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Our Foundation: A Step Towards World Welfare

Ask Aladdin Foundation

We at Ask Aladdin have created a small initiative to help the poor and the needy, in the hopes of making the world a more prosperous and better place to live, through our Ask Aladdin Foundation.

Ask Aladdin is a travel Egypt guide helping people all around the world to do their booking and visit this beautiful country exploring peace and happiness. This organization has been successfully working towards this goal over the past few years.

For the well-being and happiness of others, we have established an Ask Aladdin foundation which aims to prosper and brighten the future of any individuals who are facing terrible conditions in life. We believe that the growth and progress of society lead to the growth and progress of the entire world, which in turn will spread happiness from one end of the globe to the other.

And so our foundation aims to give everybody a chance to secure their future and lead a happy life.

Our Foundation Aim

We at Ask Aladdin Foundation aim to help every orphan who deserves a better life but has been forced to live in undesirable situations. The children are the future of a better tomorrow and we believe that every child deserves to have a roof over his or her head and enough food to eat.

At Ask Aladdin Foundation each and every orphan is welcome and we help to serve them with the necessities of life. By doing so we believe that we are securing the future as these children will one day lead the world.

Other Areas of Focus

 We are also dedicated to helping low-income families, families suffering due to natural disasters, and displaced families. We also help ensure that all senior citizens are not alone and they are able to enjoy their older years.

Other Connections

Our foundation is also reaching out to similar types of charitable trusts and foundations in order to help the most people. Connecting with different foundations is helping our foundation to spread a smile on numerous faces which we hope will create a cheerful and pleasant future for generations to come.

Foundation Funding

The Ask Aladdin Foundation is funded by proceeds from our Ask Alladin Egyptian travel website. Each purchase made through the website helps to keep our foundation strong.

We also accept donations to our website by clicking here.

Every purchase made through the Ask Aladdin Egyptian travel site will contribute towards helping those in need and spreading happiness throughout the world.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning to visit Egypt and explore the beauty it has to offer then the time to act is now.

Book your Egyptian travel or tour package today!

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