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"My fiance and I just took a trip to Egypt in March via Ask Aladdin. The Nile cruise was awesome (three days). We also took a day trip to Abu Simbel as well as going to Alexandria. The Nile Cruise started in Luxor and went North, so it was amazing to get off the boat at all of the stops along the way. I can honestly say it is definitely a transport back in time to see all the ruins. We were very happy with the service we received and the quality of the Egyptologist guides. The things to consider before going is tip $ and being very clear about if you want to be brought to places like local perfumeries, papyrus shops, or other detours that can become pricey. Also, learn the terms in Arabic for "thank you," "no, thank you," Etc ( you will be approached by many, many, did I say many?! merchants all trying to push their goods. Overall, amazing trip of a lifetime." - Christine X., Salt Lake City, UT

We traveled with Ask Aladdin between 11-Dev and 04-Jan. Before we left Australia for our family holiday of a lifetime, we were nervous about traveling to a country with three children at a time of supposed life-threatening unrest. Our government’s website placed Egypt under the “Reconsider your needs to travel” alert. What the hell does that mean? We emailed the Cairo embassy and they were very guarded with their advice and guidance. We made calls to Ask-Aladdin Travel, who had been very helpful throughout the planning phase of our holiday, and they kept us up to date with the happenings in Cairo. They always made us comfortable with the option of deferring our holiday if we wished, but went out of their way to give us real information. They proved to be extremely accurate with the actual situation.

"We had a fantastic holiday and this is 100% due to Ask-Aladdin’s professional commitment and expertise, from the planning phase where we constantly added and altered itineraries, through the safety deliberations just before we left, and on to the execution of the plan where not a beat was missed. We have been on tours/holidays that were far less complicated than this trip and never has the holiday gone so smoothly as this 24-day trip. We will be singing their praises for a long time to come." -Mark A. and family, Melbourne, Australia

"We are two 60-year-old Americans who were traveling with our 29-year-old son in Egypt. We had a wonderful time using the Ask-Aladdin guide service for a 5-day tour in Egypt. The accommodations at the Le Meridian Pyramids hotel were great and the "pyramid view" from our balcony was like a dream to wake to each morning! Our Cairo team (Islam Fekry-company representative, Mohamed Sheta and Ahmed Hamada-guides, and Babou; sp?-driver) were exceptional. Always on time, always totally prepared, friendly and accommodating, and very knowledgeable. We would highly recommend this service for any person who wants a completely personalized tour of Egypt." -R. Snyder, Amarillo, T

I had a WONDERFUL time during my trip to Egypt! My guide Mona was kind,

knowledgeable, and helpful, as was everyone else whom I dealt with through the tour company. Bassem Saad, who helped me set up my trip, was always very quick to respond and very eager to help. I am thrilled to say that my overall experience was really amazing.

I will definitely use Egypt Travel Experts and Ask Aladdin next time I travel to Egypt!" -Kim J., Burbank, CA

My husband and I have recently returned from the most amazing trip to Egypt. We were on an 8-day tour including Cairo and a Nile cruise with our personal guide, driver, and air-conditioned car. In our opinion, this is the best way to travel as time management is more flexible.

From the first planning stages, the Ask Aladdin website was very informative and user-friendly. The more questions we had we found the emails with Bassem Saad to be very helpful and his replies quick.

When we landed in Cairo our luggage didn't, and having an Ask Aladdin agent there eased our stress after a very long flight, as he handled everything expertly. His name is Ramadan Saber Eid Rajab and a big thank-you to him. Right from the start we felt at ease as everyone was so friendly.

"We have traveled the world and the accommodations in Cairo and on the boat for the cruise would definitely be considered 5-star by European standards. I would suggest asking for a hotel in Cairo with a view of the pyramids. The service on the cruise was excellent, the food was great and the boat was very clean.

We would be remiss in not mentioning our tour guide, Ahmed Khalifa, He really knows his Egyptian history and his knowledge and love of Egypt made us appreciate the country more. He is very personable and humorous. Also, on our tour, our cruise was shortened to 2 nights from the 4 we expected. Initially, this was a worry to us but Ahmed was able to organize everything so that we didn't miss a thing on our planned itinerary and even managed to fit in a few more excursions. You would be very fortunate to get him as a guide." -Janet M., Saskatoon, Canada

"From the time that we stepped off the plane in Cairo until we departed, we were treated like royalty. We were greeted by the representative, Mustafa, very friendly yet professional, he saw us through customs, got our visa, and escorted us to our hotel, right up to our hotel room to ensure we were satisfied. I was even given a beautiful bouquet of flowers! The rep greeted us again in the morning saw us back to the airport, and ensured we were fully instructed on what to expect in our transport to Luxor. There we met our personal guide, Yessir, who stayed with us for the river cruise and all the stops. He ensured we were hydrated, rested, and extra attentive about our tours to ensure we had the best showing while taking care not to allow us to get overheated on the 45-degree days! His passion for his country and the history of the temples, gods, kings, etc was very contagious. We thoroughly enjoyed his company and feel we made a great friend. He stayed with us from Luxor to Aswan and was also our private tour guide back in Cairo to see the magnificent pyramids. To say it was amazing is an understatement. The hospitality we were shown was exceptional, the hotel and riverboat were fantastic, the staff of the riverboat was second to none, and never for a moment did we feel our safety was at risk. Highly recommend the AskAladdin team to organize a wonderful vacation." -Dwayne and Marilyn, Canada

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