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The Location Of The Madinat Madi

Madinat Madi is the ruins of an ancient city located 35 kilometers southeast of Fayoum, near the village of Ezbat El Kashef. It was discovered in 1937. 

History And Description of Madinat Madi 

Madinat Madi

Madinat Madi contains the ruins of a city built around a temple constructed during the 12th dynasty by King Amenemhat III. This king was the sixth king of the 12th dynasty and ruled from 1860 BC to 1814 BC. He is also the builder of the Pyramid at Hawara. 
This impressive temple was augmented in a Roman temple, including lions with human heads, two of which are in perfect condition. The temple of Madinat Madi is the largest surviving temple of the intermediate period of the Pharaonic era, and it is considered the most remarkable monument in Fayoum. 
This may be why Dr. Zahi Hawas, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, recently announced that the Egyptian government assigned 3.5 million Euros to develop the area of Madinat Madi and revitalize this historic monument with the cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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