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Egypt Famous Restaurants

Egypt, a country steeped in history and culture, is also a hotbed of culinary delights. Its bustling cities, like Cairo and Alexandria, are home to various dining spots, from quaint eateries to high-end establishments. Even smaller towns offer surprisingly delightful dining choices, albeit more limited. Here, one can find a seamless blend of traditional Egyptian cuisine and international flavors, creating an enticing gastronomic journey for locals and tourists alike.
Big-name hotels in Egypt occasionally host week-long culinary events, inviting renowned chefs from around the globe. These extravagant food festivals are a treat for food enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to taste culinary masterpieces from different cultures.famous-restaurants-askaladdin

However, dining out in Egypt has become pricier over the past few years, with some establishments matching the prices of upscale restaurants in cities like London or New York. Still, there are maplentyriendly options that deliver delicious food at reasonable prices. It's worth noting that many of the more affordable eateries do not serve alcohol, while higher-end restaurants offer an extensive selection of imported wines.

Here are some of the top-notch dining establishments across Egypt that you should consider visiting:

In Cairo:

  • Akher Sa’a
  • Citadel View Restaurant
  • Koshari et-Tahrir
  • Sequoia
  • Abou as-Sid

In Giza, near The Pyramids:

  • Andrea's Chicken and Fish Restaurant
  • Fish Market
  • Moghul Rooms

In Alexandria:

  • Abu Ashraf
  • Fish Market
  • Mohammed Ahmed
  • Samakmak
  • Trianon

In Hurghadah:

  • Café del Mar
  • On the Red Sea coast:
  • Portofino
  • Orient 1001

In Luxor and Karnak:

  • 1886, Winter Palace Hotel
  • Bombay Restaurant
  • Koshary El-Zaeem
  • Tutankhamun

In Aswan:

  • 1902 Restaurant
  • Aswan Moon
  • Koshary Ali Baba Restaurant

What Do They Serve?

These dining places offer a range of Egyptian and international dishes, with paramount importance on the freshness and quality of food. The cost of dining varies, with some establishments demanding premium prices while others are pretty budget-friendly. Vegetarian options are readily available at many of these restaurants.
Besides the culinary treats, many of these places offer breathtaking views, allowing diners to enjoy their meal amidst stunning scenery. Whether you are seeking a laid-back waterside venue or a sophisticated city-center setting, Egypt's dining scene offers it all. The list above is a great starting point for your gastronomic exploration of Egypt, providing a diverse selection of the country's most highly recommended restaurants. However, the internet is also a treasure trove of information for more dining options in Egypt. Happy eating!

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