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City of meet Ghamer
mit ghamr
City of meet Ghamr
City of meet Ghamer
mit ghamr
mit ghamr
City of meet Ghamr
City of meet Ghamer

Mit Ghamr Travel Guide

Mit Ghamr in Egypt's El Dakahila Governorate is renowned for producing large amounts of aluminum, accounting for up to 70% of the total aluminum production in Egypt. The city is the most crowded place in the governorate and is located midway along the Damietta branch of the Nile. Mit Ghamr includes many smaller towns and villages, agricultural lands, and large factories. The aluminum industry and agriculture are the two main economic activities that put Mit Ghamr so high in terms of commercial importance for Egypt.

 Where is Mit Ghamr

Mit Ghamr shares borders with four other governorates: Al Dakahlia governorate to the north, and its capital, Al Mansurah, lies about 43 km away from Mit Ghamr. Towards the south, the city shares its boundaries with Al Qaliobiah governorate; its capital, Banha, is about 35 km from Mit Ghamr. To the east lies the Al Sharqiah governorate, where the capital Zagazig is 28 km from the city. The western boundary is with Al Gharbiah governorate, and its capital Tanta City can be reached after traveling 29 km from Mit Ghamr. Mit Ghamr: the many towns and villages within Mit Ghamr include Mit Yaeish, Mit El Faramawi, Mit Nagy, Dundait, Masara, and SimBo Maqam. The villages are all located around the city and are used for growing many crops, such as rice, corn, wheat, and cotton.

Popular Places in Mit Ghamr

 Al Azhar University's branch is popular here and is located in one of the many villages surrounding Mit Ghamr. The campus is newly constructed at Tafanha and is attended by many local students looking to achieve a good career. 

  • The Coptic Orthodox Church is another renowned structure at Mit Ghamr, Mari Gorges Church. Copts believe that Saint George visited it in 1920, when the town saw a big fire, leaving the church as the only safe place to survive. People think they saw the Saint hovering on the church's roof with his horse. Over time the church has transformed into a beautiful tourist attraction, with a big congregation and many priests.
  • Mit Ghamr is believed to be the first place that an Islamic banking branch was set up, and since that time, it has become the center of a global banking system.
  • Mit Ghamr also features the Egyptian Pigeon House, constructed from mud brick. While pigeon is a part of the daily diet, these birds' droppings are a fertilizer source. These Pigeon Houses are now found everywhere and are slowly becoming popular to build in Spain as well.

 Famous People From Mit Ghamr

One of the most renowned Islamic Scholars in the world by the name of Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy, was born here in Mit Ghamr in Dakadous village, where he was even cremated later on. Another famous person from here is Sheikh Abdul Salam Hassan Qandeel, who was born in Simbo Maqam village.

 More Famous People From Mit Ghamr

 Poet Alawadi Elwakil

  • Lawyer Mortada Mansour
  • Engineer Mohamed Sakr
  • The first Islamic bank by Dr. Ahmad El Najjar was also started in Mit Ghamr, and it is considered to be the birthplace of the global Islamic banking system.

 Popular Places Near Mit Ghamr

 These popular Egyptian tourist destinations are nearby to Mit Ghamr: 

 Hurghada, El-Bahr El-Ahmar, Egypt

  • Shamal Sina', Egypt
  • Dumyat, Egypt
  • Al Minya, Egypt
  • Daqahlia, Egypt

Final Thoughts On Mit Ghamr

 Mit Ghamr is home to many famous people from Egypt. Its aluminum production is the main economic activity here. It significantly contributes to the Mit Ghamr, has a rich history, and is home to many famous people from Egypt's past. Its aluminum production is the main economic activity here and significantly contributes to the economy of Egypt. Mit Ghamr is also a treat for all those literature and history lovers seeking to learn more about Egyptian history and authors.

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