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Ancient Egyptian Houses

egyptian house

During ancient times, Egyptians lived in houses made from mud bricks. The annual floods brought a lot of mud, which made the construction process more accessible. Brick makers molded earth into square shapes using wooden molds, after which these were dried and hardened in the sun. The houses of the poor were made from single walls, which were one brick thick, while those of the rich were made from double thick walls to ensure increased security. Wood was used sparingly in the building due to its scarce availability in Egypt, and much of it had to be imported from outside.

Home Design

Ancient Egypt Houses

Most Egyptian homes had a roofed-in central room and smaller rooms attached. The main room was the most used in the house, and the kitchen was usually nearby. The home of a nobleman had some extra rooms, but a central room was still almost always present. For a rich person or nobleman, the furniture was more ornate, and the flooring was made out of mud tiles and covered with a plaster-like material. Roofs were usually used as living spaces as the interiors were lit little, and stairs leading to the roof were also seen in most homes.

Wear And Tear Was A Common Problem:

Ancient Egypt Houses

Using everyday materials for building people's houses in Egypt meant that most places in ancient Egypt displayed slight variations. The homes in ancient Egypt were short-lasting, and in just a few years, they usually began deteriorating and crumbling. The houses often needed to be repaired as floods were common, especially when the Nile River started to overflow. Some places were built on platforms to prevent the damage caused by floods. Sometimes, rats gnawed through walls, so they had to be fixed and repaired.

Houses Of The Rich:

Rich people in ancient Egypt owned big houses, and most homes had gardens with swimming pools. Most greens were gorgeous and peaceful. And they had a path that was well constructed. The walls were higher to keep intruders out, and guards often protected the property. Furniture commonly included a bed, a side table for books, and much more.
Meanwhile, The kitchen had small tables, drinking vessels, and dishes. The roof timbers were covered with thatch and matting. In the houses of the rich, there was a guest room and a set of rooms for the owner. There was a separate room for the women of the house. The need for more available land to build houses due to the vast, hot desert terrain meant that most townhouses were multistoried to accommodate the population during the ancient Egyptian era.

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