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Welcome to our Rewards Program for tour packages and loyal customers!

As a valued customer, we want to reward you for choosing us as your preferred travel provider. We have designed a Rewards Program that offers exciting benefits and perks to make your travel experience even more enjoyable.

Here are the details of our Rewards Program:

Ask-Aladdin Referral Program:

Refer A Friend:

Many times unknowingly we do a lot of mouth-to-mouth publicity. Like telling a friend about some product that you have used which is basically referring to him. er the same. We like to advise people depending on our experiences and this becomes more interesting if rewards get associated with the things to which you refer. And so here Ask-Aladdin gives you the amazing opportunity of getting additional benefits and discounts on all your trips to Egypt.
With the Ask-Aladdin referral program with every booking made for your reference, you will get additional benefits and discounts on your booking through Ask-Aladdin. The process is very simple as follows:
Refer them to us and earn rewards! For every person you refer who books a tour package with us, you will receive a discount of 10% on your next tour package booking. The more people you refer, the more discounts you can earn!

Additional Discounts on Booking:

The referring benefits do not simply end as stated above. If your friends do book using your referral link then you will get an additional discount of up to 10% on your booking via Ask-Aladdin.

Refer More & Earn More:

And the best part is that there is no limitation to the referring policy. You can refer it to as many as friends you like and can earn a lot of rewards and other benefits. Hence, with this brilliant referral program at Ask-Aladdin, there are no bounds to the profits and benefits one can get.
Other Benefits:

With Ask-Aladdin the trip to Egypt becomes so magnificent and memorable that one will simply wish to visit the country more and more. Each and every detail will be covered with Ask-Aladdin tourism.
We at Ask-Aladdin believe in creating special and memorable moments for all our users. A holiday trip is a break from work and regular routine that should be filled with fun and recreation. And we bring that fun and recreation as desired for your trip.
By using our service you yourself will wish to tell the same to others and explore the stunning peace and beauty of the place. And with our referral service doing so will lead you to additional discounts and offers. Hence, this is really a profitable deal. All you have to do is do a little publicity about the organization and share the classic experience of your memorable trip.
So, hurry up and do not waste a moment. Start planning your trip with Ask-Aladdin and refer your friends and relatives to do the same via Ask-Aladdin earning special discounts. 

 If you are a travel agent.  Please fill in this form:  Travel Agent reward 

Repeat Traveler Rewards:

As a repeat traveler with us, you will automatically be enrolled in our Repeat Traveler Rewards program. You will receive a 5% discount on your second booking with us and a 10% discount on your third booking and all subsequent bookings with us. This discount is in addition to any other discounts or promotions that we may be offering at the time of booking.

VIP Rewards:

If you book a total of 5 tour packages with us, you will become a VIP member and enjoy exclusive benefits such as complimentary upgrades, priority access to tours and activities, and additional discounts on future bookings.

Birthday Rewards:

As a way of celebrating your special day, we will send you a birthday discount code for 10% off your next booking with us.

To redeem your Rewards, simply enter the applicable discount code at the time of booking your tour package online or mention it to our customer service team if booking over the phone.

Thank you for choosing us as your travel partner.

We look forward to helping you create more unforgettable memories and rewarding you for your loyalty!

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