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How Safe is Oman for Travelers? - A Comprehensive Guide to Safety


With its mix of desert landscapes, coastal lagoons, and historic forts, Oman is one of the world’s most unusual travel destinations. In recent years, the small country has become a much more popular tourist destination among those who like to get away from the crowds. Although it remains relatively unknown compared to its neighbors Dubai and Abu Dhabi, visitors quickly catch on to this untouched corner of the Arabian peninsula. However, there are some risks associated with traveling in any country. This article will provide an overview of Oman's safety and general safety tips for travelers. If you’re thinking about planning a trip to Oman sooner rather than later, this article is for you!

Safety in Oman: Is it Safe to Travel to Oman?

Oman’s general crime rate is low, and violent crimes against tourists are very rare. Omani people are very welcoming, and you’re unlikely to experience significant hostility or discrimination during your stay. Most of the crime in the country is low-level and has to do with pickpockets and scammers. Oman has a higher rate of car theft than many other countries, so it would be a good idea to park your car in a guarded lot, if possible. There are also certain health risks to be aware of in Oman. The major concern is the extreme heat during the summer months as it can be dangerous for those who aren’t prepared for it. Be sure to drink enough water and wear lots of sunscreens to avoid overexposure to the sun.

Why is Oman Safe for Travellers?

Oman is the most stable and least corrupt country in the Arabian Peninsula. In the last few years, the Omani government has worked hard to diversify its economy and reduce its heavy reliance on oil and gas exports. The Omani economy has grown by 5.2% annually in the last decade, but the absolute size of the economy is still relatively small. This means that Oman has few issues with unemployment or other economic problems that plague other countries in the region. Given Oman’s central location in the Middle East, it has become an increasingly important trade route and port of call for numerous countries. As a result, Oman has made a significant effort to be a welcoming host to tourists and business travelers alike.

Tips for Safe Travel in Oman

- Dress appropriately - Oman is a slightly conservative country, so make sure to dress modestly when you’re out in public. This means covering your legs and shoulders.
- Try not to travel alone as a woman - Although Omani women tend to travel and work alone, solo female travelers are advised to exercise additional caution because of the conservative society
 - Stay informed about regional events - Oman is located close to several flashpoints in the Middle East, including Yemen, Qatar, and Iran. Stay updated on developments so you can plan your trip accordingly.
- Keep your valuables out of sight - Be careful not to flash around expensive electronics and jewelry in public except in areas in Muscat and Mutrah.

Be Aware of Scams and Theft Rates in Oman

There are a few common scams in Oman, including the “lost wallet” scam, where someone will find your wallet and claim that they will return it to you if you pay them a large sum of money. This type of scam occurs in many Middle Eastern and Asian countries. There have also been reports of taxi drivers taking tourists on long detours to increase the fare. Keep your wits about yourself when dealing with people around you.

Cultural Etiquettes for Travelers to Oman

As previously mentioned, Oman is a conservative country, so it’s essential to be careful and courteous to avoid offending your hosts. Don’t cross your legs when sitting on the floor, and don’t eat with your left hand. Additionally, be aware that Omanis take their religion seriously and avoid discussing sensitive topics like politics and religion in public. Finally, be sure to stay hydrated in the hot climate.


Oman is a fascinating country with a lot to offer travelers. The country has been relatively untouched by tourism, so you can expect to find attractions that are far less busy than those in other Middle Eastern countries. However, as always, it’s important to stay informed and follow general safety precautions while traveling. Stay up to date on the latest security developments in the region, and try to travel with a friend or other forms of the company while you’re out and about. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable trip to Oman.