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Suez Governorate

Suez governorate is the least populated governorate of Egypt. It is located in the eastern part of the country and comprises the southern half of the Sinai Peninsula. It is situated north of the Gulf of Suez.

Ports suez-governorate

There are five ports in the Suez Governorate: El Atka fishing port, Adabeya Port, Tewiq Port, El-Sokhna Port, and an unnamed petrol basin port.
The governorate is administratively divided into five districts. Suez has some natural resources like oil, coal, dolomite, limestone, and other minerals. It is also a hotspot of various economic activities, including fishing, marine services, unloading goods, shipping, fertilizers, and chemicals production, making medicine glass bottles, the textile industry, and cement-making. It's worth noting that the development of the northwest of the Suez Gulf is one of the mega projects in Egypt.

Tourism at the governorate

Suez features several tourist hot spots, including Al-Ein el-Sokhna, or “The Hot Spring”, for entertainment and therapeutic tourism to loosen up tired muscles. Al-Ein El Sokhna is one of the most enticing sites due to the beauty of nature and its location in the heart of mountains as well as its closeness to the sea. Moreover, there are Eyoun Moses, Mohammad Ali’s palace, Jewish Hill at Khour, and various other memorable architectures that tourists love to visit year-round.
The governorate has various investment opportunities, the most important of which are the establishment of a huge Port at al-Ein El-Sokhna, the fishing industry, and the construction of fishing ships. Other opportunities to invest include land reclamation, growing a variety of modern crops, and the development of tourist villages and entertaining resorts.


Suez Governorate is bordered in the north by Ismailia, in the northeast by North Sinai Governorate, in the East by Suez Gulf, in the south by the Red Sea Governorate, and in the west by Cairo governorate and Helwan.


Suez's emblem shows a cogwheel which signifies the industry with the petroleum red flame in the middle since the governorate is a key location for a number of petroleum companies.

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