospheric and offer value for money. The typical Egyptian food served in the country is available in plenty of options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Also, if wondering it would be a heavy affair on your wallet, then restaurants in Egypt are places that can ideally suit any budget and taste bud, just finding the right place is needed.


Dining at Alexandria
This ancient town of Egypt is popular as the Mediterranean center of culture and learning. The town has many seafood restaurants serving great food along the coastline. Also, at classical colonial hotels, elegantly served five-star foods can be eaten. There are many Shisha cafes as well which serve simple Egyptian snacks with pipe smoking varieties.


Eating out at Aswan
Aswan is more about scenic beauty than eating out, but there are many good restaurants to complete this demand. There are many boat restaurants for lunch and dinner which serve pizza, burgers, sandwiches, typical Egyptian dishes and more. The cheaper restaurants sit in the market area.


Explore restaurants at Cairo
Cairo, the largest city in Africa, has restaurants of every category and budget. From authentic street food corners to western style eateries, you can find them all here. The restaurants are particularly concentrated in the bazaar area where you can eat till your heart’s content.


Chill out at Dahab café restaurants
Dahab is a home to many chills out cafes located at the beachside. Restaurants here largely occupy the day and night life of Dahab. Breakfast here is mostly pancakes served with fresh juices and milkshakes and the party is incomplete without shisha and beer. Inside the town, area is many restaurants that serve great snacks variety.


Explore food and history at Luxor
The 3000-year-old temples at Luxor appear to be the perfect companion to satiate your local or foreign grub, when at Egypt. Restaurants at Luxor are many and can easily satisfy both adventurous and non-adventurous diners. Also, the location is great which offers a spectacular view of the markets, temples and the River Nile.


When in Egypt, you will find food that contains no pork and eating with the left hand is not allowed. When dining with Muslims, there are special dining etiquettes which must be followed. Especially it’s non-welcoming to invite a Muslim friend during Ramadan to join you for a meal.?

When at Egyptian restaurants those are informal, sharing table with total strangers may be required. It’s never welcoming to force a conversation and you must act as if eating at a private table. Women should be seated only with women and you must never summon the staff by their names, just raise a hand or make a simple eye contact.

Restaurants of Egypt include everything from the best and most spectacular eating places to simple street food joints. But, when at Egypt no person can sleep on an empty stomach, as there is something to suit every taste bud. From international cuisines to typical Egyptian food served in traditional style, it can all be found here easily and without any worries.

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