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Marsa Matrouh Travel Guide


Matrouh is a hidden gem of Egypt whose beauty remains primarily unexplored by tourists. The coastal town, located on the Western coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is an essential destination for all those seeking to explore the natural, cultural, and historical landmarks of Egypt. During your stay in Marsa Matrouh, you'll be charmed by its white sandy beaches, lush green palm trees, sparkling blue waters, and charming small villages scattered along the coast. If you are looking for tips about what to see in Matrouh and where to go, this article will help you plan your trip there.

The hidden treasures of Marsa Matrouh

Although Marsa Matrouh is a well-known destination among Egyptians, it still needs to be discovered by foreigners. The region has several hidden treasures that will make your trip extremely memorable. The most important one is the green oasis of Al-Qurs, one of the most extensive palm groves in the world. Many travelers visit Egypt to see the pyramids or explore the deep desert, but only some visit Matrouh to see this magnificent palm grove. Another hidden treasure of Matrouh is the excellent variety of wildlife that inhabits the region. The coast is home to several marine species, including dolphins and sea turtles. If you are interested in marine life, visit Corniche Beach to see the dolphins.

Hiking in the dunes of Marsa Matrouh

The vast dunes of Marsa Matrouh are home to one of the most beautiful deserts in Egypt. Although the Western Desert is less famous than the Eastern Desert, the dunes of Matrouh are well worth exploring. The dunes are spread over a large area, so you can hike without bumping into other travelers. You can choose to walk or ride a camel through the dunes. If you decide to ride a camel, be sure to bring some water to share with your new friend. If you are more adventurous, you can also try sandboarding at the dunes of Abu Ghoural. This activity is relatively easy, but wearing a helmet to protect yourself against falling sand is also recommended.

Visiting the unique Temple of Ain el-Mudur

Ain el-Mudur is a small village located just west of Matrouh. The town is famous for the Temple of Ain el-Mudur, which dates back to the Greco-Roman era. The temple was believed to be used as a place of worship for the god of fire. The temple has three large rooms with a beautiful gate and a courtyard. Another attraction in Ain el-Mudur is the excellent view of the Mediterranean Sea from the village's mud-dredged hill. The town is also known for its fish and shrimp. If you are an art lover, you should visit the city to see its colorful boats.

Seeing the breath-taking sunset at El-qantara Fortress

Built on a hill overlooking the sea, El-qantara Fortress is one of the main attractions of Marsa Matrouh. The Ottomans built the fortress in the 16th century to protect the city from invading ships. The defense also served as a gathering place for the Ottomans and their troops and a place to store weapons and food. El-qantara Fortress is now a popular tourist destination, with many people coming to see the sunset from the top of the hill. Another attraction of the fortress is its small museum that exhibits war weapons and other historical artifacts. Bring water to stay hydrated if you visit the fort during the hot summer.

Watching the colorful Fisherman's Celebrations

Every October, the city of Marsa Matrouh hosts the colorful Fisherman's Celebrations. During this time, the coastal town is filled with celebrations, music, and dance performances. The festivities also include activities for children, food, and other local products for sale. If you are visiting Marsa Matrouh during the Fisherman's Celebrations, you should visit the celebrations. The celebrations are an excellent opportunity to see the unique culture of Matrouh and meet the locals. You can also buy some delicious local seafood from the fishermen's boats docked on the sea.


Marsa Matrouh is an incredible destination for all visitors who want to explore Egypt's nature, history, and culture. The city has many beautiful beaches, dunes, and exciting museums and festivals you can attend during your stay. If you plan to visit Egypt, remember to add this charming coastal city to your travel plans.

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