• Cairo



    The captial of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, the name means "the victorious city". As the region's principal commercial, administrative, and tourist centre.
  • Alexandria



    Egypt's second largest city (3.5 million people), its largest seaport and the country's window onto the Mediterranean Sea. No city in Egypt has history as rich as that of Alexandria which witnessed so many historic events and legends!
  • Luxor



    Luxor hosts one third of the whole monuments and antiquities of the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourism spots in Egypt and maybe in the whole world.
  • Aswan



    Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt and the biggest in Upper Egypt. Aswan was the ancient Egyptians' gateway to Africa. Today Aswan is major stop for may Nile cruise ships depart from Luxor to Aswan everyday.
  • Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm Elsheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm is the the jewel of Egyptian tourism industry now. The city offer some of the finest places for diving and snorkeling in the world, it offers great value for money if compared with many diving spots in the world.
  • Hurhgada



    Hurghada today is a world centre for sea sports such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing. The unique offshore underwater gardens are justifiably famous amongst divers

Egypt Culture and Traditions

The culture and custom of Egypt is truly cosmopolitan as it is the perfect fusion of so many culture and tradition available here. Here the tradition introduced by Pharaohs is prevalent as well as the tribal culture and tradition and even the customs of invaders are somehow seen present a midst modern Egypt culture and outlook of the citizens. The culture and tradition of Egypt is like a melting pot where multiple culture and ethnic tradition have created a new concept of living hale and hearty and a mentality that embraces new and advanced for creating a liberal ambiance around. This liberal attitude is being displayed in Egyptians friendly behavior toward the foreigners and tourists. If asked, people of Egypt will always share their service and enthusiasm with the people whom hardly they know. In Egypt, besides it excellent travel attractions and cultural ambiance, the smiling faces of the locales are an added charm. All these sweet fragments are the best part of visit to Egypt program, which will remain with you as a memory forever. The Egypt culture immense the traditions, languages, history & civilizations at ancient places.


The populace of Egypt is quite high in number, it is about 71 million. Out of them the majority of populace is of Sunni Islam and they are more or less 62 millions in number. Out of the rest 8-9 millions are Coptic Christians. Regardless Sunni or cop both the classes are religion sensitive and adhere to respective religious rules and customs. In Egypt, family integrity matters a lot and head of the family takes the entire responsibility to run the family in proper manner and with great focus on behavior. The family integrity of the Egyptians is at sharp contrast to the nuclear family concept in West. Here people put special respect for family value and family relation. Perhaps this is one of the reasons, traveling in City of Egypt is safer than any other top global destinations, even for women traveling alone.

The life style of Arabs is often different and often found enveloped with some mysterious facts. As a result people often find these people mystic and sometime off beat. But in reality these people are truly friend in heart, they love people and greet people with best hospitality. They often like to call people at their home. However, if someone expresses disrespect and unfriendly gesture, these people take it as an insult and they become aggressive.

Check here Some useful  Arabic words


The rules and regulation common in Egypt may seem quite a bit different, which can make people outsiders at Egypt at times confused. In order to understand the air of Egypt, you need to learn their culture, customs, and family values. Once you will be able to understand and respect their values, traveling in Egypt will be an added fun and bunch of excitement.

Commonly, Egyptians are quite adjustable in nature and they love to help people. If you ask them any question, they will answer it happily. One most interesting thing is whenever you will ask something to an Egyptian, he will call some other people to discuss about the question and will try the best to offer you the correct answer of the question asked.

Most of the Muslims in Egypt are not accustomed to drink alcohol, but hardly have they had any objection in others boozing. But it is important that if you drink alcohol while in Egypt, you should have it in moderation. In Egypt consumption of pork is not that common but the places where pork is available people can have plenty of other options.

Interested to know about Ramadan?? Click here to know more

Ramadan is a holy month for Egyptians and during this month people greet each other celebrates the month with friends and relatives. During this month Egyptians stay awake at night and spend time in prayer and spiritual activities. Also they donate for charity and indulge of renewal relationship and sharing love and affection with each other. This time Egypt holiday season goes on.

In Egypt there are few restrictions valid for foreign women. In ticket line, foreign women stand with other women in queue. In underground first cars are found reserved for women, elderly ladies always get first preference. Outright interaction with Egyptian women are never recommended, it is always wise to speak to them via someone local or family persons whom you know well.

Crime in Egypt is rarely experienced and violence is mostly found in family disputes. However, some scattered events of petty thieves and pickpockets are sometimes found here and there. Women in an average need to be alert specifically in out-lying zones. Consumption of drugs is not appreciated and you should not carry your drugs in public if you have anything with you.

egypt meals 

 How to respond if an Egyptian invites you at his home

There is one interesting factor about Egyptian invitation. They refuse all sorts of invitation initially and it is a custom to fulfill their formalities. If an Egyptian decides that he/she will invite you with real spirit, he/she will repeat the invitation again. And it is always good to honor a cordial request. In case you will not be able to honor the request, if asked always promise them for a next visit.

In case you are invited you should attend the invitation otherwise there is chance that your host will be humiliated. It is always good show the respect and positive view toward the custom and practice of the host and behaves cordially with all people assembled there. If you wish you can take some gifts for the host but check if the gift is equal to his status.

Tipping is Way of Life in Egypt tipping

In Egypt tipping is cordially accepted and often expected. You can offer tips for all the people who has helped you during you travel but do not offer them small coins or notes. These activities are taken as insulting for the people you have tipped. However, your tipping should be spontaneous and it is considered offense to act under some pressure about providing tips. It is a good way to create some good impression on the people surrounding you. In this context you should not ever attempt to offer tips for professionals or the people who are of your status. You can arrange some gifts for them as gesture of friendship.

Women of Egypt:  

Egyptian women are known for their exquisite beauty. Nowadays Egyptian ladies in general are well educated, groomed, and they take responsibility of professional world also. In Egyptian society, girls are well pampered by their parents till they get married and get established in reality.

In Egypt tradition virginity is considered as a prime value for women and therefore women do prefer keeping their modesty and virginity as maximum as possible. Egyptian women maintain their modesty at the most because men also respect ladies who are alert about their social prestige and modesty. Most of the Egyptian men prefer to get married with women who are virgin and value family values; however, there are several instances where Egyptian men have married non Egyptian girls and they are quite different in their attitude than common Egyptian girls too.


egypt woman

Most of the girls in Egypt wear a scarf and it has become a common practice these days for young girls. This practice honors Muslim convention for ladies covering their heads as well as it is a stylish way to respect Islamic virtue of conservativeness.

In Egypt women behave conservative mostly with strangers. They may use western wear and may found managing business and other professionals, but Egyptian women, mostly, maintain a sober approach where their social profile is presented. Many of Egyptian women are found involved in different professional activities with good success rate in Egypt as well as in outside of Egypt. However, wherever they are they keep a diligent obedience to their religious rites and customs.

Women travelling alone into Egypt:

Egypt is a completely safe place for women. Therefore it is a safe travel destination for foreign tourist groups of women to set their vacation at Egypt. It is always recommended that in case of any sort of problem, they should seek help from local shop keepers or form police. However it is always wise to dress properly and to walk on street with common and covered dress. Being indifferent to local men is a good way for avoiding hassle and curiosity about foreign ladies traveling in this country. While planning for tour in Egypt, A woman traveling alone should care for Egypt holidays because some of the building and places may remain closed on those days.

Places of Worship:

Places of worship are considered as sacred place for Egyptians and therefore tourists from abroad should respect their serious mentality about the places of worship. These places of worship for Muslims are called mosques and the places of worships for Christians are called church. In Egypt, both mosque and churches are found many in number.

People follow the rules of taking out their shoes before entering the sacred ground. Women and men are requested to cover up their bare heads and heads. This is always wise to use sober and covered dress specially when visiting a mosque. Friday is considered as the most scared days of the week.

mosque enter


Both Business and religious community in Egypt runs on Western/Georgian calendar but other calendars are widely honored in this country. The Islamic calendar is based on viewing religious formalities and it is based on a lunar cycle of 12 months of 29or 30 days. The Muslim year is thus almost 11 days smaller than the Georgian year according to the Gregorian calendar and months moving ahead. According to the Gregorian calendar, for example, April is the time of spring, but in the Muslim calendar entire cycle of months move through in a 33-year cycle.

The Coptic calendar is called Alexandrian calendar, and it is made on a solar cycle and made of 12 months of 30 days and 1 month of 5 days, respectively. In every4 years a 6th day is added to the shorter month. Besides Coptic Orthodox Church, farmers often follow Coptic calendar for their date reminder, calculation, as well as counting of days.

Major Public holidays:

Day Description
1st day of Spring (2nd Monday after the Coptic Easter day) It is called Sham El-Nessim day (Just avoid going out on this day to national parks and the zoo) 
25th April Sinai liberation day
1st May Workers day
23rd July 1952 revolution day
6th October Armed forces day, victory day 1973
13th October  Suez liberation day
23rd December Victory day
Eid El-Adha (Sacrifice feast ) Comes right after the pilgrimage season, it lasts for four days
Eid El-Fitr (Breakfast feast) comes right after the Holy fasting month of Ramadan

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