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Cinema of Egypt

Egypt cinema is among the biggest one in the Middle East and people often refer it as the Hollywood of the Arab world. It is also said that it’s the only Middle Eastern country which has a cinema industry depicting the complete meaning of the word.

There is a small controversy regarding when did cinema take birth in Egypt. While some believe it dating back to 1986 when the first film was watched in the country; still others say it started in 1907 when the first documentary short film was made here. For more than a hundred years of cinema in Egypt and over 4000 movies represent a total balance of the rest of the Arab cinema, which now depends on it all the Arab satellite channels. Egypt is touted to be the most productive country in the Middle East in the field of film production.


Cinema of Egypt


Cinema of Egypt

The 1940s and 1950s are believed to be the golden era of the cinema in Egypt as here the films responded to the popular imagination with most lying into predictable genres and when many actors found careers after playing typed parts and strong characters. The period 1950 to 1962 saw many changes in the Egyptian cinema with many ups and downs but it was in 1966 that the Egyptian film industry had been nationalized.

In 1970 the Egyptian cinema managed to strike a balance between politics and entertainment. Many films like Khalli Balak min Zouzou starring “the Cinderella of Arab cinema”, Suad Husni, sought to balance politics and audience appeal. Zouzou integrated music, dance, and contemporary fashions into a story that balanced campus ferment with family melodrama.

Cinema in Egypt today has all the modern amenities like the studios, all the amenities which are today needed but there is also censorship. Any filmmaker has to check the script they're shooting, have to agree with it, that there is nothing anti-Arab, Anti-Muslim. As showing any such anti thing in a film can lead to not just controversy but also a failed report from the censor board here which plays a crucial part in the Egyptian cinema today.


Cinema of Egypt

Today many filmmakers are going out of line to make films that are different and can even challenge the censor board here. One such latest film to have been made here is the "The Yacoubean Building”, which has been seen as a landmark in the history of cinema in Egypt. The film was made on the biggest ever budget and an all-star cast led by the revered actor Adel Imam and featuring popular actress, Youssra. The movie even covered some sensitive subjects that challenged the censors and religious conservatives, including homosexuality and terrorism.

Filmmakers are now struggling to come up with new and different subjects to keep audiences glued. But what is finally needed is a new generation of film-makers that are very strong, hungry and really want to do something about it.


The Classic & Phenomenal Egypt Cinema Industry


Cinema, films, and entertainment are also major elements of any place, especially in tourism. Egypt has several interesting stories in its different domains. The same exists in the cinema industry.

Along with a great history, Egyptian cinema has an amazing royalty that pleases a person and makes him/her fall for it more and more. Egyptian films and picturization set an exclusively different standard that is wonderful in its own ways. With your tour to Egypt, you will get to explore the Egyptian cinema industry as well and get to know about it. At Ask-Aladdin we make sure that a complete view of this phenomenal cinema industry is also given to the visitors.

So, let us have a closer look towards Egyptian Cinema Industry:


The Capital of Cinema Industry: Cairo


Cairo is the main hub of film and cinema industry in Egypt. Every year an annual film festival is held at Cairo which was started since the year 1976. The place will make one see the real flavors of Egyptian cinema. If one wants to know more about the cinema industry and have a closer look then Cairo is indeed the perfect place to visit in Egypt.


History of Egyptian Cinema:


There still lies a dispute on the beginning of Egyptian cinema. Some historians claim that is started in 1896 with the making of different silent films in Egypt. On the other hand for some, it was established in the year 1907.

Although, no one can ignore the fact that the real flight of Egyptian cinema took off with the establishment of Studio Misr in the year 1936.


Few Overwhelming Facts about Egyptian Cinema Industry:


Apart from the success, the Egyptian cinema industry holds today it has seen many ups and downs. Also, when the Egyptian cinema industry was initially started it was deeply dominated and influenced by foreigners.

As a result of which it was considered closer to Hollywood and lost its own cultural significance and individuality. Then gradually by the emphasized work of few great personalities like  Muhammad Bayyumi and Talat Harb, the original Egyptian studio came into existence.

After the emergence of the Egyptian originality, a lot of studios were made in the country. Most of the studios resembled the structure of pyramids. This was a way for people to relate to the Egyptian originality maintaining the integrity of their rich cultural heritage.

The cinema industry faced a little doom after second world war but soon the Egyptian cinema was back in form with its classic and phenomenal film industry. Today, Egyptian cinema is categorized as one of the world’s most decent and exclusive cinema industry.

Egyptian cinema industry is indeed exceptionally classic with an amazing history and a number of flavors. If you are also planning to visit this exclusive film industry then hurry up and do your bookings with Ask-Aladdin today. We will try our best to give you a memorable trip to Egypt and explore the real fun.

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