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Red Sea Scuba Diving



The Red Sea in Egypt is popular for its crystal clear waters and spectacular coral reefs, which has a large collection of colorful fishes and marine life. The sea is a perfect gateway for divers who flock here from all around the globe. The amazing reefs here and the fascinating marine life giving you a chance to see pelagic fishes, dolphins, Reef Sharks and the rare dugong is simply amazing. The Red Sea is divided into two parts, which are:


-North Red Sea, it’s a home to the resort destinations like Dahab, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. At Sharm El Sheikh you can experience the best wreck diving on the globe. Hurghada is the second most popular place for scuba diving in Egypt and Dahab earns its popularity for the Blue Hole.


-South Red Sea, on the other hand, is a lesser known spot that has less crowded diving sites but superb coral reefs, the place is for experienced divers offering the best in class scuba diving experience. Marsa Alam is the ideal diving spot. Also, you can encounter the rare species of reef sharks here.


Few locations on globe enjoy the popularity of the Red Sea does for its scuba diving experience. The region can offer any person the best experience ever. The Red Sea gets its name from the periodic algal blooms which have painted the sea with a reddish hue. The sea is warm, with unsurpassed visibility and little wave action.

Included in the 7 wonders of the underwater world, the Red Sea due to its high level of endemism has helped scuba diving in Egypt become so interesting and popular. The crystal clear waters here offer an opportunity to explore the tropical and diverse marine life. The diving trip can include shallow patch reefs, walls, and drift dives. When scuba diving at the Red Sea, at one moment you can find yourself at a coral garden and at the very next a sheer wall can take you into deep ocean depths. The marine life and deep reefs are a thrill factor that is unbeatable.


The two ways by which you can experience scuba diving in the Red Sea are: First is by staying at a resort that will help you base yourself at a collection of fine dives sites in the sea and second is by Red Sea Live boards, which are dive cruises that can take you to the best of Northern and Southern Red Sea diving spots. With this, you can anticipate breathtaking scuba diving, fantastic boats, and picture-perfect scenery all awaiting you here.


Diving in the Red Sea can be done at any time of the year, but from June to August the temperature can reach about 30°C but it falls to a chilling 22°C during February. Thus, carrying a suitable exposure suit seems mandatory depending upon the time you are visiting.


Whale shark season is from May end till July end when you can spot this magical creature in both the parts of Red Sea. These months seem to be the best diving season. You can see plankton blooms bringing manta rays and the turtles nesting. Summer months are also ideal for spotting hammerhead sharks. Winter months on the other hand offer advantage of less extreme air temperature, great visibility. At this time you can spot dolphins, reef sharks and dugongs and thresher sharks as well.


Scuba diving at the Red Sea is great if you are looking for wreck diving, visibility, value for money, wall dives and an exotic marine life. If wishing to see smaller animals, then it’s not a good option. Water temperature can range from 22°C - 30°C, depending upon the season of the year. The divers of experience and beginner level can all dive here and the numbers of diving sites at the Red Sea are about 200. Anyone can easily spend 1-2 weeks when on one such scuba diving trip at the Red Sea.


The scuba diving experience in the Red Sea is well worth the effort to get to Egypt. So, flock to this place which can offer excellent scuba diving conditions all year round and where the visibility is just amazing.

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