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Shopping and What to Buy in Egypt

Egypt has a vibrant cultural history and a long history of trading. So, it is not surprising that the markets in Egypt are filled with unique and exciting goods. If you are considering traveling to Egypt and looking to indulge in some shopping, here are some items you must look out for:     

Papyrus Art


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Egypt is known for its aromatic herbs, which have been used in its cuisine for centuries. The spices are not only used for cooking but also have medicinal properties. Popular spices include cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, and coriander. Look for them in the spice markets, and remember to try some Egyptian street food seasoned with these spices.                                                                



Egyptian jewelry is world-renowned for its intricate designs and quality craftsmanship. Precious metal jewelry, including gold and silver, adorned with precious stones like lapis lazuli, turquoise, and carnelian are popular choices. You will find jewelry in various markets, including the Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo.

Perfumes and Oils


Egypt is famous for its perfumes and oils made from natural ingredients. These perfumes and oils are used not only for their fragrance but also for their therapeutic properties. Essential oils like jasmine rose and lavender are popular choices. You will find various stores selling these products in the markets.



Egypt is known for producing some of the finest pieces of cotton in the world, making its textiles popular with locals and tourists. Look for high-quality cotton sheets, towels, and bedspreads adorned with traditional designs. You will also find embroidered shawls and scarves for great souvenirs.

Carpets and Rugs


Egyptian carpets and rugs are famous for their intricate designs and use of natural dyes. They are handmade using traditional methods and are available in various sizes and designs. Look for them in the markets and bargain for the best price.

Leather Goods


Leather goods such as shoes, bags, and wallets are popular in Egypt, and you will find them in various markets. Look for high-quality leather products adorned with traditional designs.                                  


Shopping in Egypt is a unique experience that should be noticed. From ancient art to modern souvenirs, the markets of Egypt have something for everyone. So, get ready to bargain and indulge in some retail therapy while exploring the wonders of Egypt.