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Advertise with Us: A Comprehensive Guide to Promoting Your Business through AskAladdin

advertise with us

Ask Aladdin offers reliable online advertising to meet your business objectives and increase your brand visibility among investors, market participants, and the broader financial community. The Ask Aladdin guide reaches a national audience of hundreds of thousands of travelers.
Do you want to increase your brand's visibility and connect with a diverse community of travel enthusiasts?
AskAladdin offers various advertising options to help you achieve your marketing goals.
This guide describes the advertising process with us, including how to contact our team, the ad formats we accept, payment methods, and other important information for launching your campaign. Please follow these guidelines and use our advertising platform to increase your brand's visibility.

Starting: Contact Our Advertising Department

Please get in touch with our advertising team to begin your advertising journey with us.
Our dedicated team would be delighted to discuss your advertising requirements and advise you on the best solutions for your business.
You can also fill out our online advertising inquiry form [insert link] with your contact information, business information, and a brief description of your advertising goals. Our team will review your submission and contact you as soon as possible to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Types of Ads: Select the Best Fit for Your Brand

We provide a variety of advertising formats to meet your company's needs:
Banner advertisements: Place eye-catching banners on our website, focusing on specific sections or pages to reach your target audience.
Sponsored Content: Work with our content creators to create engaging and informative articles, blog posts, or travel guides that effectively showcase your brand or product.
We use our strong social media presence to reach a larger audience through sponsored posts, stories, and targeted campaigns.
Newsletter Sponsorship: Promote your company in our popular newsletter, which reaches thousands of travel-obsessed subscribers.
Customized Options: If you have a unique advertising concept in mind, we are open to exploring bespoke solutions that align with your marketing goals.

Payment and Ad Materials Submission

We will send you an invoice with payment instructions once you have chosen your preferred advertising option and discussed the details with our team. We accept credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer payments.
Following payment, our team will request your ad materials, such as banners, images, or draughts of sponsored content. Please ensure that all materials follow our advertising guidelines, which will be provided upon campaign confirmation.
After you submit your ad materials, our team will review them for quality and compliance. We will work with you to ensure your advertisement meets our standards if necessary.
Starting Your Campaign
Once payment and ad materials are received, we will schedule your campaign to go live on our platform. Our team will provide regular updates and performance reports, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
If you need any changes or want to extend your campaign, please contact our advertising team, and we will gladly assist you.


Advertising with our travel agency is a quick and easy way to get your brand in front of a passionate and engaged audience. You can launch a successful advertising campaign that drives results and elevates your brand's presence in the travel market by following the steps outlined in this guide. So contact our advertising team today to learn more about the exciting opportunities that await your company.
If you would like to inquire about our advertising packages,  kindly contact MS Emy  by phone at +971 551308052

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