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Discover Egypt: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Egypt Tour

Egypt, a realm of ancient wonders and modern marvels, offers an alluring blend of history, culture, and adventure. Whether you're an avid history buff, a thrill-seeker, or a beach lover, Egypt has something for everyone. This comprehensive guide will help you plan your unforgettable journey to this timeless destination.

Why Visit Egypt?

Egypt offers a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to various travel preferences. From the ancient pyramids and temples to the bustling markets and serene beaches, Egypt has attractions to suit every taste. The country's unique blend of ancient and modern cultures offers a fascinating insight into one of the world's oldest civilizations.
The country's wealth of archaeological treasures, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and the temples of Karnak and Luxor, are a testament to its ancient heritage. Egypt's vibrant cities like Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor offer a bustling blend of modern life and ancient history.
In addition to these, Egypt's idyllic beach resorts in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada offer a perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and water sports. The Red Sea's rich marine life makes it a haven for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

Egypt's climate varies throughout the year, making the timing of your visit crucial. The country experiences mild to very hot temperatures year-round, with the interior regions being particularly hot. The most comfortable time to visit is from October through April when the weather is relatively pleasant. This period also coincides with Egypt's peak tourist season, which starts in December and continues through January.
If you prefer hot weather and less crowded attractions, consider visiting from May through September. However, keep in mind that the holy month of Ramadan also falls during this period, and many shops and attractions may close early.

Planning Your Egypt Tour Itinerary

A well-planned itinerary can make your Egypt tour a memorable experience. Depending on your interests and the length of your stay, you can choose from a variety of Egypt day tours and multi-day tours. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect from different types of tours.

Egypt Day Tours

Day tours are an excellent option for travelers who wish to explore Egypt's attractions without spending a lot of time and money. These tours usually cover major attractions in Cairo and Giza in one to three days. They are also available from other top destinations in Egypt, including El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Port Ghalib, and Makadi Bay.

Multi-Day Tours

If you have more time, consider a multi-day tour that covers more ground. These tours typically last around 10 days and include visits to major attractions in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. Some tours also include a Nile River cruise, offering you a unique perspective of Egypt's ancient landmarks.

Major Egypt Attractions

Your Egypt tour would be incomplete without visiting its iconic attractions. Here are some must-visit landmarks in Egypt:

Cairo and Giza Attractions

  • The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx: These ancient wonders are among the top attractions in Egypt. The complex includes the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. Nearby stands the enigmatic Sphinx, a colossal statue with the body of a lion and the head of a human.

  • The Egyptian Museum: Home to a vast collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, the museum offers a fascinating insight into Egypt's rich history.

Luxor Attractions

  • Valley of the Kings: This ancient burial site houses the tombs of numerous pharaohs, including the famous tomb of Tutankhamun.

  • Karnak Temple: Considered the largest religious building ever constructed, Karnak Temple is a complex of temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings.

  • Hatshepsut Temple: This magnificent temple, dedicated to Queen Hatshepsut, is renowned for its unique architecture.

Aswan Attractions

  • Philae Temple: Located on an island in the Nile, Philae Temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis.

  • Abu Simbel: This massive rock temple, built by Pharaoh Ramses II, is one of the most iconic sights in Egypt.

  • The High Dam: An engineering marvel, the Aswan High Dam offers panoramic views of Lake Nasser.

Alexandria Attractions

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina: A tribute to the ancient Library of Alexandria, this modern library is a cultural hub that houses millions of books.

  • Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa: This ancient necropolis features a unique blend of Egyptian and Roman art.

Egyptian Cuisine

Egyptian cuisine is influenced by the country's rich cultural heritage and the bountiful harvests of the Nile Valley. Meals usually center around vegetables, legumes, and stews, with popular ingredients including fava beans, lentils, chickpeas, eggplant, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and citrus fruits. Here are some of the dishes you should try:

  • Kebabs and Kofta: Grilled, skewered meat and spiced meat patties are popular Egyptian dishes.

  • Eish Baladi: Similar to pita bread, this Egyptian bread is often used to scoop up food.

  • Kushari: A hearty dish made with pasta, rice, chickpeas, lentils, tomato sauce, and fried onions.

  • Baba Ghanoush and Falafel: These popular Middle Eastern dishes are also a staple in Egyptian cuisine.

Remember to drink only bottled water, avoid tap water (including for brushing teeth), and only consume fresh fruits and vegetables if they're cooked or washed in clean water and peeled.

Packing for Your Egypt Tour

Packing appropriately can enhance your travel experience. Given Egypt's hot temperatures and desert locations, light layers, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are essential. Covering shoulders and knees is respectful of the local customs. Also, pack a sturdy pair of walking shoes to explore Egypt's historical sites.

Booking Your Egypt Tour

When booking your Egypt tour, consider reputable travel agencies like "AskAladdin" that offer a variety of Egypt tours and travel packages. These agencies provide expert tour guides, secure transportation, and customized itineraries to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.


Whether you're marveling at the Pyramids of Giza, cruising the Nile River, exploring the vibrant cities, or relaxing on pristine beaches, a tour to Egypt promises a journey like no other. So, pack your bags, and get ready to delve into the timeless mysteries of Egypt.

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