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Figuring out a place that can capture your soul is not an arduous thing in Morocco, especially in Marrakech city. It is considered one of the most iconic and enticing destinations for many travelers around the world. In Marrakech, you will explore new cultures, new stunning places, new bustling souks, and unique narrow alleys. Let's get around Marrakech to discover its popular landmarks for your next journey.

Marrakech souks are " the heart of the city"


Wandering in Marrakech souks to see the vibrant colors of the textiles and smell the fuzzy mix of scents and spices in every corner of the streets. Alongside the beautiful colored glassware, the leather work, and the glittering lights of the lanterns, they are lovely and unique souvenirs for family and friends. 

Don't miss visiting the Souk Submarine, which is located off Jamaa el Fnaa, and Souk Place des Epices which is a little further away.

Jamaa El Fnaa


The famous Jamaa el Fnaa square is located in the heart of Marrakech. A beautiful destination to wander in Marrakech, from tasting the street food that offers fresh juices to seeing actors and musicians in a beautiful show that reflects the Moroccan culture. Where flute players, dancers, and artists are performing in front of the glimmering lights. surely don't miss this lovely day and night.

While wandering in Marrakech, you must try the tasty flavored Moroccan cuisine and check this article to know more about the best dishes in Moroccan food.

Undoubtedly, visiting Marrakech city and getting around it is a stunning journey, and if you want to make it more fascinating, stay a day-night in one of the charming traditional Riads.

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