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"Let's go out shopping"  is surely a happy decision especially when you intend to explore new stores on your trip. It is a different feeling. The idea of visiting new places and identifying their culture and traditions is so interesting too.

And Nothing gonna be more wonderful than shopping in Moroccan souks, it is a different experience. The bustling cities such as Marrakech and Casablanca are full of various types of souks that are crowded with many vendors and many various products.

Therefore I am going to give you some important tips while shopping in Morocco souks to get what you wish for easily at the lowest price. 

5 Useful Tips to Shop in Marrakech or Fes Souk

The souks in Morocco are very crowded but vary in their style. For instance, Marrakesh is more touristic with motorbikes riding through the media. Fes has more limited boulevards and without a guide, it is simpler to get lost. Just keep in mind these upcoming tips when you intend to shop in Morocco souks.

1- Haggling when buying 


The idea of negotiation for buying what you want is an essential routine within your tour shopping in Moroccan souks. Sellers will give you the highest price, at this moment, you should bargain until buying it at its best price. Also, you must go around different shops because the prices is varying for the same thing, pay attention.

2- Planning your tour


It is all about preparing for what you desire for your journey. You must be practical and organized when you go shopping, especially in souks. For example, define one or two shops and small unique items, that Moroccans are famous for, to buy it. Be sure that planning well for your trip makes you get the most out of it.

3- keep few cash 


There are a lot of vendors doesn't accept credit cards, they need their money in cash. So take cash while shopping in souks and try to be in dirham to avoid any troubles.

4- making sure the good's quality


" Believe me it is a good bag made from original leather " Don't even think of buying anything before checking it.

5- Ask before taking selfies with sellers


If you want to take lovely pictures for your tour, you have to take permission from the seller first. in case they refused.

These small tips must be kept in your mind when visiting Morocco the next time to avoid anything that might be bothering you.

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