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City of Mekens

Meknes is one of the country's most beautiful old imperial cities, serving as the capital in the 17th century. Meknes is a lovely country; its people are warm and friendly. If you are here in this beautiful city, you will enjoy visiting its fascinating historic sites like the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, the amazing Bab Mansour, and its lively nightlife. Here are the top things to see and do.

 Alleys of Moulay Idris


The holy city of Moulay Idriss was founded in AD 788. It is named after a saint and the Prophet Muhammed's great-great-grandson, who instituted the first Moroccan state.
The city is built on the rocky spurs of the Khyber and Tazga mounds, about 29 kilometers north of Meknes, with buildings tumbling over the slopes. 
This incredible site attracts many people who timbre their tents all over the town for an annual religious festival in August.
You can enjoy wandering through the medina to see its beautiful painted narrow alleys.

Bab al-Mansou


An adorable gigantic structure that connects Meknes' medina and Imperial City districts. It was completed in 1732 by Sultan Moulay Ismail. Indeed, it is one of the best models of gateways kept until now without any damage, especially in North Africa.
The gate is closed now, but there is a small side gate you can quickly enter and exit between the medina and the Imperial.

The Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail


Moulay Ismail is a renowned Moroccan governor who managed to take the region back from the British and Spanish. This decorated mausoleum was founded to preserve Sultan Moulay Ismail's tomb and be like its home. The mosque is not open to non-Muslims. However, you can enter the tomb hall itself.

Museum of Moroccan Art (Dar Jamai)


Dar Jamal is a traditionally decorated museum constructed in 1882 to be home to the famed Jamai family. Later, it was converted into the Museum of Moroccan Art in 1920.
This museum is a pretty piece of art that you must visit and see a Moroccan reception room from the late 19th century to figure out how the Meknes lived long ago.

The Roman Ruins of Volubilis


The ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis are located about 29 kilometers from Meknes, Morocco's most well-known Roman relic. The remaining columns and temple ruins of Volubilis are attractive and exciting sites. Indeed, sitting atop a hill with the countryside rolling out below is a breathtaking scene.

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