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Egypt, with its ancient landscapes and spiritual legacy, has always been a beacon for those seeking inner harmony. AskAalddin's 'Meditation' tours invite travelers to connect deeply with themselves, drawing upon the serene energies of this timeless land. Whether meditating beside the majestic pyramids, finding solace in the vast desert expanses, or embracing the calm of the Nile, our tours are tailored to foster inner growth and reflection. Guided by experts, participants are introduced to practices and techniques that enhance mindfulness and well-being, all set against the backdrop of Egypt's most peaceful locales. With AskAalddin, embark on a journey inward, discovering serenity and balance in the heart of Egypt's ancient wonders.

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ISIS Meditation
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11 Days / 10 Nights. 04 Nights Cairo + 04 Nights Luxor + 02 Nights Aswan. Private meditation inside King's Chamber at Giza Pyramids and Isis Sanctuary at Dendara Temple

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