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Egypt Nile Cruise Tips

If you choose to go on a Nile cruise, make sure that the cruise is taken as “all-inclusive”, i.e. accommodation, sightseeing tours, and transportation! This option is the best way for you to see all the possible Temples en route. We would, therefore, recommend, for health and safety reasons, choosing only the five-star or 5 stars + Nile cruises! The cost for one-night accommodation ranges between $90 and $150 per person per night in a twin room.  Today there are more than 220 Nile cruisers on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, I have various classes of 4-star, standard 5 stars, and 5 stars deluxe and imperial Ultra Deluxe.

Your Cabin Location

Prices of accommodation depend largely on which deck you have chosen to stay on, staying on the lower decks is generally cheaper than staying on the upper deck. Try and obtain a plan for the boat before you book. Your cabin will be fitted with air-conditioning and a TV set. Any good cruise boat will keep the cabins that are closer to the engine, for the staff! The guests stay away from engine noise.


Please Note: It is very important to have your tourist guide onboard during your cruise visits.

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